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Ericsson and Saudi Telecom Company: Strategic 5G Collaboration and Consumer and Enterprise Digital Services

As part of Ericsson’s longstanding partnership with Saudi Telecom Company (STC), both companies will work on creating a strategic roadmap for the evolution of the network to the next-generation 5G technology. This was part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2018.

The MoU includes collaboration on extensive 5G commercial trials in Saudi Arabia, to reach a new level of high-speed and ultra low latency.

The trials will also cover end-to-end 5G potential including Radio Access Network (RAN), core and transport, as well as various 5G use cases that will leverage 5G technology capabilities for consumers and businesses.

Ericsson also signed a second MoU with STC in Barcelona. The MoU focuses on identifying key digital services use cases, targeting faster time-to-market for new service offerings, network monetization, and building IT capabilities based on existing systems.

This collaboration will also support STC’s digital services evolution strategy addressing key areas such as Operations Support System (OSS) solutions.

This combined effort aims to create significant value towards Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, targeting both consumer and business sectors to enjoy the next-generation technologies.

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