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Eleven Sports launches channel on Twitch

Global sports provider ELEVEN SPORTS has launched Eleven Prime, a new dedicated sports channel on social video service, Twitch.

Eleven Prime will operate 24/7 on Twitch and will offer fans a variety of LIVE sports including basketball, baseball, football and hockey, as well as coverage of sports with dedicated, underserved fan bases such as darts and drone racing.

All content is viewable in the U.S. with select events also available to Twitch’s global audience of 15 million daily users. Fans will have the option to subscribe for an enhanced viewing experience including ad-free displays and other additional features.

“The launch of Eleven Prime on Twitch – one of the most unique engagement platforms in the world – is another landmark moment for ELEVEN SPORTS in our advancement as an innovative sports provider focused on bringing the action to our fans everywhere,” said Anthony Bailey, SVP Managing Director for ELEVEN SPORTS in the U.S. “This partnership expands our presence in the U.S. and through our collaborative approach with Twitch, we are challenging the status quo on how sports are delivered, discovered, and packaged. We are focused on reaching audiences everywhere and ensuring that fans can interact socially around our content.”


“Sports on Twitch is a very nascent, yet well-received category by our community,” said Jane Weedon, Twitch’s director of business development. “ELEVEN SPORTS is tapping into the current appeal by offering up one of the first channels on Twitch dedicated to broadcasting sports content 24/7. Given the diversity of their programming from football to darts, and everything in between, this is an exciting time for sports fans looking for a more interactive viewing experience.”

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