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Production Control Rooms for Televisa in Mexico

SI Media has provided a complete turnkey solution for 3 of their Regional Production Control Rooms.

At Televisa, one of the most important broadcasters in Mexico and the biggest content producer in Spanish of the world, SI Media has provided a complete turnkey solution for 3 of their Regional Production Control Rooms.

The system has been deployed by SI Media directly at the customer facility.

Key Points:

  • More than 40 users using the NRCS
  • 2 Regional Sites with their own PCRs, connected to the Central Site, sharing same MAM and DB
  • Turnkey solution from ingest to playout through MAM and NRCS in an highly integrated workflow
  • Social Media integration with automated upload on Televisa accounts
  • Thanks to the full support of software provider SI Media and a great cooperation with the Tech Dept. of Televisa, the migration from the previous NRCS to SI Media’s MediaNews was completed very quickly: it took less than 3 weeks to be 100% generating the Rundowns and On Air with the new system

The workflow is composed by several servers and workstations Supermicro.


More than 40 users work every day with MediaNews to create stories, prepare rundown and manage all the media of the redaction (video, audio, images, documents..).

The mobile app iMediaNews for both Android and iOS plays a fundamental role to speed-up the ingest of the footages and the production of the stories, especially when they come from a remote location.

The story life of the contents is managed by SI Media from the ingest, both base band based through 2 MediaRec workstations and file ingest from TAPES, portable cards such as XD Cam, P2, ftp servers, directly from the web and from all the interfaced SONY Vegas NLE stations.

The structure of SI Media system, with the deep integration between MAM and NRCS, allowed to cover a complete end-to-end workflow.
The schema requested by Televisa was addressed to manage 3 different sites with a unique system: in the central site of Tijuana are located the redundant Database, the central storage, the MAM\NRCS servers and the main PCR with a MediaNewsPlayer equipped with a Matrox Card Xmio; the two remoted sites, Mexicali and Ensenada, have also their own PCRs too: the Rundonws are generated with the MediaNews Web (browser application) by the journalists, who can also export the bulletin to the dedicated Teleprompters (one per sites). The contents are loaded by SI Media MAM into the remote MediaNewsPlayers, that for those facilities are working with AJA Cards Corvid 22.

In addition to this, using our certified Mos Protocol SI Media has interfaced and integrated 3 Teleprompters from Autocue and the graphics engine provided by Ross, which is remotely controlled by SI Media MediaDevice.

The customer goes on air with 7 bulletins and live editions per day from the central site, besides with SI Media NRCS are generated and managed 3 news editions from the regional sites.


The 3 sites are connected via Fiber Channel, allowing high-speed transfers of the contents and an efficient sharing of the material.

The plug-ins for the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and for Youtube make easier to publish directly to the account of Televisa the stories that the journalists select from the MediaNews interface, also thanks to the transcoder farm with the MediaStore Coder module.

The whole process of configuration, installation, testing, training and commissioning took less than 3 weeks: in this time they abandoned the previous system, and they started producing every news edition with SI Media platform.

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