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ioGates Adds Support for EditShare QScan Automated Quality Control

ioGates, a Broadcast Pix™ company, announced it offers integrated support for the new EditShare QScan automated quality control family of products.

Announced in March, QScan offers file-based video and audio AQC that simplifies compliance and delivery requirements.

With its single-pass analysis technology, which shows errors almost instantly without the need for retesting when users change test parameters, QScan ROI can be measured in days not weeks.

“EditShare QScan is already supporting deliverable formats to broadcasters including PBS and the UK DPP,” explained Luis Rodriguez, director of QScan business development for EditShare. “We are extremely grateful that ioGates has integrated QScan, because it makes it easier than ever for their clients to deliver high-quality content.”

Support for the new EditShare QScan AQC product line has been integrated into the ioGates cloud-based media management service.

AQC software allows TV stations and post-production facilities to review incoming and outgoing files for loudness, macroblocking, dropouts, freeze frames, and other potential errors.

“Our integration with QScan makes it easy to verify media files and produce detailed reports within the streamlined ioGates workflow,” explained Jesper Andersen, COO of ioGates.

Trusted by post-production facilities, movie studios, and broadcasters, the ioGates cloud-based media management service provides a secure platform for uploading, sharing, collaborating, distributing, and archiving media content.

Its browser-based workflow system eliminates complex formatting and FTP issues that impede content sharing and productivity. ioGates also powers the BPNet™ production ecosystem that provides the control-over-IP capabilities of BPswitch™ integrated production switchers. All Broadcast Pix switchers include an ioGates account.

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