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First Omni channels Asia deal delivers content to more than 135 million Telkom customers

Omni Channels Asia Partners with OONA to Launch Multiple TV4 Entertainment OTT Channels In Indonesia

Omni Channels Asia (OCA) – has partnered with Indonesian mobile platform OONA to launch up to 30 new genre-focused channels in 2018 – 2019.

This partnership brings together three major global players in the digital entertainment space: TV4 Entertainment, Omni Channels Asia and OONA, delivering top-quality content to a vibrant Indonesian audience.

OONA launched the first eight channels in May and recently made headlines as the premiere company distributing new and differentiated content and live TV to millions of people in developing countries. The OONA Indonesia rollout comes only two months after OCA launched in Asia and the Pacific with more than 30 genre channels in a joint venture with TV4 Entertainment.

“Bringing this kind of high-quality, engaging programming through OCA fits perfectly with our mission to make life fun for millions of people living in developing countries,” noted OONA founder and CEO, Christophe Hochart. “We’re very interested to see how this will grow in new, exciting ways.”

The highly-curated content bundle of niche categories features something for everyone: home-focused Inside-Outside House & Garden, fishing hub Gone Fishing, music destination All Guitar Network, and luxury aquatic channel Nautical Mile – to name a few. Inside-Outside is one of many genre-focused channels launching globally through TV4 Entertainment’s strategic partnership with all3media and now Omni Channels Asia. These relationships are one key reason why OONA customers can look forward to even more engaging content in the future.

“We’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response to Inside-Outside on the Amazon platform in the U.S., which exceeded our expectations. We are excited to expand the brand’s availability to over 135 million customers in Indonesia and feel confident that the viewers will enjoy the content we have on offer,” said Gary Woolf, EVP of Strategic Development, all3media international.


“We are thrilled to see the positive rapid response to our curated and localized digital channel offerings,” adds Jon Cody, CEO and Founder, TV4 Entertainment. “A combination of great content and flexible business models is proving attractive to telcos, pay TV, and OTT providers operating in Asian markets.”

OCA offers both VOD and linear television channel formats in a seemingly endless combination that will ultimately bring thousands of hours of fresh, high-quality and localized TV4 Entertainment content to the millions of customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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