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Interra Systems supports IAB VAST Protocol

Offering Comprehensive Quality Checks for Dynamic Ad Inser.tion, BATON® Speeds up QC Operations, Improving Video Quality and Monetization

Interra Systems announced that its BATON® automated quality control (QC) solution now supports the IAB’s Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) protocol, a universal XML specification for serving digital video ads to players.

BATON is the industry’s first QC solution that provides video service providers with an extensive feature set and support for comprehensive quality checks on VAST-formatted ads, ensuring the success and monetization of ad campaigns.

“Today’s consumers are accustomed to high quality content, and they expect that experience to extend to advertising slots. Any impairment in quality of advertisements can impact the content provider’s brand negatively and cause customer attrition,” said Ashish Basu, vice president of global sales and business development at Interra Systems. “VAST support in our BATON solution is important because, this will allow our customers to check the quality of inserted advertisements with the same high standards. Supporting VAST is a testimony to our rapidly evolving product roadmap to address emerging market needs. We have worked closely with some of the leading broadcasters to implement this capability. This latest support will allow video service providers to maintain a superior advertisement quality leading to higher monetization.”

VAST allows for dynamic ad insertion, including rotating creatives, to present relevant, demographically targeted ads within on-demand content, expanding monetization opportunities. BATON can access rotating VAST-formatted ads from centralized ad clouds to perform extensive QC on multiple variants of the ad content to ensure high audio/video quality, as well as validate formats and ensure compliance with the VAST specifications. BATON offers full DRM support to QC encrypted and proprietary ad content. Using BATON, video service providers can compare actual audio/video properties to the metadata values specified in VAST response. Metadata information is logged by BATON individually for every advertisement.

Interra Systems’ BATON QC solution can be easily plugged into any existing ad workflow through its exhaustive list of APIs, allowing automation at every step. With support for content-aware smart folders and various automated pre- and post-QC actions, BATON speeds up QC operations and helps to ensure flawless video ads on every screen.

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