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Great City Games and Great Manchester Run

Timeline is supplying the RF facilities for FilmNova on their production of the Great City Games and Great Manchester Run this weekend. Watch the City Games live on Friday 18 May at 6pm on BBC Two and the Great Manchester Run on Sunday 20 May at 12pm and highlights at 5pm.

For the City Games, Timeline provide two radio-cameras and employs two satellite uplink trucks.

The Pole Vault and Long Jump at Albert Square are covered with two cabled cameras and a mini camera all of which are individually satellite linked back to the main production at Deansgate.


At Deansgate two radio cameras are covering the action on the running track. The live programme is sent via satellite to the BBC.

For the Great Manchester Run, Timeline provides three wireless, motorcycle-mounted cameras, which have proved to be the best way to cover the Great Run Series. Timeline relays the pictures via a fixed-wing aircraft, circling overhead at 27,000 feet. The company has developed unique airborne systems for FilmNova, using state-of-the-art technology to give unbroken high-quality pictures as the motorbikes weave through the city streets.

Timeline also provides a helicopter along the whole course, as well as two radio cameras at the race start and finish. We will also be covering the runners passing Old Trafford via our new MVP 4G system.

All of the RF facilities are monitored and controlled from Timeline’s technical van, RF10. It is equipped with a 12m telescopic mast, racks of RF receivers, comprehensive RF distribution and monitoring, vision routing and control facilities.

As well as capturing the action, Timeline provides the satellite link to allow live broadcast on the BBC as well as an international World feed via our Ealing Broadcast Centre.

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