AVIWEST Enables Broadcasters to Deliver Live Coverage of French Polynesian Elections in Full Duplex for the First Time

AVIWEST, a global provider of video contribution systems, today announced that TNTV and Première, the two public Polynesian TV broadcasters, deployed several AVIWEST PRO180-RA bonded cellular uplink systems and StreamHub transceivers for coverage of the recent regional elections.

With the assistance of DirecTahiti, a production agency, and using a large range of AVIWEST remote field units, the broadcasters successfully delivered live HD videos over the Internet and to televisions over 3G/4G cellular networks with minimal delay.

“Our goal was to follow the voting process as closely as possible, and reliably transmit results in real time,” said Jeff Aubruchet, CEO and CTO at DirecTahiti. “The AVIWEST solution offered us an affordable and simple way to stream live high-quality videos successfully from any location across the archipelago, even on cellular networks. Adding digital mobile newsgathering equipment to our arsenal allowed us to deliver dynamic full duplex programs to viewers, a Polynesian premiere!”

Thanks to AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, the broadcasters’ remote journalists were able to transmit live videos over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections using PRO180-RA field units without having to worry about network conditions. All of the incoming streams were managed by the StreamHub transceiver platform, allowing the broadcasters to provide viewers with real-time updates and keep them informed about the election results.


The StreamHub transceiver enabled DirecTahiti to receive and decode all incoming streams delivered from all PRO180-RA field units. It features an intuitive web user interface that optimizes the monitoring of the video transmissions with a large panel of capabilities, such as video thumbnails, statistics, dynamic bit rate, latency control and SIP-based IFB application. The versatility of the AVIWEST video uplink systems and their reliable connections to the StreamHub platform improved DirecTahiti’s election coverage.

“For important events such as regional elections, many broadcasters need to expand their transmission capabilities,” said Frédéric Parbey, APAC sales director at AVIWEST. “For these situations, they can easily rent transmitter units and cloud-based StreamHub transceivers to broadcast the high quality that AVIWEST is known for. This is exactly what TNTV and Première did, in addition to relying on our professional services and our global partners network.”

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United Shore Selects VITEC for New Headquarters

VITEC announced that it has been chosen by United Shore to provide high-definition (HD), ultra-low-latency IP streaming and digital signage capabilities throughout the mortgage lender’s new corporate headquarters in Pontiac, Michigan.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with any IT environment and run on LAN, WAN, or wireless networks, the EZ TV Platform will provide United Shore with a secure, scalable, and cost-effective way to distribute a comprehensive lineup of TV channels and signage to more than 150 displays around the company’s new 600,000-square-foot building over its IP infrastructure, and without the cost of installing RF cabling.


Providing its more than 2,400 employees with valuable company information and essential television content, the new EZ TV Platform will be part of the company’s initiative to create a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

EZ TV combines broadcast-quality IPTV distribution with powerful digital signage capabilities in one platform. The award-winning solution offers the most advanced IPTV experience, with live streaming, digital recording, mosaic player, time-shifted TV, and customizable look and feel. Its content security and user-access controls are certified by military units and broadcasters for local and multisite applications.

EZ TV’s Digital Signage module uses powerful, hardware-based endpoints to deliver eye-catching digital content with dynamic data and the highest quality IPTV content — all managed from a centralized server. With scalable features including video wall capabilities and certified interoperability with the latest content-protection and DRM standards required by the leading service providers for IPTV deployments, the platform enables its users to create and manage a full digital video experience in any building application.

“As one of the nation’s foremost and fastest growing mortgage lenders, United Shore needed a proven and comprehensive system for reliably delivering flawless live video and digital signage content that would engage its growing workforce,” said Bill Cassidy, VITEC’s associate vice president of broadcast, enterprise, and government sales.

“VITEC’s EZ TV is deployed in hundreds of sites around the world, assuring United Shore of the platform’s cutting-edge IP-based video playback and digital signage capabilities. EZ TV will provide the company with the best-in-class combination of reliability, performance, and scalability to meet its ongoing IPTV streaming and digital signage needs.”

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JVC Prohd cameras anchor new studio at Santa Monica College center for media and design

The studio features three GY-HM890s paired with JVC FS-790 ProHD fiber optic system modules, which connect directly to the camera body via a hidden 68-pin connector.

Each camera is mounted on a Cartoni pedestal and is equipped with a CueScript prompter.

The new Center for Media and Design at Santa Monica College features three
JVC GY-HM890 ProHD cameras in its production studio

Gail Fetzer, associate professor, said the cameras are used to teach multi-camera production, with students producing talk shows, music videos, and other content that is shared on YouTube and Facebook.

“I like the picture,” she said. “It looks very clear and I’m very happy with them.”

“They’re awesome,” added Brad Lemonds, media coordinator for Media Production. “I wouldn’t expect any different. I wanted something that would deliver bang for the buck and hold up for 10 years – and that’s why I picked JVC.”

SMC purchased JVC cameras in 2011 for its flypack production system, and later purchased the GY-HM650 ProHD mobile news cameras for student newscasts.

Lemonds wanted to stay with the same user interface for the new studio cameras. “It was a no-brainer to go with JVC again,” Lemonds said.

Located in “Silicon Beach,” an area in Los Angeles’s Westside that includes hundreds of media firms and technology companies, the CMD provides a single facility for SMC’s media content development and design programs. According to Lemonds, classes moved to its new facility in phases. The first film classes began last fall, with radio classes following in the next eight-week session.

Video production began in January, and students “walked in and had to pick up their jaws,” he said. “It’s a pretty awesome workspace.”

The control room and flypack are modeled after production facilities used by the Big West Conference.

“Our students will either go directly to the job market or transfer,” Lemonds explained. “We wanted to emulate their systems. We’re trying to provide close to ESPN quality.”

While the CMD is still finalizing its workflow, SMC is already planning to expand its production schedule in the fall with an advanced track for sports production. The center is considering additional GY-HM890s to update its flypack, and recently received several JVC GY-HM170 4KCAM compact camera for its documentary classes.

“House of Dancing Wate”‘ expands Riedel infrastructure with Bolero

The House of Dancing Water, a breathtaking in-the-round water show created by the Franco Dragone Entertainment Group for Macau’s City of Dreams entertainment complex, is extending its in-house communications capabilities with Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercoms.


Bolero will provide comprehensive, reliable, and integrated wireless capabilities that leverage the facility’s existing Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system, in operation since 2014.

Designed by Pei Partnership Architects, the state-of-the-art Dancing Water Theatre created for The House of Dancing Water includes a stage pool that holds a record-breaking 3.7 million gallons of water, equivalent to five Olympic-sized swimming pools. The arena also boasts a 40-meter-high steel-trussed space that provides the generous heights required for the show’s diving and acrobatics elements. The show itself centers on an epic love story and spectacular journey through time, showcasing dazzling costumes and special effects.


“A show as complex as The House of Dancing Water would simply not be possible without reliable, stable, and flexible communications between and among our cast and crew members,” said Nicolas Hammond, Head of Sound, Dragone Macau Limited. “We’re already sold on the quality and flexibility of Riedel’s Artist, so it was only natural to choose Bolero for our upgrade to wireless comms.”

The Riedel-based communications infrastructure is the result of a collaborative effort between Hammond and Assistant Head of Sound David Sharrock, with the support of The House of Dancing Water sound team. Going live in June, the new Bolero system extends the existing Riedel infrastructure, including two Artist 64 frames and two Artist 32 frames, to enable clear and reliable communications for all cast members and crew throughout the Dancing Water Theatre. Motocross stunt riders and acrobatic performers, coupled with the technical teams, will use the intercom system for continual communication during the show, which features visuals, water, and atmospheric effects. Even in the aquatics area, the Bolero/Artist combination will support communications with performers and underwater performer handlers in the pool via underwater speakers, in-mask communications systems, and buddy phones.


Programming flexibility is another extremely important requirement for the production, and Bolero will enable the team to customize the system to meet the needs of individuals and departments. Riedel’s Director software enables intuitive management and configuration of the system while also facilitating real-time system monitoring by the sound department.

“Remote monitoring and fewer moving parts means we can operate and maintain the system much more efficiently, giving us more time to work actively on solutions for users. And the outstanding build quality of the Bolero belt packs means our consumables and service/repair costs will go down dramatically,” Hammond added. “Also, we can’t speak highly enough about the fantastic service we’ve received from Riedel. The personal connections we’ve built with the Riedel team and their outgoing and professional manner have made working with Riedel a pleasure, and we know that support is always just a message away.”


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LynTec Eliminates AVL Power Complexities at Sterling High School

LynTec announced that its RPC remote power control panel series successfully met the AVL power distribution challenges of Sterling High School’s auditorium in Somerdale, New Jersey.

Starlite led the system integration efforts, ensuring seamless installation of the RPC panels in the auditorium. Delivering LED fixture control, proper AV sequencing capabilities, and centralized power control, LynTec’s solution extends the life of Sterling’s LED fixtures and physically isolates the power needed for the AV systems within the school’s auditorium.


“Today, LED fixtures are an attractive lighting replacement. With built-in dimming, they eliminate the need for a centralized dimming system. However, to reap the full cost savings and lifespan benefits, we needed a way to completely power down the fixtures,” said Brandon Creel, director of engineering at Starlite. “LynTec’s RPC Series allowed the school to remotely shut off the LED fixtures when not in use and properly boot up the audio equipment, providing them not only with an affordable solution but helping them protect their AV investment with a power solution that’s free from ballasts, motors, and lighting loads — all of which are common in a school power system.”

As part of Sterling’s two-phase installation, Starlite selected LynTec’s Remote Power Control motorized circuit breaker panels. Part of LynTec’s award-winning RPC Series, one of the 42 position breaker panels replaced the auditorium’s obsolete dimming system, which allowed the school to remotely power on and off the LED fixtures from LynTec’s embedded web server, a third-party touchscreen controller, or from the lighting console. The panel extends the life of the fixtures and eliminates the standby load on the electronics inside of fixtures. Starlite also installed a 30-kVA transformer to provide physical isolation from the building and lighting power and to feed an additional RPC Remote Power Control Panel. The second breaker panel is used solely for audiovisual power and with LynTec’s sequencing technology, eliminates the challenges of properly powering on digital audio systems through customizable step rates between each circuit being controlled.


Built specifically to manage installed audio and lighting systems of any size, LynTec’s RPC Series panels offer customers electrical protection and web-enabled circuit switching capabilities in the same enclosure. The panels’ flexible architecture enables customers to add more circuits in the same horizontal wall space to control a greater number of components, as needed. The RPC panels support 30, 42, 66, or 84 circuit breaker positions with no increase in enclosure width. Because of this comprehensive package, integrators can easily set up, program, monitor, and control loads on a circuit-specific level.

“Many schools that have implemented LED lighting solutions and AV technology, even just a short time ago, are recognizing the inherent challenges and shortcomings of their power infrastructure to truly optimize these systems,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “Our RPC lineup is an affordable solution that not only matches their budgetary requirements but fits within their existing infrastructure to deliver power control, protection, and sequencing capabilities in an easy-to-operate, open platform. This project highlights our commitment to providing our customers with a straightforward, reliable power control solution.”

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M7 Group Delivers Live UHD Coverage of Iconic Soccer Tournament With Harmonic

Harmonic announced that M7 Group has deployed an Ultra HD (UHD) video processing solution from Harmonic for live video distribution of the world’s largest soccer competition, taking place June 14 to July 15 in Russia.


The tournament matches will be delivered live in native UHD to all of M7 Group’s Canal Digitaal subscribers in The Netherlands via a dedicated channel called “NPO UHD,” set up specifically for the event by Dutch public broadcasters NPO and NOS. For the duration of the soccer tournament, NPO UHD will be broadcasting via a dedicated transponder on ASTRA 23.5 degrees East, the key orbital position utilized by M7 Group’s Canal Digitaal for the distribution of its main channels.

“When viewers are watching this iconic soccer tournament coverage, they expect a high quality of experience,” said Ron Paans, technical director at M7 Group. “Harmonic has a long history of providing best-in-class video quality, and we look forward to delivering stunning UHD images of one of the most watched sports events.”

According to recent industry reports, the UHD TV global market net worth will reach $67 billion by 2022. Harmonic’s Electra® video processor for UHD handles live broadcast-quality HEVC encoding, assuring maximum bandwidth efficiency and a superior QoE for viewers.

“We have a longstanding relationship with M7 Group and are excited to support their UHD video delivery efforts during this prestigious event,” said Ian Graham, senior vice president of sales, EMEA and LATAM, at Harmonic. “Harmonic offers unparalleled reliability, which is key for live sports coverage, along with years of media processing and delivery expertise to enable M7 Group’s delivery of a crystal-clear and immersive quality of experience to its viewers.”

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Nevion enhances Virtuoso with BISS-CA for strengthened security for live-content transport

The BISS-CA software module in Virtuoso, which offers a raft of new features to secure the transport of valuable live-content, can be used together with high quality H.264/AVC encoding or decoding, or any MPEG Transport Streams (ASI or TS over IP).

The new BISS-CA protocol is a supplement to the updated version of the Basic Interoperable Scrambling System (BISS). It is designed to help minimize the risk of piracy of live content, by strengthening transport security compared to existing standards, to secure the broadcast of future high-profile events similar to the British Royal Wedding and the FIFA World Cup. Crucially, BISS-CA is a royalty-free open standard designed to be network-agnostic, as well as IP-and software-friendly, making its widespread adoption easy.

BISS-CA also offers new capabilities, which include allowing cryptographic entitlements to be transported together with the live video content in-band, and enabling the rights holder to grant or revoke usage rights in real-time. It also makes provisions for further safety measures such as watermarking allows live content to be traceable, helping further to discourage piracy.

Johnny Dolvik, Chief Product and Development Officer, Nevion, says: “We successfully demonstrated BISS-CA on Virtuoso at this year’s NAB show in April. Judging by the reaction of the visitors to our booth, we believe this new standard will have significant take-up across the industry, particularly because of its open, royalty-free nature. We were delighted to work with the EBU on this important step forward for the industry.”


Adi Kouadio, Senior Project Manager, Technology and Innovation of EBU agrees: “We recognized that scrambling standards were needed to be updated to counter the ever-greater threats posed by piracy and meet the evolving requirements of the industry. It made sense for us to work closely with media transport experts, including Nevion, to develop a new standard for the benefit of the whole industry. It goes without saying that we are very pleased with the outcome of this collaboration.”

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