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Newtec at Convergence India

With many people in the urban world taking always-on broadband for granted, service providers are looking to connect rural and hard-to-reach areas to ensure consumers and businesses can access vital services.

Here, satellite-based solutions provide the answer but with service providers having to meet demand for multiple services from business and residential customers, this can lead to complex infrastructures with high OPEX.


One way operators can serve customers efficiently is to migrate their operations to one multiservice platform. This enables network scalability and allows numerous markets to be served simultaneously, future-proofing networks. This is where Newtec comes into the game. Let’s have a talk!


As more and more events and programming are broadcasted in UHD and consumer expectations increase due to the wide-spread availability of 4K televisions, the higher bitrates required to deliver these services mean increased efficiency gains will be crucial as service providers look to make the most of their current equipment.

We offer solutions for traditional and converged broadcast infrastructures and IP-based workflows. Our products meet high operational requirements for professional reliability and service availability. Bandwidth efficiency increases of up to 51% can be achieved.


The future of banks and financial institutions depends on always-on, reliable connectivity that is available anywhere and anytime to meet the client’s needs, ensure customer satisfaction and optimize the operational cost. Satellite services are often an essential element in the connectivity technologies mix.

Any type of network infrastructure needs to assure full security and integrity of data and transactions, meeting corporate requirements and financial industry best practices, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Our Newtec Dialog® VSAT platform enables always-on, reliable and secure satellite connectivity to ensure customer satisfaction and optimize operational cost.


Cellular backhaul over satellite for 2G and 3G services has had tremendous success in emerging markets. While these services are still expanding, 4G is beginning to find its way for high volume data traffic and emergency services.

Newtec’s solutions for cellular backhaul implement advanced, dynamic technologies for low-cost operation and subscriber satisfaction, including the award-winning bandwidth allocation Mx-DMA®, ensuring efficiency but also reliability for Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE).


Newtec supports different applications and network configurations in the civil, government and defense market place.

Detailed understanding of your application, combined with our satellite communication products, results in reliable, cost-effective and bandwidth-efficient solutions. Every government and defense application and project brings new challenges and specific needs. By being close to the customer, Newtec provides the best solution fi t in terms of technology and products. A prerequisite for Newtec is to make every project a success and assure mission critical communications over satellite at all times.


Today’s mobility, offshore and maritime applications are confronted with increased demand for higher data throughputs to support bandwidth-hungry services such as video conferencing, Internet access, VoIP, email and media streaming.

These services come on top of the standard communications on-board ships, trains, airplanes and offshore platforms and are required either to increase operational efficiency, to recruit new personnel or to satisfy passenger demands and avoid churn.

Newtec brings Satcom technology and experience to the table to tackle the challenges and provide the required throughput and QoS demands.

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