FUUGO launches first OTT Orchestration platform

Fuugo, the leading Cloud OTT Orchestration platform provider, announced today at the National Association for Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, the official launch of Fuugo Symphony®, the industry’s first fully integrated orchestration platform.

Symphony simplifies the complexity of integrating OTT services by solving the interoperability of best-of-breed technology providers.

The newly launched platform includes all required OTT services, powered by industry leading technologies, ensuring customers can perform critical tasks, such as encoding, transcoding, content management, delivery, analytics, and application publishing, with only a few clicks.

“With Symphony, we have created a platform that enables our customers to win. We do not believe our customers are served well by current solutions. We understand that launching an OTT offering is complex, and requires large investments, and often they face struggles with integration. With Symphony, we have aimed to remove this complexity while adding unlimited flexibility and features available in the market.”
Robert Gribnau, CEO of Fuugo.

By no longer needing to select and self-integrate numerous service providers, our platform, with its simple, yet powerful interface, enables our customers to go over-the-top, within days, rather than months. The media broadcaster brings the assets, Fuugo Symphony provides the platform to capture content, manage audiences, and deliver to any internet connected device.

For years, customers were locked into closed ecosystems, unable to adequately respond to market changes, all while trying to integrate media technologies that are non-interoperable. With Symphony, our customers are able to select those services they require, and upgrade to additional, 3rd party media technology providers, enabling feature, reach and performance expansion, as and when they require them.

“Fuugo customers can buy our end-to-end service, or may buy any individual service. Our model also supports integration of our customer’s existing service providers, allowing them to manage all their services within a single portal. Symphony is a game-changer for those providers seeking a seamless workflow solution.”
Nelson Hulett, VP Marketing, Product & Sales Americas

Fuugo Symphony consists of seven core services; each of the core services includes a wide variety of features so that over the top operators can choose the most suitable features depending on the needs and models of business they are pursuing. This includes ingest, media management, product and revenue management, DRM, content storage, CDN, content accessibility, analytics or data mining…

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PILOT, IBM, Frankly To Demonstrate AI Technology for Local Broadcasters at NAB Show

The proof of concept will be presented in the PILOT booth, N2431FP, at Futures Park, April 9-12.

The display will demonstrate the way in which local broadcasters can use AI to enrich video assets and provide rich, contextual metadata. This data can be used to help editors quickly and more efficiently produce news packages as well as provide consumers with a more contextually relevant and highly targeted content recommendation engine.

“AI holds great promise for broadcasters in terms of enhancing the way content is produced, managed, delivered and consumed,” said Executive Director of PILOT John Clark. “We appreciate the collaboration of PILOT members with IBM and Frankly, and we are proud to bring this demonstration to NAB Show through the development of this proof of concept.”


“Local broadcasters need to unlock new opportunities for viewer engagement and monetization,” said Jason Simpson, Chief Revenue Officer at Frankly. “Leveraging AI to analyze textual, audio, and visual data within their media, local broadcasters will benefit from stronger viewer engagement, enhanced content discovery, and more advertising revenue.”

Elsewhere in Futures Park, attendees will have the opportunity to see demos of high-tech media developments in progress, prototypes, and products not yet available for sale from academic, government, and commercial research laboratories in the United States and around the world. Exhibitors will show their research and development work on a wide range of topics, including dynamic ad insertion for Next Gen TV, UHD broadcasting and virtual/augmented/mixed-reality content creation.

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AMP VISUAL TV Equips Newest 4K HDR OB Van With Extensive MediorNet Installation

Following the successful deployment of its Millenium Signature 12 (MS12) OB van, AMP VISUAL TV has again invested in Riedel gear to ensure flexible, reliable communications and signal transport within Millenium 6.

“By basing our OB vans on MediorNet and other Riedel systems, we enjoy a great deal of freedom in creating the sophisticated media infrastructures critical to modern productions,” said François Valadoux, Chief Technology Officer at AMP VISUAL TV. “In our experience, Riedel gear delivers the performance we require and the flexibility we need to address the demands of working in 4K. It was an obvious choice for our newest OB van.”

AMP VISUAL TV has one of Europe’s largest and most innovative fleets of OB vans engineered to meet the requirements of global entertainment events, television studios, and sports competitions. The company has given Millenium 6 the benefit of beautiful workspaces with wood-paneling highlights, as well as a robust Riedel MediorNet real-time media network supporting as many as 26 wired and wireless cameras, a multiviewer monitor wall, and Artist (wired) and Bolero (wireless) intercom systems.

Following the successful deployment of its Millenium Signature 12 (MS12) OB van, AMP VISUAL TV has again invested in Riedel gear to ensure flexible, reliable communications and signal transport within Millenium 6.

Designed to handle most major productions, AMP VISUAL TV’s Millenium OB vans boast a rich blend of space, comfort, ergonomics, and power — the perfect conditions for producing any kind of program. With a modular design and mobile partition system adapted from its older sibling, MS12, the new van is an extensible semitrailer that incorporates flexible workspaces. For example, using a partition system, the production area can be split into two spaces. Their RF-12 fly packs can then be easily added to further extend their 4K production capabilities.

With similar Riedel systems installed in both MS12 and Millenium 6, members of the production team can easily shift from one van to the other as the production schedule demands. Familiarity with Riedel gear allows them to hit the ground running rather than spend time coming up to speed on new equipment and workflows.

“Millenium 6 represents an unprecedented combination of technology and serenity, giving production teams maximum power in minimum space without compromising ergonomics and aesthetics,” said Franck Berger, General Manager for France and Africa at Riedel Communications. “With its sophisticated technology and calming ambiance, this OB van will be a popular choice for producers of high-profile events across Europe.”

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Digital Nirvana to provide Subtitling Services for advertisers within Clearcast’s MediaCentral portal

Through this strategic alliance, Digital Nirvana will become Clearcast’s partner for subtitling TV advertisements.

Digital Nirvana will exhibit (booth #SU10121) at the upcoming 2018 NAB Show, running from April 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

Clearcast’s MediaCentral is a task-based portal through which advertisers and agencies can quickly connect with the leading players who offer ad-related services, such as subtitling, airtime booking, soundtrack services, etc.

“With this portal, Clearcast has created a place where advertisers can go to not only make sure their ads follow the UK compliance regulations,” said Hiren Hindocha, President and CEO, Digital Nirvana, “but also for adjunct services. Adding these new services – all within one central site – greatly increases the value they’re offering their customers. We’re thrilled to be a part of such an integral, forward-thinking site for the advertising community.”


Chris Mundy, Managing Director of Clearcast, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Digital Nirvana to deliver a quick and accurate online subtitling solution for the UK market. Only around 60% of television ads in the UK are currently subtitled and, by making it much easier to subtitle ads, we hope this new service available via MediaCentral, the Clearcast website and subtitlenow.com, will make it easier for the advertising industry to caption every single ad.”

Digital Nirvana’s services provide an integrated, automated workflow for subtitling, sports clipping, closed captioning, caption synchronization, video logging, repeat audio detection, and metadata creation. Its Media Management Platform and suite of broadcast monitoring products establish a simple set up for content creation, capture, repurpose and delivery, while monitoring video and audio for quality and compliance.

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JVC introduces BR-DE900 portable ProHD decoder

Designed for field use, the BR-DE900 provides optimal quality of service with low latency and versatile audio/video connectivity for ENG field reports and other video-over-IP applications.

It offers reliable decoding of HEVC or H.264 streams up to 10-bit 4:2:2 1080p/60, with bit rates up to 50 Mbps. Connectivity options include dual 3G-SDI, HDMI 2.0, and composite outputs, as well as multiple audio outputs.


When paired with the JVC BR-800 ProHD Broadcaster streaming server, the BR‑DE900’s efficient H.264 codec and integrated Zixi or SMPTE 2022 Pro-MPEG stream protection technologies provide broadcast-quality video anywhere in the world using public networks.

Completely hardware-based decoding minimizes the decoding process cycle to minimize latency without compromising video quality. The BR-DE900 also includes integrated video scaling, frame sampling, and de-interlacing for any stream to any output resolution or frame rate, and its stream forwarding feature efficiently redistributes an incoming stream within a private LAN/WAN network.

Housed in an industrial-grade aluminum case, the BR-DE900 weighs less than three pounds and includes mounting holes for seamless installation in production flypacks or master control. Setup is streamlined using an intuitive web interface.

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Vidgo Chooses Harmonic to Power Next-Generation OTT Services

Today at the 2018 NAB Show, Harmonic announced that Vidgo will launch its next-generation OTT services powered by the Harmonic VOS™ media processing platform.

With the VOS SW Cluster solution handling every component of media processing in a private cloud, Vidgo can quickly launch a full suite of video streaming services while gaining the agility to scale video streaming services rapidly. Vidgo is set to introduce its OTT services for the United States market later this year with a compelling channel lineup, unique pricing model and high-quality live-streaming experience.

“We’ve identified a significant underserved market in the United States, with millions of consumers that are currently not part of the pay-TV ecosystem,” said Shane Cannon, CEO of Vidgo. “Partnering with Harmonic, the market leader in OTT video service deployments, we plan to deliver a full range of streaming features that consumers demand. The VOS solution allows us to provide the best live-streaming experience for our customers and provides us with a strong foundation to manage our network and end-user experience.”


VOS SW Cluster embeds market-leading micro services, including ingest, playout, compression, encryption, packaging and origin, that will allow Vidgo to deliver its OTT services at a low cost and to scale seamlessly. Vidgo’s offering will include over 40 channels of live television available for viewing on smartphones, tablets, PCs and other streaming devices. Encoding and transcoding on VOS SW Cluster is performed by the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, an advanced, software-based media processing technology that will ensure Vidgo provides exceptional video quality on every screen at the lowest possible bitrates.

“The VOS SW Cluster solution uniquely positions Vidgo to provide a best-in-class entertainment experience for customers,” said Tim Warren, senior vice president and chief technology officer, video business, at Harmonic. “We are excited to be a part of Vidgo’s innovative OTT service deployment.”

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Vigor Systems and Telestream Partner for Public Television’s New File Delivery System

Vigor Systems, Inc.®, a leader in the TV content distribution and media solutions, and Telestream®, a leading provider of video transcoding and workflow automation solutions have partnered to deliver a technology solution that will enable the Public Television community to transition file delivery and media processing to the cloud.

Ultimately, this will allow the public television system to migrate from satellite file delivery to a next-generation terrestrial broadband-based file delivery platform. This progressive move symbolizes public television’s commitment to grow with the media landscape and to capture all the efficiencies and cost-savings made possible by the latest advances in proven technology.

Vigor was selected by the public television system to design, implement and manage the infrastructure that enables the delivery of content to public television stations. This solution is based on Vigor’s PitchBlue technology, a successful cloud-based content distribution, management, monitoring, and storage solution already widely used at 1700 broadcast stations. PitchBlue is the largest TV content distribution platform in the U.S., distributing billions of dollars’ worth of content via the cloud from partners such as CBS, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony, 20th Television FOX and PMI. In addition to leading content distributors, the public television system joins Vigor’s thriving customer base of ad insertion and media industry partners, all focused on defining industry trends and best practices.

As part of the initial phase of this new system, Vigor has chosen Telestream as their transcoding partner to optimize delivery of media files in station workflows. The implementation of the Telestream Cloud Workflow solution, an advanced media processing and workflow automation powered by Vantage media processing technology, will allow stations to intelligently conform media in the cloud for station playout broadcast.

“When it came time to pick a partner for this project, Telestream was the first company that came to mind,” said Magnus Sorlander, CEO and Founder of Vigor. “With their industry proven transcoding solution and the latest addition of Telestream Cloud to their portfolio, they were the perfect choice to work with to bring this first phase of progressive content distribution to the public television market.”

Telestream Cloud Workflow is a fully managed SaaS solution designed to perform automated content preparation such as standards conversion, time adjustments, and captioning in addition to high-quality transcoding. Workflow utilizes Vantage technology components to bring transcoding, metadata processing, analysis and quality control into a single, unified system with intelligent workflow automation. Through seamless API integration to the PitchBlue platform, Telestream will transcode predefined station media profiles upon ingest into the Vigor cloud library or upon download request from stations.

“We’re tremendously excited to have the combined power of Telestream Cloud and PitchBlue capabilities at the heart of this solution for public television stations,” said Scott Murray, VP of Product Management at Telestream. “We know that, in their mission to serve a broad and diverse audience, public TV stations are looking to provide the highest quality, richest media to their viewers, and they need to do so in the most cost-effective way possible. Vigor shares our conviction that the highest quality solutions can also be lean and flexible.”

The joint integration is currently being tested at pilot locations and will officially be rolled out to all public television stations by early Fall 2018.

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