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Telecom Argentina to launch web series mobile video platform

Branded Personal Play Web series, Telecom agentina will offer its customers multiple premium fiction contents, co-productions and other series, thanks to partnerships with national and international producers and independent filmmakers.

Personal announced during the BAWEBFEST, the first international festival of web series in South America, the launch in May of its web series distribution platform.

Personal customers will have access from their mobile device and other screens to an initial catalog of more than 50 web series that will increase every week. Towards the end of 2018, the platform will feature more than 150 series and a similar number will be added during 2019.


“We want to continue providing high quality services to our clients with the boom of series that characterizes the Argentine market through the launch of Personal Play Web series. In this way, our proposal aims to enhance this habit through a scheme of short duration. For example, an entire season of web series could be watched during public transportation to work”, said Fernando Freytes, Gerente de Innovación y Servicios Convergentes de Telecom. “And at the same time, be facilitators of the distribution and monetization of content that occur in our country, providing the access to a platform on a massive scale to more than 19 million customers.” Personal Play Web series will be available from May and Personal clients can access the catalogue available by weekly subscription.

The platform will also be a featuring space for producers and directors who present their work during the web series contests organized by the INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales), thus generating a new viewing and monetization channel for youth and professional filmmakers. The service was developed jointly with the agency and producer Argentina Libero Media.

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