Deluxe Entertainment Services Group (Deluxe) today announced it has selected Hybrik as its cloud transcoding provider for the new Deluxe One platform. Deluxe One is an open platform with modular architecture that allows the integration of Deluxe’s own technology and third-party, best-of-breed services. By using Hybrik’s cloud-based media processing, Deluxe is able to rapidly respond to customer growth and emerging format requirements.

“Having Hybrik as a key partner of our Deluxe One ecosystem ensures that we will always have the capacity and quality we need to support growing demand in both volume and advanced formats like 4K and HDR.” said Andy Shenkler, Chief Product Officer of Deluxe. “They provide us with an impressive combination of scalability, quality, and performance.”

Deluxe is the leading provider of creative and distribution services, and Deluxe One is structured to utilize the global reach of Deluxe’s operations. The Deluxe One platform gives clients access to their content through a unified cloud-based interface, granting them control and visibility throughout the entire media lifecycle. It also offers an open marketplace where customers can choose from a growing list of industry-leading technology and service providers. As one of Deluxe One’s initial partners, Hybrik provides a media processing backbone spread across thousands of cloud machines worldwide to rapidly manage any client needs.

“Deluxe has long been a leader in the video production, management, and distribution space,” said David Trescot, CEO of Hybrik. “We are excited to be working with them on Deluxe One as they continue to deliver innovative solutions to the media marketplace.”

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