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XITE Networks and SpotX launch pioneering global solution for programmatic advertising on linear TV

XITE and SpotX are the first in the world to combine music, advertising technology and television, bridging the gap between traditional television viewing and a personalised on-demand experience.

SpotX announced a strategic partnership with music television network XITE, the world’s first provider of personalised music television services.

The collaboration with SpotX enables XITE to launch an innovative programmatic advertising solution for linear TV, with the benefits of advanced targeting capabilities.

XITE Networks is the first to offer Personalised Music Television services, reinventing the way people watch music videos by integrating on-demand services with its linear offer. The partnership with SpotX opens up new opportunities for media buyers who are looking for cost-effective ways to reach their audiences at scale, tactics that were unaffordable to most buyers in traditional advertising. SpotX allows media buyers to purchase advertising campaigns for digital television in a targeted manner based on gender, geography and music preference.

“Advertisers want to reach more specific audiences across all screens and we want to deliver on those targets. What started as a modest step, now seems to be a revolutionary way of purchasing advertising for multiple screens. We’re excited to collaborate with SpotX on empowering media buyers to leverage ads to target viewers based on content consumption, all the while improving the user experience. This step is a true evolution from audience-based planning to audience-based buying across the television ecosystem. I’m proud that together with SpotX we have developed an integrated approach from an audience-first perspective that ensures effective and efficient advertising campaigns,” said XITE Founder and CEO Derk Nijssen.


“Like XITE, we aim for a personalised future that revolves around the viewer. The fact that we have managed to expand the targeting possibilities in just a relatively short period of six months from just the various music channels and specific time periods according to gender, age and music preferences, shows that programmatic advertising can and will be the future for TV – a future in which the consumers’ personal preferences come first,” said Elwin Gastelaars, Managing Director at SpotX Benelux.

XITE users can search for videos, create their own music video channel, watch curated channels, and like and/or skip videos, enabling the product to learn the viewer’s preferences by automatically jumping to the interactive environment on the set-top box and informing algorithms. The algorithms are then used by SpotX to build audience segments for targeted advertising which allows for targeted, personalised ads, measurement of audience engagement, and audience-based buying on linear TV. In the Netherlands this is mainly possible because the interactive product is available through the linear channel on the Ziggo set-top box. XITE and SpotX are the first in the world to combine music, advertising technology and television in a unique way that bridges the gap between traditional television viewing and a digital, on-demand, personalised experience.

Nijssen adds that it is their mission to bring music videos back to TV worldwide, including in the US, which is why XITE formed an advisory board last year consisting of renowned US TV industry leaders and music influentials.

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