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FUUGO launches first OTT Orchestration platform

Fuugo Symphony® simplifies the complexity of integrating OTT services by solving the interoperability of best-of-breed technology providers.

Fuugo, the leading Cloud OTT Orchestration platform provider, announced today at the National Association for Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, the official launch of Fuugo Symphony®, the industry’s first fully integrated orchestration platform.

Symphony simplifies the complexity of integrating OTT services by solving the interoperability of best-of-breed technology providers.

The newly launched platform includes all required OTT services, powered by industry leading technologies, ensuring customers can perform critical tasks, such as encoding, transcoding, content management, delivery, analytics, and application publishing, with only a few clicks.

“With Symphony, we have created a platform that enables our customers to win. We do not believe our customers are served well by current solutions. We understand that launching an OTT offering is complex, and requires large investments, and often they face struggles with integration. With Symphony, we have aimed to remove this complexity while adding unlimited flexibility and features available in the market.”
Robert Gribnau, CEO of Fuugo.

By no longer needing to select and self-integrate numerous service providers, our platform, with its simple, yet powerful interface, enables our customers to go over-the-top, within days, rather than months. The media broadcaster brings the assets, Fuugo Symphony provides the platform to capture content, manage audiences, and deliver to any internet connected device.

For years, customers were locked into closed ecosystems, unable to adequately respond to market changes, all while trying to integrate media technologies that are non-interoperable. With Symphony, our customers are able to select those services they require, and upgrade to additional, 3rd party media technology providers, enabling feature, reach and performance expansion, as and when they require them.

“Fuugo customers can buy our end-to-end service, or may buy any individual service. Our model also supports integration of our customer’s existing service providers, allowing them to manage all their services within a single portal. Symphony is a game-changer for those providers seeking a seamless workflow solution.”
Nelson Hulett, VP Marketing, Product & Sales Americas

Fuugo Symphony consists of seven core services; each of the core services includes a wide variety of features so that over the top operators can choose the most suitable features depending on the needs and models of business they are pursuing. This includes ingest, media management, product and revenue management, DRM, content storage, CDN, content accessibility, analytics or data mining…

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