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TV4 entertainment expands to Asia with Multi Channels Asia Partnership

Strategic Alliance Delivers TV4 Entertainment’s Streaming Channel Portfolio And Originals To The Asia-Pacific Region.

TV4 Entertainment, the global leader in streaming channels, and Multi Channels Asia (MCA), a leading developer and operator of thematic-based channels in the Asia-Pacific region, have created a strategic joint venture to localize and distribute TV4 Entertainment’s portfolio of channels and original productions throughout Asia.

The new venture, operating under the name Omni Channels Asia, leverages MCA’s proven leadership in channel creation, localization and distribution throughout Asia with past distribution successes that include Bloomberg Television and Outdoor Channel. The partnership taps into the existing market reach of MCA relationships to replicate and localize the TV4 Entertainment portfolio of original productions and suite of streaming channels to distribution platform partners across Asia.

Omni Channels Asia will be the exclusive distributor of TV4 Entertainment’s growing portfolio of channels, which already includes over 30 specialty targeted brands and will grow to 100 brands by 2020. The venture will also acquire homegrown Asian content for its channels and secure local production partners for original content development all of which will be packaged and distributed to mobile, OTT and Pay TV carriers.

“The launch of Omni Channels Asia is another step in TV4 Entertainment’s ongoing expansion to bring our unique storytelling platform to an international audience,” said Jon Cody, CEO, TV4 Entertainment. “We are excited to see how the passionate fans in Asia engage with our diverse array of authentic, high-quality programming.”

“We are very excited about our new joint venture with TV4 Entertainment to bring their superb content to viewers on all platforms across the region. It is particularly timely, as telcos, Pay TV and OTT platforms seek to expand their channel and programming offerings with as much flexibility as possible. We are filling an immediate need and will be bringing dozens of more channels as we scale our venture quickly,” said Gregg Creevey, Managing Director, Multi Channels Asia.

The initial suite of channels will include first-rate content from top-tier channels including: Motorland, dedicated to cars and motorcycles; horror films and series from Screambox; end of days movies from Apocalypse; the first global channel dedicated to guitars, the All Guitar Network; and the world’s leading house and garden series on Inside Outside. The portfolio will also include a series of sports networks covering boxing and other combat sports, esports, action sports and soccer, as well as a collection of culture focused networks covering food, cooking, drinking and more.

The Singapore-based joint venture is led by the existing MCA management team and built on a proven B2B model that provides streaming channel and content solutions to expand the content offerings of existing Pay TV, mobile and OTT platforms.

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