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Belar Develops SNMP Management Application for Multi-User Remote Control and Monitoring

New software application remotely connects to Belar FM and HD Radio modulation monitors from multiple locations to check status, trigger alarms and more.

Belar Electronics has developed a new server-based software application that will allow multiple engineers to simultaneously access its FM and HD Radio modulation monitors at transmitter sites and distant studios via SNMP.

To be introduced at the 2018 NAB Show next week at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the innovation is especially useful for Belar users in station groups and networks that were previously limited in how they could connect. Belar exhibits at Booth N7127.

The SNMP standard defines how to identify data-rich objects in hardware connected to an IT network, and includes a protocol that enables engineers to set and/or query parameters as well as trap events. This functionality is delivered in real-time over the network connection.

Belar’s new multi-user approach adds an SNMP-based server application that engineers can remotely access from anywhere with a network connection, without limiting the number of simultaneous users. Previously, engineers were limited to a single connection direct from Belar’s WizWin software.

“Our new lightweight SNMP application provides no limitations on where and how any number of engineers remotely connect to configure settings, enable alarms and notifications, and monitor health and status of their Belar units, among other needs,” said Mark Grant, CEO, Belar Electronics. “This is an open application that will enable us to add even richer software applications for control, monitoring and more over IP networks in the future, with a long-term plan of integrating the application directly inside our modulation monitors.”

In an SNMP ecosystem, the server application acts as the “agent,” and allows the engineer to access the equipment using their SNMP management software. In the case of Belar’s SNMP application, once the connection between “manager” and “agent” are made, the application opens up access to the Belar FMCS-1 (All-in-One) or FMHD-1 (HD Radio) modulation monitor, delivering a rich amount of data and enabling full SNMP control and monitoring.

The new SNMP management application is the latest software-defined enhancement for Belar’s modulation monitors. Other recent innovations include the integration of historical graphs to chart activity over the previous 24 hours. That recent software enhancement greatly expanded the window that Belar users can access and review performance and compliance data from its previous 30-minute limit. Graphical options now include dynamic histograms and raw value tables, providing both immediate evidence of performance; and detailed insight into trends over time.

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