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Malayala Manorama Revamps News and Entertainment Channel with Brightcove

India-based, Malayalam-language online news site sees 16 million unique visitors per month.

Malayala Manorama has selected Brightcove Video Platform to power Manorama Online, the online news vertical of Malayala Manorama. This was announced on Thursday by Brightcove Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV), the leading provider of cloud services for video.

Malayala Manorama, the leading Malayalam-language publication in India, serves news and entertainment content to local and Malayalee diaspora audiences worldwide.

Established in 1888, Malayala Manorama Group is one of India’s largest publishing companies, with more than 40 publications in circulation. ManoramaOnline is the digital arm of Malayala Manorama seeing traffic from 200 countries and 16 million unique visitors per month.

ManoramaOnline launched its video offering using Brightcove Video Platform in October 2017 with an exclusive video on-demand streaming of their beauty pageant titled ‘Miss Millennial’.

Malayala Manorama is also using Brightcove Video Platform to power the on-demand video content on five of its online properties comprising ManoramaOnline, Manorama News TV, Mazhavil Manorama TV, The Week, and Vanitha.

“Over the past few years, ManoramaOnline has been hosting video content on third-party DSPs to monetise the videos. We soon realised that the prospects of monetisation on such platforms was limited. As news content consumption continues to shift to video, we needed to revamp our video platform to one that would give us more control over our video inventory and help us achieve sustainable ad-funded revenue model,” ManoramaOnline Chief Executive Officer Mariam Mammen Mathew said.


“Any buying decision at Manorama is a complex process which involves many stages of testing and feasibility checks. After evaluating close to 12 different video platforms, we decided on Brightcove. When it came to features like quality of service, ease of ingestion, player performance, real-time reports and streamlined workflows, the Brightcove platform met all of our stringent requirements. Our decision was put to test during Manorama’s recent web streaming of ‘Miss Millennial’. Brightcove clocked half-a-million video plays and more than 2 million minutes of stream consumption for the Miss Millennial event over a week. It is interesting to note how a simple adjustment to our video experience can make a big difference to our viewership rate,” Mariam Mammen Mathew said.


“Publishers like Malayala Manorama are going all in on video and placing an imperative on monetising video as part of their revenue stream. Brightcove is right there to partner with them to help scale their business as they adapt to the shift in how news and entertainment content is being served and monetised,” Ben Morrell, general manager, Brightcove (Asia), said.

Malayala Manorama is also one of the first publishers to use the latest in video compression technology called Context-Aware Encoding (CAE).

CAE is a patent-pending encoding method designed to deliver quality video at the lowest size possible, reducing video operations and delivery costs by upto 50%.

Brightcove has tuned its algorithm to ensure that this video compression technology is context-aware. The algorithms also make it sensitive to key viewing scenarios such as bandwidth-constrained mobile viewing and home broadband lean-back viewing thereby creating encodes targeted at specific viewing environments.

The technology uses machine learning to collect data from customers and continuously improve the process.

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