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X Factor Italy broadcast producer relies on RTS intercoms

For the 11th edition of X Factor Italy, broadcasting specialist One TV has fielded a newly constructed outside broadcast (OB) truck complete with a comprehensive RTS intercom solution.

The system was designed and built by One TV’s parent company – and Italy’s largest broadcast systems integrator – Professional Show.

Based on its long experience with RTS, Professional Show designed and built the OB truck with OMNEO media networking architecture at its heart, providing the ultimate IP solution for professional intercom applications.

“For a production like X Factor Italy everything depends completely on a reliable intercom system – without intercom there is no broadcast!” explains RTS Senior Sales Manager Nico Lewis. “Because of their previous experience with RTS, both Andrea Gianolli (CEO) and Stefano Gianolli (Audio Specialist) were quick to realize the potential of our solution – the RTS products that they’ve used in other systems over the years have never let them down, because they are based on proven technology that is totally stable.”

In the truck, an RTS ADAM-M mid-size modular matrix equipped with an OMI OMNEO interface card facilitates RTS KP-5032 and KP-4016 keypanels as well as RTS DKP-4016 desktop keypanels. With the choice of OMNEO IP technology, the OB truck operates a fully IP-based workflow, connecting directly to the production site’s L3 Ethernet network as well as combining seamlessly with any Dante-enabled audio devices.

Stefano Bianco (One TV) , Andrea Gianolli (One TV), Nico Lewis (RTS), Davide Furlan (One TV), Fabio Veggiato (Professional Show)

The system also offers the ability to remotely configure any keypanel from a supervisor keypanel with the RTS AZedit configuration software, allowing supervisors to manage multiple ADAM intercom systems, re-assign users to different ports, and dynamically add intercom hardware. Operators can also individually adjust their own parameters such as equalization and noise gates – creating plenty of flexibility for all users.

One TV’s Stefano Gianolli confirmed that RTS’ advanced technology made it the ideal choice for the high specification OB truck. “The system is working very well, after a planned period of testing and commissioning. We are very pleased with the result and delighted to contribute to the success of The X Factor Italy.”


  • 1x ADAM-M midsize modular matrix intercom
  • 3x OMI OMNEO matrix interface card
  • 1x AIO16 analog I/O card kit
  • 20x KP-5032 keypanels
  • 10x KP-4016 keypanels
  • PH44 headsets
  • PH88 headsets

OMNEO is an architectural approach to connecting devices that need to exchange information such as audio content or device control.

Built upon multiple technologies, including IP and open public standards, OMNEO supports the technologies of today–such as Audinate’s Dante–while adopting the standards of tomorrow.

OMNEO offers a professional-grade media networking solution that provides interoperability, unique features for easier installation, better performance, and greater scalability than any other IP offering on the market.

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