Broadcast & Playout Case study

Nexmedia Upgrades and Expands with PlayBox Technology Neo

The project includes the renewal of existing PlayBox Technology main and backup channel-in-a-box servers

Case study

PlayBox Technology announces the completion of a playout system upgrade at the Nexmedia broadcast production centre in Jakarta. The project includes the renewal of existing PlayBox Technology main and backup channel-in-a-box servers, now replaced with a new system based on AirBox Neo, plus additional Neo systems to accommodate new on-air channels.

“AirBox Neo fits very well into our workflow which is fully tapeless from content acquisition and production to post and playout,” comments Nexmedia’s NOC Coordinator Rusdi Suhendy. “The earlier AirBox installation has worked extremely well for many years and we were keen to install latest-generation servers before the older hardware reached the end of its safe life. The new system includes 3+1 redundancy and provides automated control of our router. It is being used for title preparation, scheduling and playout of our main channel plus the newly introduced Nex Entertain, Nex Drama and the Horee! children’s channel.”

“We have supplied Dell servers running AirBox Neo playout and TitleBox Neo graphics preparation together with SafeBox pre-playout programme storage management,” says PlayBox Technology APAC Project Manager Dandy Kurniawan. “These are integrated into the apparatus room at Nexmedia’s studios in the SCTV tower at Jakarta’s Senayan City. We have also performed operational and technical training for the Nexmedia team and are available to assist with onsite or online technical maintenance if or when that is requested.”

“Nexmedia is one of the APAC region’s great success stories,” adds PlayBox Technology CEO Pavlin Rahnev. “Their new highly focused channels set an excellent example of how the AirBox Neo product series allows broadcasters to cater for specific audience groups efficiently and affordably. This installation demonstrates very clearly the ease with which AirBox Neo systems can be scaled to broadcast workflows of any size and any required level of creative freedom. Reliable round-the-clock automated operation with the option of adding live inserts at any time has proved a winning combination for many of our customers.”

Introduced in 2016, AirBox Neo adds UHD capabilities to the core PlayBox Technology content playout system which now supports UHD, HD and SD in single server. New features include a streaming input supporting HTTP, HTTP Secure, UDP, RTMP, MMS, MMSH and YouTube. RTMP Streaming Output improvements have also been added, allowing easy web streaming. AirBox Neo comes with a virtual output which now supports multiple instances. Third-party product support has been extended to Ross NK series routers and the Horita TR-100 timecode reader. Timecode can now be applied to MOV files. Multiple DeckLink cards can now be used for multi-channel ad insertion. Enhancements have also been made to the clip trimmer and audio level control. AirBox Neo is designed for 24/7 unattended operation. It can also be operated manually, including the ability to handle live-to-air throughput.

Nexmedia ( first aired on November 23, 2011 . It is a subscription television broadcaster presented by Surya Citra Media with a wide range of programmes including education, entertainment, cinema films and sports as well news in Indonesian. Nexmedia officially won the UEFA Champions League rights for the 2012-2013 season until 2014-2015 and the UEFA Europa League for the 2012-2013 season until 2014-2015.

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