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Bluebell Opticom to Present New Remote Configuration Features of BN390 Multiplexer

At the 2018 NAB Show, Bluebell Opticom Ltd. will showcase the new remote configuration features of its BN390 multiplexer.

A standalone interface that enables single-cable 4K UHDTV transport, the BN390 now offers even greater versatility and flexibility for OB trucks, stadiums, news facilities, and event venues, which until now have had to rely on big, bulky, rack-based equipment for remote configuration of signals.

The BN390 is designed for cost-effective transport of 4K UHD signals over fibre, with the ability to multiplex four 3G-SDI signals onto a single 12G-SDI signal. The latest version of the BN390 includes an intuitive new software interface for easy remote configuration and signal monitoring. Besides supporting SNMP access, the BN390 can now serve its own web page via a simple RJ45 connector to give users the ability to set up, configure, and manage signals remotely.


The BN390 maps the existing control software to Bluebell’s emerging GUI technology, built for simple hardware control during remote production. The GUI is a powerful, fast interface that controls the input signal format and the output format, and it also works as a network monitor that reports signal loss and other error states.

“When we introduced the BN390 over a year ago, we put a great deal of thought into a solution for single-cable transport of 4K signals that could meet our customers’ needs as UHDTV continued to come to the fore. And even today, there are few, if any, other products like it on the market,” said Paul McCann, managing director, Bluebell Opticom. “The BN390’s small, robust throw-down multiplexer and demultiplexer modules offer a truly elegant solution for any 4K UHD workflow. And now the BN390 is even easier to control and manage over the Web or SNMP, a critical capability now that remote production is becoming more of a reality for live sports.”

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