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PILOT, IBM, Frankly To Demonstrate AI Technology for Local Broadcasters at NAB Show

PILOT, an innovation initiative of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), together with IBM and Frankly, Inc., will demonstrate a proof of concept for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for local broadcaster video at the 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The proof of concept will be presented in the PILOT booth, N2431FP, at Futures Park, April 9-12.

The display will demonstrate the way in which local broadcasters can use AI to enrich video assets and provide rich, contextual metadata. This data can be used to help editors quickly and more efficiently produce news packages as well as provide consumers with a more contextually relevant and highly targeted content recommendation engine.

“AI holds great promise for broadcasters in terms of enhancing the way content is produced, managed, delivered and consumed,” said Executive Director of PILOT John Clark. “We appreciate the collaboration of PILOT members with IBM and Frankly, and we are proud to bring this demonstration to NAB Show through the development of this proof of concept.”


“Local broadcasters need to unlock new opportunities for viewer engagement and monetization,” said Jason Simpson, Chief Revenue Officer at Frankly. “Leveraging AI to analyze textual, audio, and visual data within their media, local broadcasters will benefit from stronger viewer engagement, enhanced content discovery, and more advertising revenue.”

Elsewhere in Futures Park, attendees will have the opportunity to see demos of high-tech media developments in progress, prototypes, and products not yet available for sale from academic, government, and commercial research laboratories in the United States and around the world. Exhibitors will show their research and development work on a wide range of topics, including dynamic ad insertion for Next Gen TV, UHD broadcasting and virtual/augmented/mixed-reality content creation.

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