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ATEME Enables MBC GROUP with Future Proof High Quality Solution at Lower OPEX

ATEME has announced today it’s reinforcing a successful partnership with MBC GROUP, the largest private multimedia company in the Middle East & North Africa region..

Following a first successful deployment in 2017, ATEME now provides MBC GROUP with a complete H.264 and HEVC live headend for multi-screen services.

In addition to the bandwidth efficiency, High Video Quality at the lower bitrates, the universality of input/output formats and video processing techniques, ATEME’s TITAN solution grants MBC GROUP with the following benefits:

  • Lower OPEX: TITAN pure software solution simplifies integration and operations thanks to hardware abstraction and operational simplicity
  • Flexible Architecture: ATEME’s TITAN can run on in private/public & on-/off- premises Cloud infrastructure with the same benefits and value proposition
  • Future-Proof Solution: the deployed system leverages ATEME’s continuous research and innovation in video quality

“Delivering the highest levels of service and quality to our customers is essential.” said Nader Mokhtar, director of MCR/DVB and STB technology at MBC GROUP “Integrating ATEME’s TITAN family within our new HEVC platforms will allow us to not only provide outstanding video quality to our viewers, but also lower our operational costs. “


“We’re thrilled to be able to continue to support such an established group like MBC in its implementation of new platforms using HEVC codec. They are the region’s undisputed leader producing a variety of informative and entertaining content watched by a large audience in the Middle East and outside the region” said Razik Zaghlouli, sales director at ATEME. “The MENA region has played a significant role in our global growth; this project will reinforce our presence in this territory while delivering high-level content with superior video quality to MBC’s viewers.”

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