Singapore’s The Star Performing Arts Centre Expands Comms With Riedel’s Bolero Integrated Wireless Intercom

Bolero will offer complete wireless integration and channel support for The Star PAC’s existing Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system, delivering clear, reliable communications throughout the facility’s 5,000-seat auditorium, function halls, and broadcast production center.

The Star Performing Arts Centre (Star PAC)

“Reliable intercom systems are critical for our live shows and broadcast operations,” said Reuben Ong, Head of Audio, The Star PAC. “After five years of success with our Riedel Artist system, Bolero is a very welcome addition — providing complete integration for all wired and wireless intercom users. Our crew members have always raved about the programming flexibility and high audio quality of Artist, and now we can offer those benefits through the wireless system as well.”

The Star PAC chose Bolero to replace a legacy wireless intercom that could only integrate to Artist via analog four-wire connections. Of the systems The Star PAC evaluated, Bolero offered the easiest integration and the most flexible programming capabilities. Through the Artist Director software, Bolero beltpacks can be programmed quickly and easily via a drag-and-drop interface. In addition, Bolero’s modern codec and efficient use of bandwidth means The Star PAC team can support up to 10 beltpacks per AES67-networked antenna, and provide much wider coverage with outstanding sound quality.

The Star Performing Arts Centre (Star PAC), a renowned theater venue in Singapore, has expanded its intercom capabilities with Riedel’s Bolero integrated wireless intercom

The Star PAC has deployed eight Bolero antennas to ensure coverage for the entire building, including the main auditorium and smaller multipurpose hall. Antennas are connected to three stacked AES67 switches (which perform as a single switch) that then link to the Artist mainframes equipped with AES67 client cards. In addition, a fiber-to-Cat 6 extender will allow The Star PAC team to deploy a ninth antenna to cover distant meeting rooms, The Star Loft, and the outdoor amphitheater, Star Terrace, when required.

“With the Bolero-Artist integration, we can change the Bolero beltpacks’ programming easily and on the fly, while end users can cater the settings to their own requirements,” Ong added. “In initial testing so far, our crew and staff have felt very positive about the new system. The learning curve has been minimal since they’re already familiar with the Director software, and the built-in bottle opener on the Bolero beltpack is a big hit!”

The Star Performing Arts Centre (Star PAC)

“A reliable and crystal-clear comms system is a must for a large-scale facility like The Star Performing Arts Centre, not only to ensure a smooth-running live performance but also to provide safety and emergency communications,” said Cameron O’Neill, Director, APAC, Riedel Communications. “As our first Bolero venue in Singapore, The Star PAC has taken a big step forward in getting the most out of its Artist system and staying on the leading edge of wireless intercom technology. We’re confident that Bolero will provide the best possible coverage as well as outstanding support for The Star PAC crew through its intuitive and advanced features.”

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First Omni channels Asia deal delivers content to more than 135 million Telkom customers

Omni Channels Asia (OCA) – has partnered with Indonesian mobile platform OONA to launch up to 30 new genre-focused channels in 2018 – 2019.

This partnership brings together three major global players in the digital entertainment space: TV4 Entertainment, Omni Channels Asia and OONA, delivering top-quality content to a vibrant Indonesian audience.

OONA launched the first eight channels in May and recently made headlines as the premiere company distributing new and differentiated content and live TV to millions of people in developing countries. The OONA Indonesia rollout comes only two months after OCA launched in Asia and the Pacific with more than 30 genre channels in a joint venture with TV4 Entertainment.

“Bringing this kind of high-quality, engaging programming through OCA fits perfectly with our mission to make life fun for millions of people living in developing countries,” noted OONA founder and CEO, Christophe Hochart. “We’re very interested to see how this will grow in new, exciting ways.”

The highly-curated content bundle of niche categories features something for everyone: home-focused Inside-Outside House & Garden, fishing hub Gone Fishing, music destination All Guitar Network, and luxury aquatic channel Nautical Mile – to name a few. Inside-Outside is one of many genre-focused channels launching globally through TV4 Entertainment’s strategic partnership with all3media and now Omni Channels Asia. These relationships are one key reason why OONA customers can look forward to even more engaging content in the future.

“We’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response to Inside-Outside on the Amazon platform in the U.S., which exceeded our expectations. We are excited to expand the brand’s availability to over 135 million customers in Indonesia and feel confident that the viewers will enjoy the content we have on offer,” said Gary Woolf, EVP of Strategic Development, all3media international.


“We are thrilled to see the positive rapid response to our curated and localized digital channel offerings,” adds Jon Cody, CEO and Founder, TV4 Entertainment. “A combination of great content and flexible business models is proving attractive to telcos, pay TV, and OTT providers operating in Asian markets.”

OCA offers both VOD and linear television channel formats in a seemingly endless combination that will ultimately bring thousands of hours of fresh, high-quality and localized TV4 Entertainment content to the millions of customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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Renewed Vision Expands Integration and Control Capabilities with ProVideoPlayer 3.1 Upgrade

Renewed Vision today announced a significant new software update for the third generation of its ProVideoPlayer (PVP3) multi-function media server. 

Building further on the powerful enhancements of the major PVP3 upgrade released earlier this year, version 3.1 adds robust communication capabilities that allow ProVideoPlayer to be seamlessly controlled byexternal devices such as lighting consoles and custom automation systems. Renewed Vision will showcase PVP 3.1 in booth N1814 atInfoComm 2018, taking place June 6-8 in Las Vegas.

ProVideoPlayer 3.1 adds support for the industry-standard DMX512-A lighting control protocol, enabling the versatile media server to be controlled from popular lighting consoles and other DMX-compatible triggering devices. The new DMX support lets operators control PVP 3.1 at the overall workspace level or granularly for individual layers, and encompasses functions such as selecting and triggering pre-defined cues and playlists, specifying blend modes for particular layers, activating effects sets and more.


Providing programmers and designers of visual experiences with even more flexibility, Renewed Vision has also developed and implemented its own advanced control protocol in PVP version 3.1. PVP’s integrated HTTP control server lets users send command-line instructions or HTTP requests to control or read information from the software. Data can be retrieved about a particular layer such as its name, whether it is hidden or muted and other properties, while control commands can perform a wide range of functions from triggering specific cues and changing playlists to setting effects on individual or all layers.

Comprehensive and easy-to-navigate documentation built into the PVP 3.1 software makes it easy for customers to learn and use theextensive array of available commands, while authentication prevents unauthorized users from breaking into and taking control of the system – particularly critical in live show environments.

“While most users operate PVP through its intuitive graphical interface, communication between devices is increasingly critical in today’s sophisticated live event environments and fixed installations,” said Brad Weston, president, Renewed Vision. “In addition to supporting existing communication standards, we wanted to give customers control of PVP’s extensive functionality in a broader manner than generalized protocols would allow. Creating our own protocol has given PVP 3.1 the ability to communicate with more devices with a lot more flexibility than if we only used, for example, DMX or MIDI. We’re looking forward to seeing what creative results our users come up with through the powerful new communications functions in version 3.1.”

Ideal for both fixed and event-based applications in markets including broadcast, corporate events, concert staging and many other professional AV verticals, PVP 3.1 empowers users to design and deliver rich visual experiences spanning multiple interactive, resolution-independent displays. The new communications and control capabilities in version 3.1 complement the extensive advances introduced in PVP 3.0 last year including direct SDI outputs, interactive screen control functionality, an enhanced low-latency video playout engine and the integration of NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI) technology for live, IP-based production workflows.

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MX1 Playout Solution to Power IPBC’s UHD Soccer Tournament Coverage

MX1, a global solution provider of media services, announced today that the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp. (IPBC) will use a 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) playout solution designed by the company to deliver live soccer coverage from stadiums in Russia.

Fully redundant and automated, MX1’s solution encompasses playout, advanced graphics, encoding, and channel delivery services in 4K HDR, and will be fully managed 24/7 by MX1 to ensure that IPBC viewers don’t miss a single second of the action.

“The World Cup is the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world and the most widely watched sporting event globally. This is the first time that all 64 matches will be captured in 4K HDR, and being able to deliver such a high-quality viewing experience is a real coup,” said Cory Korkos, chief technology officer at IPBC. “By partnering with MX1, a leader in playout solutions, we can make this vision come true in the most efficient and affordable way possible. MX1’s team of experts will be working around the clock during the tournament to ensure the live feeds are delivered without interruption and with the highest quality of experience that 4K HDR has to offer.”

MX1’s playout solution is completely automated to streamline the recording and cut-to-cut editing process for IPBC’s live sports coverage. The high-performance playout solution also offers 1+1 redundancy, live feed insertion, integration with an external Israeli studio, broadcast pre-recorded content, logos, counters, slide insertion, and as-run logs — all of which will enhance IPBC’s branding and monetisation capabilities.

The IPBC will also simulcast tournament coverage on its Arabic language channel, Makan 33.

“We are very excited to team up with IPBC for this tournament,” said Wilfried Urner, CEO at MX1. “Delivering playout solutions for live events in 4K HDR is a new challenge for the industry, one that needs bulletproof reliability and substantial engineering expertise, and we are delighted to be at the forefront of delivering such high-quality content on a global scale. Our skilled team will provide 24/7 managed playout services, NOC and monitoring, and engineering support throughout the entire tournament to help IPBC deliver a cutting-edge sports experience of the very highest standard.”

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