HbbTV Association Announces Release of a New Version of the HbbTV Conformance Test Suite

From this release onward, there will be three releases each year, which will be numbered progressively; the new version is called v.2018-1 and includes 151 new tests and 138 repaired and re-approved tests following feedback from our users.

This is an increase of more than 10% of test cases over the previous v.9.2.1 version of the HbbTV Test Suite.

The Test Suite is available to be used by any organisation through one of the Registered HbbTV Test Centres or directly by HbbTV members themselves.

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NTT Develops World’s First Real–time 4K High Frame Rate HEVC Codec

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corporation has developed a real–time 4K*1 high frame rate HEVC*2 codec which enables live transmission of high frame rate (HFR) video.

HFR enhances video smoothness and sharpness by doubling the frame rate*3 of the standard video frame rate (SFR), from 50/60p to 100/120p. HFR video is especially effective for fast–moving video content such as sports.

By developing this codec, NTT will contribute to enhancing the quality of broadcasts and public viewing of sporting events. Also, NTT will develop opportunities to use HFR transmission in VR and surveillance applications.

Recently, Ultra HD (UHD) services have launched by many satellite operators and OTT platforms in the world. In March 2015, NTT announced a real–time 4K/60p HEVC video encoder LSI (NARA) and have contributed to the rapid acceptance of UHD service.
Since live sports programs are the main drivers of UHD service, HFR video technologies, which are especially beneficial for sports content, have attracted strong interest from UHD service providers.

NTT’s real–time 4K HFR HEVC codec allows UHD service operators to conduct live broadcasts of HFR sports content.

Both the 4K HFR HEVC encoder appliance and the 4K HFR HEVC decoder appliance, key components of the real–time 4K HFR HEVC codec, are compact 1U size.
The 4K HFR HEVC encoder appliance provides backward compatibility by supporting temporal–scalable encoding*4, meaning the output stream can be decoded by conventional SFR decoder to yield 4K SFR video.

Moreover, our codec supports the MPEG Media Transport (MMT) protocol*5 which enables hierarchical transmission. Two independent transmission routes can be used to transfer the base–layer data, which is used for decoding of 4K SFR video, and the enhancement–layer data, which is used together with base–layer data for decoding 4K HFR video.


Technical Points:

  1. Multi chip encoding. By using two “NARA”chips in parallel, the encoder achieves the high speed processing demanded by HFR encoding, while maintaining visual quality by mutual data transfers between the chips.
  2. Hierachical transmission by MMT protocol. MMT protocol enables the base–layer data and enhancement–layer data to be transmitted over different IP streams. Using two different transmission routes creates timing offset in the arrival of the data streams. MMT can reconfigure the order of data by using timestamps based on UTC (coordinated universal time).

NTT is planning to proceed with trial experiments of 4K HFR services including video contribution and distribution services for broadcasters and public viewing service. NTT will contribute to the creation of various high–definition and immersive video services by providing this technology.

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IMG partners with Arqiva in long-term live playout deal

Arqiva announced a long-term deal with global leader in sports, events, media and fashion, IMG, to deliver two live sports playout channels in Singapore.

The deal – which will see both playout channels go live on 30 April – will also see Arqiva provide IMG with additional occasional use (OU) support for global sporting events throughout 2018, including the A-League Football and National Rugby League (NRL) in Australia, and the US Major Soccer League (MLS).

Arqiva will deploy an integrated solution, combining live sports presentation and remote editing functionality. Playout will be managed remotely from Arqiva’s state-of-the-art Chalfont Grove site in the UK and provide access to systems via HTML5 web interfaces to IMG’s Singapore-based production team.

Chris Guinness, Senior Vice President of Media at IMG, said:
“Having worked with Arqiva for a decade, we have seen first-hand its expertise delivering content across borders to our audiences in Singapore. We are confident that Arqiva’s strong and reliable track record, and its understanding of and support for our business growth goals in Asia, will form the foundation for a successful partnership delivering longer-term playout and OU capacity within this key market.”


Chris Walder, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific at Arqiva, said:
“We are delighted to be extending our relationship with IMG and working with its team even more closely than before. With seven members of IMG staff now situated in our offices in Singapore, they join a host of Asian media giants – including 11 Sports, Discovery and Asian Tour Media – in our ranks.

“By facilitating day-to-day access to both the Arqiva support team and its broadcasting peers, we hope to foster a collaborative environment in which IMG can thrive and work with us to make this venture a success.”


Alex Pannell, Managing Director of Satellite & Media at Arqiva, added:
“At Arqiva we pride ourselves on delivering both commercial and channel flexibility to all of our customers. It is for this reason that tier one global broadcasters and content owners, such as IMG, are leveraging our media hub to deliver services to their audiences around the world. ”

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Square Box Systems to Preview New AI-Based Content Analysis Capabilities for Industry-Leading CatDV MAM

“In today’s fast-paced media environments, more new content is being created than production teams can possibly keep up with. Also, time is running out for historical content in legacy, analog formats like tape to be digitized before the content degrades. But teams have no time to log and tag the assets so they can be found and reused easily,” said Dave Clack, CEO, Square Box Systems. “AI is changing how media organizations meet these challenges, and — as usual — CatDV is at the forefront. Through our new partnerships with industry-leading providers, we’re leveraging AI capabilities that will transform media workflows and make it easier than ever for operations to access, manage, and archive tremendous volumes of content.”

CatDV will showcase rich, AI logging, tagging, and search capabilities based on the world’s leading image and video analysis platforms.

Square Box Systems is previewing a range of groundbreaking new content analysis capabilities for its flagship CatDV media asset management (MAM) solution at the 2018 NAB Show.

Through these integrations, CatDV will offer a range of advanced capabilities including:

  • Speech-to-text, to automatically create transcripts and time-based metadata
  • Place analysis, including identification of buildings and locations without using GPS tagged shots
  • Object and scene detection (e.g., daytime shots or shots of specific animals)
  • Sentiment analysis, for finding and retrieving all content that expresses a certain emotion or sentiment (e.g., “find me the happy shots”)
  • Logo detection, to identify when certain brands appear in shots
  • Text recognition, to enable text to be extracted from characters in video
  • People recognition, for identifying people, including executives and celebrities

Square Box Systems will offer its clients a range of video and image analysis options from leading AI vendors and aggregators. Options will include the Veritone® aiWARE™ platform of best-of-breed cognitive engines and applications, which offers the flexibility to be deployed in both cloud and hybrid on-premises and cloud environments.

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ChyronHego to Present First-Ever Virtualized Trade Show Production

At the 2018 NAB Show, ChyronHego will present the first-ever fully software-based studio production to be broadcast live from a trade show floor.

Showcasing the company’s range of live production software products, the ChyronHego Live Studio Show will run in a completely virtualized environment and will be broadcast in two parallel production workflows: as a traditional ground-based SDI production and running in a private data center powered by Cisco.

“Nothing speaks ‘proof of concept’ louder than a real-world, working production, and that’s why we’re so excited about our Live Studio Show,” said Jesper Gawell, chief marketing officer, ChyronHego. “Not only are we showcasing everything producers need for an end-to-end, all-software production, but we’ve put together a truly compelling lineup of editorial content that will be of great value to NAB attendees.”

The ChyronHego Live Studio Show will offer a dynamic, real-world example of the CAMIO Universe for News Production — the company’s all-software ecosystem that drives template-based, producer-driven workflows using IT-based technologies. ChyronHego’s Live Compositor platform, a scalable and intuitive software solution for multicamera productions, will serve up real-time graphics and clips from the LyricX 3.2 graphics creation and playout solution and PRIME 3.0 graphics platform. In addition, the production will showcase next-generation virtual sets based on ChyronHego’s augmented reality graphics and robotics systems, driven by the fully integrated Unreal Engine from Epic Games.

“With the CAMIO Universe, we’ve reinvented news production by placing the industry’s most powerful software tools at news producers’ fingertips — giving them everything they need to tell stories in highly compelling ways, as cost-effectively as possible,” Gawell commented. “Tools such as Live Compositor make these end-to-end, producer-driven workflows even more versatile, flexible, and cost-effective.”

The three-camera Live Studio Show will be broadcast throughout the 2018 NAB Show in booth SL1208 and feature a carefully curated lineup of interviews, panel discussions, and special presentations by ChyronHego staff, partners, and customers. Scheduled presenters include Major League Baseball Advanced Media, Miami’s WTLV, Nikon, Lawo, and many more — all of whom will describe their experiences and integrations with the ChyronHego solutions. All segments will be streamed to the ChyronHego’s Facebook page, and recorded versions will be made available for later viewing.

Gawell added, “Our message to our customers is that fully virtualized production is not just the wave of the future, it’s a technical reality now. But even if you’re not ready to make that move yet, we can support you with a ground-based solution today — and we’ll be on the journey with you once you begin the migration to an all-virtualized infrastructure. And with features like software-based control panels, we democratize production by making it easy for anyone to create compelling live video content.”

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Black Box Introduces Emerald™ Unified KVM Platform

Black Box, an industry-leading provider of keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) connectivity and signal distribution systems, today introduced the Emerald™ Unified KVM Platform.

Emerald™ is the first-ever converged KVM solution for distributing high-quality video, audio, and peripheral signals throughout expanding hybrid environments that include both IP and proprietary direct-connect networks, mixed resolutions up to and beyond UHD/4K, and any number and combination of physical and virtual desktops and servers.

“As media enterprises continue to migrate from SDI-based signal distribution to all-IP operations, they’re looking to leverage IP’s virtually unlimited scalability and cost savings through the use of commodity, low-cost hardware. At the same time, virtualization offers even greater potential for reducing IT operational overhead and hardware expenses, and also for building resiliency into the network,” said Josh Whitney, Senior Vice President — Technology Product Solutions business at Black Box. “A critical requirement of IP operations is a centralized connectivity platform that can handle the complexities of today’s media environments, including 4K video distribution and support for virtualization.”


“As the first KVM platform to support both IP and direct connections, the Emerald™ Platform gives enterprises the ability to deploy both IP and proprietary KVM networks from all Emerald™ units. Customers can scale up as their operation expands, simply by adding endpoints. In this manner, Emerald™ provides seamless connectivity in a direct-connect SDI environment today, while paving a smooth and easy upgrade path to IP.”

Emerald™ is the first KVM platform to support DisplayPort 1.2 4K video at 60 Hz and 10-bit color depth over standard IP network switches and connections, enabling pixel-perfect 4K image transmission with mathematically lossless compression. But because Emerald™ is a true hybrid KVM solution, operations still working primarily in HD can add 4K at their own pace and transition individual user groups as the need arises.

Emerald™ is also the first KVM solution to provide full support for virtualized environments — enabling connectivity for any combination of physical and virtual servers within a single KVM network and giving operators a smooth and easy migration path to virtualization. The Emerald™ KVM platform offers virtual machine support for VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix using RDP, RemoteFX and PCoIP.

With the Emerald™ KVM platform, operations can scale infinitely and gradually across buildings, campuses, and wide area networks, using the existing network infrastructure and switching between sources at speeds of less than a second (IP) and even faster in a direct connect matrix. Regardless of where users reside, their experience is exactly as if their keyboard, monitor, and mouse are connected directly to the CPU they’re accessing. The Emerald™ KVM platform’s true USB emulation means that users can connect external hard drives, Wacom® tablets, and virtually any other high-speed USB 2.0 device to the KVM network.

Even with unlimited scalability, Emerald™ KVM helps the IT staff maintain a safe, clean, and secure environment. To ensure reliability and avoid costly network downtime, the network can be configured with redundant paths and server endpoints for fail-safe backup. Emerald was designed with 24/7/365 critical applications in mind, providing for network resilience at every level, all the way up to complete switchover from one control room to a backup control room location.

“Broadcasting and media enterprises, including post and live production, are clear beneficiaries of the Emerald™ KVM platform. But this innovative and future-proof technology will forever change the way KVM technology can be implemented and utilized across many different application areas, such as medical imaging, industrial automation and command and control rooms,” Whitney added. “With Emerald™ as a true migration platform, Black Box has taken a large step forward towards helping its customers prepare for the future — offering connectivity solutions for the Intelligent Digital Edge.”

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Osprey Video highlights Benefits for IP and OTT Streaming

Most of the demonstrations will take place in Osprey booth SU8107, but all partner booths will have Osprey gear in place.


On display in the Osprey booth will be an integration between the Zixi Platform video workflow orchestrator and Osprey’s Talon G2 encoder and decoder, a joint solution that allows even the smallest content creators to launch broadcast-quality content and channels over IP with little infrastructure and no overhead costs.

The demonstration will show how the Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver software tools embedded into the Talon’s user interface work with Zixi Broadcaster, the Zixi Platform’s central hub for management, processing, and distribution of content in various formats. The joint solution makes Osprey part of the Zixi Enabled Network (ZEN), which means ZEN customers can now easily connect Talon units to add flexible, scalable encoding and decoding benefits to their workflows.

Furthermore, the ZEN Master orchestration platform enables media organizations to extend their reach, increase their production speed, and dramatically reduce operational costs. Live demonstrations will take place in the Osprey booth, while the Talon G2 encoder and decoder will be on display in Zixi booth SU9110. The two companies will do a joint 30-minute presentation on Wednesday, April 11 at 11 a.m. in Osprey’s booth, SU8107.


In its booth, Osprey will give a 30-minute presentation highlighting its API-level integration between the Talon G1 hardware encoder and StreamSpot, a live and on-demand multiplatform video-streaming service that leads the category of faith-streaming providers.

The patented StreamSpot Sync® automation workflow serves millions of online viewers around the world. Integrating the Talon encoder with the StreamSpot platform effectively creates a plug-and-play streaming process for StreamSpot customers, who simply turn it on and begin streaming, with no setup required. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, April 10, at noon.

IBM Cloud Video

At a presentation on Tuesday, April 10, at 3 p.m., Osprey will showcase another API-level integration at its booth, this time between the Talon and the IBM Cloud Video platform. IBM Cloud Video is one of Osprey’s earliest streaming partners. The integration allows users with an IBM Cloud Video account to authorize their Talon encoder directly from the product’s web interface.

Once authorized, IBM Cloud Video users can select from any of their current channels and start, stop, and preview their stream, all from the Talon interface. The presentation will address the ease of integration as well as features of the IBM Cloud Video platform. IBM Cloud Video will be on display in the IBM booth, SL5305.

Artel ARQ for OTT Streaming

The need for reliable delivery of high-quality media over unmanaged IP networks is on the rise in broadcast, campus networks, and other commercial OTT applications. In Artel booth SU6102, Artel will use the ARQ IP Streaming System with Osprey’s Talon G2 encoders and decoders to demonstrate video delivery over an active IP network.

“One of the most important factors for us during product development is ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with the industry’s most popular video-production and streaming solutions,” said Scott Whitcomb, business development manager at Osprey Video. “With these demonstrations and presentations, this year’s NAB visitors will see some of the fruits of that ongoing effort.”

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