Broadcast Pix Updates iPixPad, iPixPanel Mobile Device Control for iOS 11

A free app, iPixPad replicates the control panel’s PixPad™ on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

It allows users to select and recall CG, still, and clip content, plus trigger macros that can recall camera presets or external devices.


iPixPanel replicates a Broadcast Pix control panel on an iPad, including the PixPad, device control bank, and PixButtons™ with dynamic displays that show the assigned device and file name.

Users can wirelessly control a complete Broadcast Pix system, or iPixPanel can serve as an additional control surface for a second operator. The interface includes a three-axis joystick and rotary knobs, and automatically detects and configures the system it is controlling.

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Broadcast Solutions Signs Distribution Agreement with Simplylive

With the distribution deal, Broadcast Solutions will bolster the market entry and coverage of Simplylive’s cutting-edge products.


After intensive market evaluation and projects with Simplylive products already implemented, Broadcast Solutions sees massive potential for the live production, replay server and video referee solutions in the live and sports broadcasting industry.


As part of the ongoing project to implement a UHD remote production centre for customer Streamteam Nordic, Broadcast Solutions uses Simplylive’s products in a large scale. The project will be ready for the production of the Finnish ice hockey with more than 500 matches per year, starting in season 2018/2019.


Video refereeing will be done at the central location, using the Simplylive’s Ref&Box product. Simplylive’s servers will be used also for SuperMotion replays and digital recording.

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Qligent Partners with GatesAir to Power DVB-T2 Monitoring and Compliance Verification for Government of Ethiopia

Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level content monitoring and analysis, is partnering with GatesAir to rollout a QoS/QoE monitoring and compliance verification platform for Ethiopia’s second-generation DVB-T2 network.

The comprehensive deployment will allow operators to access detailed performance data and compliance recordings from 26 transmitter sites at central and regional headends, without the need for complex and expensive hardware.


GatesAir last year introduced StreamAssure to help broadcasters and network operators better understand overall DTV network performance through end-to-end visibility of transport streams and over-the-air signals. Powered by Qligent, StreamAssure is optimized to process, record and analyze performance data from GatesAir transmitters, exciters and related signal processing gear as content moves through the RF chain.

The StreamAssure deployment in Ethiopia will cover nine monitoring points at each transmitter site, with all performance data and compliance recordings accessible on local dashboards. Using StreamAssure’s multiviewer at the central headend and 11 regional monitoring facilities, operators can monitor performance live, and access recorded files, to understand baseline performance and establish long-term trend analysis. StreamAssure also automates content monitoring and compliance logging to strengthen visibility into proof of air and content quality.


StreamAssure will also simplify troubleshooting through the entire RF chain. Using Qligent’s IP-based intelligence, operators can troubleshoot over the network with ease, removing the need for expensive legacy monitoring equipment and complex, point-based systems. The lightweight architecture requires minimal rack space at each transmitter site, with direct hooks into the network to enable a continuous flow of information – including recordings of raw transport streams – to local and regional headends.

According to Qligent COO Ted Korte, StreamAssure is designed to give DTV broadcasters a broader perspective of their RF operation outside of just the health and status of the transmitter.

“StreamAssure looks beyond the transmitter to identify quality and technical issues with on-air content and multi-layered streams as they move through the entire RF chain,” said Korte. “With more than 20 channels to monitor in the Ethiopia DVB-T2 network, the ability to quickly and easily access that information will greatly reduce the time and labor spent troubleshooting issues and visiting transmitter sites, while removing the mystery associated with quality of service and experience. The fact that StreamAssure natively captures and records all content and raw transport streams will empower operators with the detailed information they need to fully understand network conditions and perform in-depth trend analysis.”

Rich Redmond, Chief Product Officer for GatesAir, adds that StreamAssure’s scalable footprint will enable simple expansion to new transmitter sites as they are added to the network – with Qligent’s networked intelligence also enabling simple migration to a full cloud-based monitoring platform via a simple software upgrade.

“StreamAssure is a network management system architected for the digital television age, where broadcasters are tasked with the challenge of monitoring a far greater number of streams and locations than was required for analog TV,” said Redmond. “It is without question the industry’s richest toolset for multi-channel content monitoring, compliance, and rapid analysis and isolation of quality issues to optimize network performance.”

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Bluebell Opticom Accepts Emmy® Award for SDI-Over-Fibre Technology

The company’s managing director, Paul Felix McCann, accepted the award at the 69th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards ceremony in Las Vegas during the 2018 NAB Show in April.

When Bluebell, a 25-year-old company, began making equipment that converted SDI to light, the work was based on academic interest. However, broadcasters were quick to adopt the new technology when they saw its advantages.

As a result, SDI signal transport over fibre is commonplace today, and Bluebell has become a trusted vendor for thousands of broadcasters, OB truck companies, stadiums, governments, and satellite uplink stations throughout the world.

Bluebell_PaulMcCann_Emmy-Award-2018“I am very proud of what we have achieved over the years, and it’s a tremendous honour to be recognised for those achievements by NATAS,” said McCann. “It’s thrilling to see that what started out as a good idea for a product has been embraced by the whole industry. We continue to push the boundaries to provide our clients with leading-edge, useful technology. This award is a huge milestone for our company and means a great deal to me personally.”

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Cobalt Digital Signs Elevate Broadcast as Master Distributor for Southeast Asia

Elevate Broadcast has been a Cobalt dealer in the region since 2016, handling Singapore and Myanmar previously.

The distributor agreement covers 10 Southeast Asian countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Elevate Broadcast and Cobalt Digital are evaluating other areas within Asia where the regional center could help provide a better overall experience for customers. Initially, distribution will be for the countries in ASEAN nations, but support or knowledge-sharing will be extended to other countries.

As distributor, Elevate Broadcast will appoint local dealers in designated markets while also providing first-line service and support functions. The company will serve as a central base within Asia that will ultimately aid Cobalt in providing servicing and support facilities for all its Asian customers, including those in China and Australia. Cobalt has achieved very good penetration in Singapore and associated regional markets, and because Singapore is a free trade hub for Southeast Asia, it made sense for Cobalt to locate its Southeast Asia distribution there. Appointing Elevate Broadcast as distributor is the first step in establishing a reseller network in Southeast Asia and better supporting existing and future customers.

“We have a long history with Elevate Broadcast CEO Dennis Breckenridge and his team, and his expertise as a design and systems engineer is much respected and sought-after in the Southeast Asia market,” said Robert C.A. Nicholas, vice president of international sales, Cobalt Digital. “Elevate has a wide breadth of experience with our full product line, and our customers can leverage that experience to achieve more with their own projects. Providing greater regional coverage will make it easier for Southeast Asian customers to confidently adopt and expand their use of Cobalt Digital technology.”

As technologies converge and video becomes ever-more prevalent, Cobalt products are not only being used in traditional broadcast centers but are extending into new market segments and applications. For example, besides its traditional broadcast infrastructure products, Cobalt is seeing great interest in its UHD, HDR, and IP solutions in online, telco, corporate communications, and other segments in Southeast Asia — a trend that is expected to continue.

With Elevate Broadcast in place as the distributor, Cobalt Digital customers in the region will benefit from a faster response more closely aligned with their own time zone. Additionally, service and support functions will be more immediate, and it will be possible to ship products overnight within Southeast Asia.

“Elevate Broadcast is constantly striving to achieve the best solution for the best price for its customers. In today’s market, especially with the advent of technologies like UHD and IP, customers and dealers alike rely on manufacturers and distributors with real experience and knowledge of the landscape,” said Breckenridge. “By becoming a Cobalt Digital distributor in addition to a reseller, we can invest more resources into learning about the products. In turn, we’ll be able to support, demo, and help implement projects for our customers and our dealers’ customers with great confidence.”

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