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Qligent and GatesAir Experts to Co-Present on Best Practices for Next-Gen TV Monitoring at Broadcast Asia

Qligent’s Ted Korte and GatesAir’s Martyn Horspool to detail transformative compliance monitoring, QoS/QoE optimization strategies for RF sites

While traditional RF transmission is still at the heart of broadcast television operations worldwide, rapid and revolutionary technological changes across the media landscape are greatly impacting over-the-air (OTA) operations.

At the 2018 Broadcast Asia Show in Singapore (June 26-28), Qligent COO Ted Korte and GatesAir’s TV Transmission Product Manager Martyn Horspool will co-present “Transformative Monitoring Strategies for Next-Gen Over-the-Air Networks,” with a focus on viable monitoring solutions and strategies for next-generation TV broadcasters.

Scheduled for Tuesday, June 26th, from 4:40pm to 5:00pm, at the IABM Theatre, at the Suntec Centre’s Innovation Hub (6Q3-04), the presentation will outline a modern approach to stream and signal monitoring in next-gen OTA networks. It will also include real-world use-cases that delve into changing QoS/QoE parameters, compliance monitoring and other issues emerging beyond traditional RF performance monitoring.

Together, Korte and Horspool combine expertise in transmission and cloud-based monitoring with the aim of modernizing the end-to-end terrestrial delivery chain.

In a combined statement, Korte and Horspool said: “What was once a manageable, end-to-end distribution model has given way to a more complex, multi-faceted and multi-platform operation. This poses many challenges that can negatively impact the broadcasters’ Quality of Service (QoS) and their viewers’ Quality of Experience (QoE). Session attendees will learn about new methods for efficiently collecting, aggregating, correlating and managing the massive data sets associated with the proliferating sub-systems, stream types, and bitrates of dynamic digital media delivery network architectures.”

Qligent recently added advanced delivery analytics to its cloud-based Vision platform to give users the benefit of insightful data about their end-to-end service, including program content, distribution chain service quality, consumer behavior and other parameters, to gain a data-driven competitive advantage. GatesAir optimizes Vision for Next-Gen OTA networks through its Maxiva StreamAssure platform, ideally deployed along its solid-state transmitters to support QoS/QoE and compliance monitoring in ATSC 1.0/3.0, DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-T/Tb networks.

The benefits of GatesAir and Qligent technology partnership will be addressed by Horspool, an industry veteran with over 42 years’ experience in broadcast engineering and related fields. Horspool is also a frequent speaker at trade shows worldwide, including the annual NAB Show and Broadcast Asia. GatesAir will demonstrate StreamAssure and other TV and radio solutions at Stand 4Q3-01.

According to Stan Moote, CTO for The IABM, “There were over four times the number of submissions by IABM members than speaking slots. Our IABM Theatre Committee selected [this presentation] and I am honored to open the session with such an esteemed group of industry experts.”

The GatesAir and Qligent presentation will be the only one to focus specifically on Next-Gen OTA trends. Other topical sessions taking place that day on The IABM Theatre stage include: Matthew Goldman (SMPTE President and SVP Technology for Ericsson Media Solutions) discussing the Benefits of transforming to All IP; Baskar Subramanian (Amagi Media Labs Pvt Ltd) on Machine Learning in Broadcast; and Metaliquid’s Tommaso Cesano on AI Video Analysis.

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