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INSIGHT TV Premieres Winter Sports Series

INSIGHT TV recently launched 'Breaking Limits', a major sports production partnership with one of Korea's key media conglomerates, CJ E&M.

The first of two unique, one-hour films was broadcast on INSIGHT TV’s channel across Europe, Asia, and the USA on INSIGHT.TV, on January 26.

‘Breaking Limits’ focuses on professional speed skating and snowboarding. It looks at how technology has developed to give athletes a chance of winning gold medals at the very highest level and examines which innovations help enable them to break records on the ice. Short-track is a classic example of technical differences in speed skating. In this event multiple skaters (typically between four and six) skate on an oval ice track. The South Korean skaters use a legal curved blade on their skates that further enhances their technique.

Presenters Beorn Nijenhuis (former speed skater, from The Netherlands) and Julien Kang (from South Korea) visit training sites, hardware factories and laboratories across the world. They meet with scientists, innovators and former top-speed skaters including South Korean, short-track gold medallist Byun Chun-sa.

The series also follows athletes from traditional ski and snowboarding countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia, who are seeing greater competition from athletes in countries that don’t have winter sports traditions. Atheletes from these nations are using innovative technology, which allows them to compete at the highest level.

Beorn and Julian ask, what makes the best snowboarder in the world? They discover the answer in a woodshop in a small village in Switzerland. They also uncover why elite snowboarders are using VR and trampolines to reach the very top of their game.

Arun Maljaars, Content Strategy Director, INSIGHT TV says, “We take sports coverage to the next level. ‘Breaking Limits’ allows viewers to get behind-the-scenes footage of how winter sports athletes prepare for top competitive events and how they maximise their ability using state-of-the-art sports equipment.”

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