LiveU and Griip team up to create dynamic cost-effective live broadcasting for entry-level Formula Motorsports

Griiip, manufacturer of the ground-breaking G1 Formula cars and founder of the new G1 Series for drivers aspiring to reach Formula 1, has teamed up with LiveU to create a paradigm shift in the way that motorsport is covered, both in terms of technological simplicity and cost reduction.


Griiip set out to provide dynamic, premium quality coverage, which is in no way possible using traditional broadcast technology and quickly identified LiveU’s as the ideal partner. Both Griiip and LiveU want to bring viewers back to watching and engaging with motorsport, starting with G1. The first race of the G1 Series – in many ways a pilot event – took place in Northern Italy (where the whole series will take place) over the weekend of the 14th/15th April. The race was streamed on a dedicated website to attract both new and existing motor racing fans. Future races will also be available on Facebook Live.


“It is unbelievable how much broadcasting technologies have advanced in the last five years”, says Gilad Agam, CTO with Griiip. “LiveU is the most advanced and the most visionary supplier and has unique, proven technology that can be successfully used for high-speed motor racing. We approached them to build a partnership and we expect this collaboration to continue beyond the G1 Series. Being able to bring these events in a dynamic way to viewers at a small fraction of the cost of traditional technologies is very exciting for us. The ability to affordably and reliably stream from each car during a race is ground-breaking. We believe that this, along with live car data and insights, will really help audience engagement and is something that will attract the attention of other motorsport series.”

Each car had an ultra-small LU200 portable transmission unit from LiveU on it, attached to a GoPro™ camera that was in turn attached to two microphones. A flagship LU600 unit was used for wider coverage of the event. For future events, like the race on May 20th, viewers will be able to select individual driver feeds on the G1 Series website. Griiip is also intending to use drones to expand coverage of the races.

Ronen Artman, VP of Marketing, said, “This is genuinely exciting for us to partner with Griiip. It’s great to showcase what our technology can bring to viewers and it highlights all the recent work that we have done to bring our solutions firmly into the world of modern sports broadcasting.”

When developing the new entry-level Formula – based on the US Formula 1000 regulations – Griiip identified two clear issues: being able to bring even entry-level Formulas to a wide audience with cutting-edge live coverage without breaking the bank; and massively reducing the cost of the entry-level Formula experience.
Getting to the top in motor racing has become prohibitively expensive.

Griiip’s new G1 Series provides a hi-tech stepping stone by creating an entry-level formula that doesn’t compromise on quality but massively reduces the cost. Griiip has created a high-performance car that can be bought for only €52,900 (they can also be leased) and can be operated by a small team, with low life-cycle cost, rather than the very expensive team of specialists required in other Formulas.

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IAB Tech Lab acquires Digitrust to increase global adoption of neutral identity service designed to improve consumer experience and protect privacy

The IAB Technology Laboratory today announced that it has acquired the assets and integrated the team of DigiTrust, a non-profit, industry consortium recognized for building a real-time standardized identity service designed to improve the digital experience for consumers, publishers, advertisers, and third-party platforms.


Similar to the identifiers provided by mobile operating systems within the app ecosystem, the DigiTrust solution offers a neutral identifier for its members to use in lieu of hundreds of proprietary tracking mechanisms placed on web pages daily—all in support of consumer experience and privacy preferences.

In addition to continuing to support the DigiTrust ID service, IAB Tech Lab expects to integrate DigiTrust technology and operations where applicable across its broad set of technical standards, software, and services for the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem. DigiTrust’s technology and services can also provide additional infrastructure for the GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework, an initiative led by IAB Europe, IAB Tech Lab, and mutual members.

The critical role of identity resolution and management services spurred IAB Tech Lab to begin developing standards to increase transparency, consumer protection, and appropriate consistency across these services. The combination of DigiTrust with Tech Lab provides a potential reference implementation of these standards, alongside a neutral domain that improves audience recognition for member companies and other parties—and can ultimately deliver value and control to consumers.

“Both IAB Tech Lab and DigiTrust exist to create standards and software that benefit members worldwide,” said Dennis Buchheim, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab. “Audience recognition is central to ad relevance and effectiveness, privacy and consent, measurement, attribution, anti-fraud efforts, brand safety, and more. DigiTrust’s service provides a neutral ID that is useful on its own and also serves as a baseline for related commercial offerings. Our vision is to bring together Tech Lab’s expertise and technical standards portfolio with DigiTrust’s footprint, storage mechanism, and real-time services, to help move the industry forward in audience recognition, privacy controls, and more.”

Jordan Mitchell, Founder and CEO of DigiTrust, will continue to lead DigiTrust adoption and help ensure its successful growth and integration under the IAB Tech Lab umbrella. As Senior Vice President, Membership and Operations, IAB Tech Lab, Jordan will additionally be responsible for the combined organization’s business development, member services, compliance programs, and other operations. Sam Tingleff, Co-founder and CTO of DigiTrust and Vice President of Engineering at Rubicon Project, has accepted the full-time role of Vice President of Engineering (CTO) at the IAB Tech Lab. DigiTrust’s product management consultant Anissa Connor will also continue her work supporting global member deployments and GDPR solutions out of London, England.

“DigiTrust was born out of an IAB working group that I co-chaired and I’m thrilled to combine our efforts in support of this important initiative,” said Mitchell. “Together we have a broader, more capable team, along with a more complete technology stack and governance model, to drive value and benefit across one combined global membership model instead of two.”

The IAB Tech Lab will honor the personal data collection and neutrality values of DigiTrust. Under a consumer data policy, neither the IAB Tech Lab nor its DigiTrust ID service may collect, store, share, use, buy or sell consumer behavioral data or personal information. As a result, personal data collection continues to be between consumers and the parties they trust. Additionally, IAB Tech Lab will continue to be industry-neutral and not buy or sell media, content or advertising, nor host third-party requests, in connection with the DigiTrust service, except as necessary to meet regulations and honor privacy preferences.

Oversight and development of the DigiTrust service will be driven within Tech Lab by a DigiTrust Working Group, which will include a Commit Group authorizing all proposed new features and policies that help define the future of DigiTrust’s offerings.

“We recognize that audience recognition and privacy standards necessarily entail great responsibility by our members on behalf of the consumers they reach globally,” added Buchheim. “This work must be governed appropriately and implemented responsibly, without bias. We’re looking forward to working with and supporting all DigiTrust members.”

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ETI Software Solutions is proud to announce support for MobiTV’s signature offering, The MobiTV Connect™ Platform.

MobiTV Connect has been tested, proven, and commercially deployed by multiple Pay TV operators across the country, and liberates subscribers from a traditional set-top box experience.

“It’s exciting when innovative, industry-disruptive companies such as MobiTV introduce game-changing technologies which help our customers drive revenue and increase profit margins,” commented Frank Gine, CEO, ETI Software. “For us, the digital transformation presents ETI with another opportunity to shine for our customers by providing a new integration which is absolutely bullet-proof and ensures service and revenue assurance for our valued customers.”


“Our combined solution creates the opportunity for smaller providers to stay competitive and offer state-of-the-art video services at a lower cost,” agreed Bill Routt, President and Chief Operating Officer, MobiTV. “With the MobiTV Connect™ Platform, operators can provide new value added services like catch-up TV, voice integration, network DVR, social integration and recommendations. This actually allows operators to live up to the fast changing industry and provide a rich in-home TV experience — without the capital costs.”


“ETI’s integration with MobiTV will allow our service providers to evolve to a next-gen video platform while maintaining all back-end integrations,” said Greg Gross, Senior Director, Product Management, ETI Software. “One of ETI’s strengths is our ability to simplify the transition to newer state-of-the-art technology and products, by minimizing service disruptions and assuring a continuous subscriber experience, thus allowing our customers to migrate quickly in a flash-cut, or slowly over time.”

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Vivendi and Orange sign a partnership deal with the CanalOlympia cinema network to make the big screen more accessible to all in Africa

CanalOlympia is the leading network of cinemas and performance venues deployed by Vivendi in central and Western Africa, with 8 cinemas open to date, twenty by the end of 2018 and several dozen in the next few years.

Every week, several thousand spectators visit each of the cinemas, all equipped with a cutting-edge projection and sound system.

As part of this partnership, Orange will offer its “Cinédays” program in all the CanalOlympia cinemas where Orange is present, i.e. 8 African countries and a dozen cinema and performance venues. Cinédays was launched in the UK in 2004. Today, it is available in Romania, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Morocco. It enables Orange customers to benefit from a 2 for 1 cinema ticket offer once or twice a week, to invite a person of their choice to share an enjoyable moment at the cinema together.


The offer will initially be launched in Cameroon, quickly followed by Senegal, Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry, and Niger, then Mali, Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the CanalOlympia network is deployed.

The CanalOlympia cinemas offer a varied program including French films, films from different African countries, American blockbusters and productions specifically aimed at young people. Orange Studio may contribute to the programming with new co-productions as well as its extensive catalogue of European and African films.


Orange will provide its expertise and know-how to ensure the best connectivity and to improve the digital distribution of films in the various CanalOlympia cinemas.

Orange’s contribution to this ambitious project will also include the integration of Orange Money, its flagship mobile-based money transfer and financial services offer, now available in 17 countries with over 37 million customers. For the first time, you will be able to pay directly at the cinema using your mobile thanks to the digital tills.

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TVP chooses BFE for the upgrade of OB van Broadcast Control System

The OB van had been planned by BFE’s engineers and was constructed in their in-house production facilities and, up until now, had been running the tried and true KSC COMMANDER control system.

Now, the BFE team will equip the OB van with KSC CORE – the latest generation of the well-known KSC product line for broadcast control and monitoring solutions.


KSC CORE will replace the old broadcast control software. Besides being more powerful, feature-rich and efficient than the old system, KSC CORE will increase service efficiency as well.

Before handover, TVP’s team will be trained by BFE in operating the new broadcast control and monitoring solution to become familiar with the new features and streamlining workflow options.

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Middle Atlantic Products’ Website Wins Two SCN Stellar Service Awards

Middle Atlantic Products today announced that the company was recognized with two Stellar Service Awards by the readership of Systems Contractor News (SCN).

The Middle Atlantic website ( garnered the Gold Best Website Dealer Portal Award and the Platinum Best Design Services Award, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing advanced digital capabilities, tools, and resources to deliver relevant and comprehensive support customers need to design best-in-class AV experiences for their clients.


Built with single sign-on (SSO) technology, this integrated digital experience provides every user enhanced access within the website, including displaying product pricing and availability, plus the ability to place and track orders online. The goal is to provide access and tailored content based on each user’s needs — putting the right resources at the customer’s fingertips. For example, for purchasers, the SSO profile indicates their role and provides commerce buttons and pricing; for those in accounting, users are given access to invoices and credit information and can initiate an RMA; and system designers are able to access design tools, specification assets, compatible products, and industry training. Because the design tool is integrated within the site, designers gain the added advantage of being able to collaborate on designs within their companies and are assured of product compatibility across categories.

“Our website is a vital tool for supporting our customers,” said Ryan Tilley, marketing manager, Middle Atlantic Products. “With that in mind, we’re continually striving to enhance the experience by making the site more efficient and intuitive to use, while also ensuring the design tools are the easiest to use with the most value-add in the industry. When users sign on, we can tailor the site to their needs and connect all the relevant products and services that are critical to achieving exceptional AV experiences. We’re very grateful to the readers of SCN for this recognition, as these awards reflect our ongoing commitment to customer-service excellence.”

Other features of the site make it even easier to design great systems for any application, including custom rackshelf search, design tools, and technical documents. The visually rich and interactive feature guides for products and vertical market solutions allow customers to explore how products come together to complete an application. Finally, visitors can share and engage with the site through Middle Atlantic’s social media channels, giving them another way to connect with the company and get the support they need as part of the design process.

The fifth-annual SCN Stellar Service Awards honor manufacturers and distributors for exceptional in-house and online training, website dealer portal, sales operation, tech support, design services, and project management platform. Companies were evaluated based on written entries and recognized with platinum, gold, and silver awards.

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VITEC’s EZ TV Video Wall Solution Wins Best of Show Award at the 2018 NAB Show

VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, today announced that the new EZ TV video wall processor, available within the award-winning EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Platform, was recognized with a Best of Show Award at the 2018 NAB Show from Sound & Video Contractor (SVC) magazine.

Evaluated by a panel of industry experts, the Best of Show Award winners were selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency, and performance in serving the industry.


VITEC’s video wall solution is designed to simplify deployment and management of projects involving IPTV, digital signage, and video wall content, while delivering a breathtaking visual experience. The new EZ TV video wall processors are 100 percent hardware-based, feature low-latency native playback of IPTV streams up to 4K, and support interactive content, video, and imagery transformations. More than 50 displays on up to four unique walls can be managed from a single processor, including nonstandard layouts and resolutions of TVs and LED walls.

“It’s an exciting time for VITEC as we lead the IPTV revolution by introducing innovative ways to deploy video streaming solutions throughout an enterprise facility,” said Eli Garten, vice president, Enterprise Video Solutions, VITEC. “Our goal is to help our customers take advantage of their IP infrastructure by offering new video and digital signage services, an engaging user experience, and maximum efficiency. This industry recognition of our new video wall solution highlights our continued investment in the EZ TV platform and in our customers as they grow their video services and look to stay ahead of the curve within this dynamic field of digital video.”

In addition to the video wall integration, VITEC continues to enhance the EZ TV platform with new capabilities. The latest release also includes content provider DRM integration; time-shifted TV; a new mobile app that allows users to stream video from the field back to HQ; real-time enhancement of HEVC streams delivered over lossy networks; and TAA-compliant, high-performance end-points.

The fifth annual SVC Best of NAB Show Awards honor outstanding new products exhibited at the 2018 NAB Show. Hand-selected industry experts evaluated the entries on the show floor. Winners receive an award for display and will be featured in SVC, the professional AV industry resource that provides in-depth applications and business-related information covering the spectrum of the contracting industry.

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