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Com Hem deploys ground-breaking hybrid Android TV STB based on 3READY Operator Tier

Com Hem Group Deploys 3 Screen Solutions To Enable New Android TV UHD-4K Hybrid STB With 3READY Enriched Custom Launcher.

3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of customized software solutions and services for multiscreen digital entertainment, announces that Sweden’s largest cable operator Com Hem Group selected the 3READY Android TV™ Client with custom launcher to power its new Android TV UHD-4K Hybrid STB, the Com Hem TV Hub.

Now live, Com Hem TV Hub is the world’s first major Android N deployment based on Android TV Operator Tier providing a fully customized experience with integrated Google TV services. The accomplishment is more remarkable in that separately branded Android TV UHD-4K user experiences were enabled for subscribers on Com Hem’s two technologically discrete and separately branded services, Com Hem Play and Boxer. Com Hem Play broadcasts via DVB-C (cable), IPTV and OTT with Boxer transmitting in DVB-T (terrestrial TV) and OTT. With a phased rollout, the 3READY-enriched STB is being deployed to serve Com Hem Group’s combined 1.4 million Swedish subscriber households.


The two Com Hem systems run in parallel with a high degree of efficiency thanks to 3READY’s ability to seamlessly incorporate and apply customization to services, including different content configuration, user features and branding. Com Hem and Boxer subscriber bases will benefit from immersive, easy-to-search UI/UX’s, and a brand-specific custom launcher.

“The project progressed towards deployment and launch, the 3SS team powerfully demonstrated their software engineering excellence, deep understanding of distribution networks, and their design creativity as they helped bring all these elements together, delivering both game-changing efficiencies and next-generation viewing experiences,” commented Com Hem Group CTO Thomas Helbo.

Agile Development

3SS delivered the project with maximum efficiency and speed, in rigorous compliance with SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), the increasingly popular and practical experience-based software development framework designed to accelerate and optimize system deployments. In the run-up to launch, 3SS chaired regular workshops which helped Com Hem engineers build closer relationships with technology partners, facilitating interactive information exchange. Rigorously organized project update sessions ensured all stakeholders were kept abreast of status of all objectives and detailed roadmap of deliverables.

Sitting at the hub of the system architecture, 3READY will support the rollout of future service enhancements including UHD channels as they are added to the Com Hem Group’s service offerings.

Trailblazing New UI And EPG Says Goodbye To The TV Guide

The new Com Hem platform delivers a simple and truly intuitive experience as well as discovery of all content types including Live TV, Catch-up, SVOD, TVOD and content of partners including Netflix, SVT and TV4 under one umbrella

Complexity is reduced and discoverability in enhanced via a new Remote-Control concept with state-of-the-art design combined with a trailblazing new UI and EPG which says goodbye to the traditional TV Guide.

In a brand-new viewing experience, Com Hem has banished the TV Guide grid and numbered channel listings, while redefining zapping. Ultra-intuitive navigation makes live channel surfing a more visual experience. Super-smooth scrolling immediately shows what’s playing now, what is available from the past seven days of broadcasts, and enables impulse selection and instant start of catch-up content.

3SS engineered 3READY to have a high level of automation, including the ability to perform systematic A/B testing. This enables the operator to experiment, for example to speedily test via a subset of subscribers, effectively creating a focus group, whether a new feature will be popular with viewers.


“The combination of innovations made possible by 3READY, and the many appealing features of today’s Android TV, is a game-changer which we believe is enabling Com Hem to set a new benchmark in digital entertainment,” he added.

The 3READY-enhanced Android TV solution complies with the latest Android TV Operator Tier guidelines and features of Android N. Com Hem subscribers now benefit from an array of special features alongside Google’s rich Android TV feature set.

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