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wTVision Graphics to illustrate broadcast of 2018 Eurovision song contest to 43 European Countries

200 million viewers will be informed in real time thanks to cutting-edge web technology applied by the MEDIAPRO Group company.

wTVision will be deploying its very latest technology to inform viewers in real time of voting results for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

More than 200 million spectators throughout the 43 countries where the Song Contest is broadcast, the most popular and longest-running event of its kind in Europe, will enjoy graphics provided by the MEDIAPRO Group company.

wTVision’s participation in the televised event as an Official Technical Supplier, in what is one of the largest TV productions in the world, includes both semi-finals on May 8 and 10, and the final held on Saturday May 12.


From the Altice Arena in Lisbon, wTVision will supply graphic information for voting from juries as well as viewers throughout Europe. Voting data will be imported in real time so that TV audiences will be instantly informed of voting developments. TV hosts and commentators from the 43 participant countries will also be able to access voting data constantly, thanks to a system designed especially for the occasion.

In addition, wTVision will be responsible for the event’s main voting system, using a web configuration which will provide programme hosts with important information such as changes in the ranking of countries and the changes in points from countries as they are voting live.

wTVision applies state-of-the-art technology to process data and graphics operations: graphics information for jury and audience voting will be generated via a PCR solution which combines wTVision’s Studio CG with R3 Space Engine (wTVision’s real-time 3D graphics engine). Two specialized operators (supported by an additional two backup operators) will manage the Scrutineers Desk using four computers (two main machines and two backups). The Host Voting System will use web technology in a project designed and developed specifically for the Eurovision Song Contest, to maximize flexibility.

As a company specializing in creating innovative and effective solutions for the broadcasting industry, wTVision pools real-time data transforming it into spectacular graphics to enrich broadcasts of more than 40 sporting disciplines (football, basketball, surfing, poker, contact sports, motorsports’ competitions, athletics, horse riding and racing, camel racing, cycling, tennis and snooker, among many others).

In addition, wTVision provides election coverage for over 100 local and general electoral projects in 11 countries, working as a strategic partner with broadcasters to deliver a unique experience when it comes to providing elections results.

Additionally, more than 120 TV entertainment programmes rely on wTVision’s cutting-edge tech solutions to deliver ground-breaking and distinguishing features to bring a distinct personality to their productions.

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