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NFHS Network names SlingStudio Official Video Production Technology Partner

SlingStudio platform is now the official video production technology partner for the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Network.

For the first time, high schools have access to an affordable, wireless, multi-camera, HD video production system empowering them to record, edit and livestream their school’s sports events, concerts and other functions.

“The desire from high schools to livestream student events has never been stronger, but doing so is out of reach for many due to the high cost and video production complexities,” said Mark Koski, NFHS Network CEO. “Our endorsement means NFHS members can confidently adopt the SlingStudio platform to easily produce and livestream HD video without breaking their annual budgets.”

SlingStudio lets users of all skill levels record, monitor and edit four HD video inputs from up to 10 connected cameras, camcorders, smartphones and drones. SlingStudio can also output live video to streaming services like the NFHS Network, Facebook Live, YouTube and other RTMP destinations, while simultaneously recording to a USB hard drive, USB SSD or SD card for post-production.


“Part of what makes SlingStudio a compelling video solution for high schools is its intuitive user interface,” said Janet Gipson, vice president of sales & marketing at Sling Media. “The SlingStudio app is a visual, touch-based experience that allows students to take control of the video production process – all they need is an iPad and our system to begin recording, editing and livestreaming within minutes.”

Additional SlingStudio product features include the ability to incorporate real-time scores, instant-program replay, event stats, rosters, sponsor logos and lower-third graphics, with software updates added regularly. To simplify the video setup process, SlingStudio incorporates robust wireless technology that connects cameras from distances up to 300 feet – making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports and performance venues.

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