AVIWEST will demonstrate the latest enhancements to its live video contribution and distribution systems at IBC 2018

First-Class HEVC Remote Field Unit Boosts Video Quality, Reduces Data Consumption

AVIWEST PRO3 Series Video Uplink System

At IBC 2018, AVIWEST will unveil its all-new PRO3 Series, which includes an integrated best-in-class H.265/HEVC hardware encoder in the most compact design enclosure available. Using the PRO3, video professionals can seamlessly provide high-quality news and event coverage, while supporting the HEVC video standard.

With up to 12 network links (eight cellular modems, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet), a high-efficiency custom antenna array, and AVIWEST SafeStreams® technology, the new PRO3 Series allows broadcasters to deliver better video quality while consuming less data. Providing high versatility, the PRO3 Series is the ideal companion for on-the-go video professionals that need a robust and reliable solution.

New Uplink System Sets the Benchmark for On-the-Go Live Video Production

AVIWEST AIR Series Video Uplink System

Featuring a powerful, ultra-lightweight design, the AIR Series is perfect for on-the-go video professionals, providing them with portable, versatile, and affordable solutions.

Integrating best-in-class hardware encoders, the series enables flawless HD and SD encoding and exceptional video quality. Featuring up to six network links (four cellular modems, one internal Wi-Fi, and one Ethernet), a three-hour internal battery, and AVIWEST’s SafeStreams® technology, the AIR Series allows broadcasters to stream live videos seamlessly and store and forward recorded content — even during unpredictable and unmanaged network conditions.

State-of-the-Art 4K and Multi-HD Video Encoding and Distribution

AVIWEST HE4000 4K Ultra HD HEVC Encoder With QUAD CellLink

AVIWEST’s HE4000 4K UHD HEVC live encoder is ideal for real-time delivery of UHD and HD content over unmanaged IP networks. The compact, half 1-RU encoder combines 10-bit and 4:2:2 HEVC encoding with the latest generation of SafeStreams® technology for delivery of live video content over IP at low latencies and bit rates.

The HE4000 encoder will be showcased with the recent QUAD CellLink, an external 3G/4G-LTE cellular transmission solution that embeds four last-generation 3G/4G-LTE cellular modems with their SIM cards. Together, it’s the perfect companion for broadcasters that need higher performance and enhanced connection reception in critical conditions for live video transmission over bonded cellular networks. A powerful alternative to traditional satellite or microwave transmissions, AVIWEST’s solution reduces the high costs associated with these alternative methods.

Empowering Mobile Journalist Creativity With MOJOPRO Series

AVIWEST MOJOPRO Series Mobile Journalism Solution

AVIWEST has enhanced its MOJOPRO Series, an industry-leading mobile journalism solution that is available on mobile devices (iOS and Android™) and MacBook® Pro. MOJOPRO allows video professionals to stream live videos flawlessly, edit video files, and forward recorded content from any location over bonded 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connections in just seconds.

The MOJOPRO app for iOS gives broadcasters a competitive edge by enabling them to stream video content in a matter of seconds. The smartphone app features an optimized interface, advanced camera settings (e.g., focus, exposure, white balance, etc.), dynamic resolution, and video quality improvements. Easy-to-use video and audio editing features allow remote journalists to create video stories in minutes.

Live 360 TV Demo For Efficient Delivery of Immersive Video Experiences

AVIWEST will participate in a Live 360 TV demo at the IBC Future Zone. To address the rapidly growing consumer demand for virtual reality and immersive experiences, AVIWEST will demonstrate an end-to-end live streaming solution for distribution and decoding of broadcast-quality 360-degree audio and video content on multiple displays.

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ENCO and Octopus Partner to Streamline Newsroom Production and Playout

Radio and television automation innovator ENCO and newsroom computer system (NRCS) specialist Octopus Newsroom have partnered to streamline news production and playout workflows for broadcasters worldwide.

Leveraging the two companies’ robust support for the Media Object Server (MOS) protocol, seamless integration between their respective solutions eliminates disruptive workflow barriers to let journalists focus on creating compelling, informative stories.

The integration will be highlighted at the IBC 2018 exhibition, where ENCO will exhibit at stand 8.A59 and Octopus will showcase its solutions in stand 7.A39.

ENCO’s MOS-enabled ActiveX plugin enables journalists and news producers to access ENCO asset libraries directly within the Octopus client interface. Users can search the ENCO library, preview clips, trim media as needed, and bring the results into their stories by simply dragging and dropping the desired items. Building on the Octopus software’s ability to combine multiple media elements within each story, the integration allows journalists to easily incorporate library assets including graphics, audio and video into their scripts.

Avoiding the need for producers to manually push rundowns, running order changes in the Octopus NRCS are automatically reflected in the ENCO automation system. The Octopus software can then trigger the ENCO system via the MOS protocol to play out the assets.

While the integration was initially qualified for radio broadcasters using Octopus Newsroom with ENCO’s DAD audio automation system, the same MOS Gateway interface is used in ENCO’s MOM (Media Operations Manager) television automation platform – thus enabling a similarly efficient workflow for Octopus-powered TV news organizations.

“Working with ENCO to integrate our solutions was a true pleasure,” said Milan Varga, Technology Partners Manager at Octopus Newsroom. “Other integrations we’ve done have often been a bit clunky initially and needed a lot of development refinements, but the integration between ENCO and Octopus worked almost seamlessly right out of the box with only minor configuration adjustments. This shows that ENCO follows the MOS specifications very closely and has kept up to date with advances in the MOS protocol. The result seamlessly bridges news production and playout to make operation easy for journalists.”


“We continue to expand our ecosystem of third-party integrations to let customers flexibly choose exactly the right solutions for their needs,” said Ken Frommert, President of ENCO. “Octopus offers a strong NRCS solution and has built a solid international market presence, particularly in Asia and Europe. Our new partnership and integration let existing and future Octopus radio and television clients easily take advantage of the benefits of our full-featured automation solutions.”

ENCO MOM offers television broadcasters, cable operators and streaming media providers a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective platform for organizing, managing and automating critical production and integrated channel playout tasks. ENCO DAD provides radio broadcasters with a powerful and flexible audio playout automation, control and management system that ensures reliable, accurate delivery of audio content on time, every time.

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Magewell to Highlight Video Interface and Conversion Offerings “Beyond Capture” at IBC 2018

Magewell is well known for its high-performance yet cost-effective capture products, which enable end-users, systems integrators and OEM developers to reliably integrate professional video and audio signals into today’s software-based media production workflows.

At the IBC 2018 exhibition, taking place September 14-18 in Amsterdam, the company’s key theme will be showcasing how its latest innovations extend its product lines “beyond capture” into other critical signal processing functionality. Magewell will exhibit in stand 8.A84.

Spearheading this expansion will be the European debut of Magewell’s new Ultra Stream HDMI standalone streaming encoder. Making live streaming remarkably simple even for non-professional users, Ultra Stream HDMI lets them record or stream high-quality video with one click using on-device buttons or an intuitive smartphone app.

Users can stream to popular services including YouTube, Facebook Live or Twitch or to a custom-specified server, and can record video as files to a directly-connected USB drive or the associated smartphone. The device encodes video up to 1080p60 from an HDMI input and also supports 4K sources, down-converting them automatically to HD.

Magewell will also provide a sneak preview of new solutions that bring the company’s hardware and software benefits to IP-based production infrastructures, bridging traditional video signals with live, network-based media transport. More details will be shared closer to the show.

In addition to these IBC premieres, Magewell’s exhibit will feature established and previously-announced product lines including:

  • Flex I/O – Flex I/O PCIe input-output cards combine Magewell’s highly-regarded video capture advantages with versatile playout capabilities. Available with SDI or HDMI interfaces, the first two Flex I/O models each feature four input channels and two outputs, all of which can be used simultaneously with independent resolution, frame rate and processing settings for maximum flexibility.
  • Eco Capture (M.2) – Ideal for use in small and embedded systems where full-sized PCIe slots are unavailable, the Eco Capture family of video capture hardware offers OEMs and systems integrators an ultra-compact capture solution with low power consumption. Featuring an M.2 connector and measuring just 22x80mm, four Eco Capture models offer single-channel 4K (HDMI), dual-channel HD (HDMI or SDI) or quad-channel HD-SDI capture.
  • Pro Capture – New models and enhancements in Magewell’s flagship Pro Capture family of PCIe capture cards will make their IBC debuts, including a multi-channel CVBS model for ingesting legacy analog signals, an additional dual-channel 4K Ultra HD configuration, and recently-added HDR support in select configurations.
  • USB Capture Plus – Magewell’s plug-and-play, external USB Capture Plus devices continue to be the easiest and most reliable way to bring SDI, HDMI or DVI sources into popular software, enabling all types of computers including laptops to capture HD or 4K signals through a standard USB 3.0 interface.

“While we continue to expand and enhance our popular capture card families, our newest offerings are designed to bring our hallmarks of exceptional performance, quality, reliability and simplicity to other critical functions in acquisition, production and distribution workflows,” said Amy Zhou, Sales Director at Magewell. “We look forward to introducing these new solutions to international attendees at IBC 2018.”

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HITACHI Z-HD5500 Cameras Enable ‘Amazing’ Live Production Quality for Sardis Events

As experts in delivering world-class corporate events and conferences, Sardis Events often works in production environments with dynamic lighting and background conditions that can be challenging for video cameras.

When the company expanded its video equipment roster to support rapid business growth, they purchased three Z-HD5500 studio and field production cameras from Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. (Hitachi Kokusai) to provide the exceptional image quality they were seeking.

Based in Gurnee, Illinois, Sardis Events was formed roughly 18 months ago as a division of 20-year-old production, AV installation and rental company Sardis Media. Sardis Events provides services from staging and set design to multi-camera image magnification (IMAG) and live webcasting for Fortune 500 companies including Baxter, Discover, Motorola Solutions and many more, as well as a variety of professional associations. Sardis produces events across the U.S. and internationally with audiences ranging from hundreds to thousands of attendees, and with their project volume growing to nearly 100 jobs annually, they started evaluating new cameras last year.

“We owned 1080i cameras from a different manufacturer, but as we got busier our jobs started overlapping a lot more,” said Nate Aguilar, technical director at Sardis Events. We found ourselves renting additional cameras and equipment a lot, and it reached the point where it made sense for us to ‘go big’ and build a second camera, switcher and routing system of our own. We wanted fiber connectivity to go longer distances, and we wanted to upgrade to 1080p so it would look great on big screens and for webcasting.”


The ability of the new cameras to handle LED-based backgrounds was also critical to Aguilar. “We do more and more LED video walls as backdrops on stages, and we needed cameras with global shutter sensors to acquire video without the visual artifacts that LED displays can cause,” he explained. “We read that the HITACHI Z-HD5500 was optimized for challenging LED environments and natively 1080p, so it sounded like a great fit. Then we saw it in person in front of an LED wall, and it looked unbelievable. Finally, the cost-effectiveness of the camera was also in the equation, as it lets us be competitive on the price of our services while still offering a great-quality product.”

Sardis deploys the Z-HD5500 cameras on tripods, handheld or on a jib depending on the needs of each project. The cameras are connected via fiber to HITACHI CU-HD1200 camera control units mounted in one of two pre-wired racks that Sardis moves from show-to-show for easy setup. One rack houses the CCUs, camera shading controls, shading monitor, recorders, scopes, and Ross Carbonite Black Plus switcher frame, while the second rack hosts the switcher control surface and primary monitoring.

The pre-configured racks combine with the Z-HD5500s’ fiber connectivity and ease of deployment to speed on-site setup times. “Live mobile productions often require quick turnaround,” said Kurt Hafferkamp, project lead and video technician for Sardis Events. “On many events, there simply isn’t time for anything not to work. Even when we have longer setup times, it’s great knowing that the Z-HD5500 cameras are going to just work, and I don’t have to worry about them. They’ve proven themselves time and time again.”


For Aguilar, the most important benefit of the Z-HD5500s is the quality that they deliver. “My number one thing is how good the cameras look right of the box, without even doing any painting,” he praised. “Plug them in, do an automatic white balance, and they look amazing. You can always fine-tune them with the controller, but in a run-and-gun setup where all you have time for is auto-white, they consistently look great.”


Aguilar and Hafferkamp both point to the distance and flexibility benefits of the cameras’ fiber connectivity, as well as the inherent quality advantages of the 1080p60 video format, as “game-changers” for their productions. From a business perspective, Aguilar also notes the cross-rental opportunities with companies Sardis partners with. “We have vendors who own HITACHI cameras, so it’s easy to cross-rent, and it’s really easy for us to integrate the rentals into our respective projects. I hope to add more to our inventory in the future to further support that aspect of the business.”


The HITACHI Z-HD5500s have similarly impressed Sardis’ camera operators. “Our operators honestly love them,” said Hafferkamp. “While we still use our previous cameras as needed, they prefer using the Z-HD5500s. They’re lighter and easier to handle for handheld operation, and the users love features like return video and tally.”


“Nobody has to talk me into buying more HITACHI cameras,” concluded Aguilar. “I would love to add more of them, and they’re at the top of our list as we expand or cycle out our other models.”

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FZ Productions films sharks in their native habitats using Litepanels, Sachtler, and Anton/Bauer Gear

Zayed is owner of FZ Productions, a full-service TV and animation studio that has worked on some of the highest-profile shows on American television.

The-Vitec-Group---Shark-1In preparation for the program’s 2018 season, which kicked off on July 22, Zayed and his crew completed four shows in locations as diverse as Texas, Florida, California, Cuba, and Australia. The production relied on four Litepanels Astra 1×1 LED lights powered by Anton/Bauer Cine 150 V-Mount batteries, as well as a Sachtler S1 tripod equipped with a Video 20 fluid head.

“While filming apex predators like sharks, any distraction underwater could cost us our lives. Plus, we cannot afford to have any gear malfunctions as some of our filming expeditions take us more than 100 miles offshore, a long way from any rental houses,” Zayed said. “We put our faith in Litepanels, Sachtler, and Anton/Bauer equipment because we know it will perform up to our expectations in any conditions. We stretch the limits of our equipment on a daily basis in the world’s harshest environments, and we can count on these products to work every time.”

Powered by the Anton/Bauer batteries, the Litepanels Astra 1×1 LEDs can deliver up to eight hours of full-power light for the shark series, making them especially useful for lighting the boat topside for night scenes, such as when divers emerge from the water. The Sachtler tripod and fluid head are rugged enough to submerge in sea water and at depth, which makes them ideal for underwater shooting. For instance, the FZ Productions team often attaches weights to a camera/tripod setup to keep it on the sea floor at depths up to 60 feet, leaving the camera rolling to capture natural footage of sharks without human interference.

“The Vitec equipment is incredibly versatile and gives us so many different options; for instance, we can mount an Astra just about anywhere on the boat that we need a clean, powerful light source — just by using a Cardellini clamp,” Zayed said. “And the great thing about the Anton/Bauer batteries is that they can power anything with a V-mount — cameras, lights, and other accessories — and the P-Tap power outlet means we can mount cameras on gimbals and power them without having to have the battery hanging off the camera.”


Tobias Keuthen, Vitec Production Solutions director, product marketing, commented: “FZ Productions’ use of our award-winning image capture solutions on one of America’s most popular wildlife series is another real-world demonstration of these solutions’ tremendous versatility and ruggedness, especially in extreme and very harsh conditions. We appreciate our partnership with FZ Productions and look forward to working with Fouad and his team on many more high-profile and action-packed projects.”

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IBC 2018: TVU Networks MediaMind Platform Gives AI Turbo Boost to How Operators Get, Make and Share Live Video

TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, today announced that visitors to its IBC stand (2.B28) will be able to see a sweep of innovative live video solutions, including the Artificial Intelligence driven TVU MediaMind Platform, which potentially changes how content can be produced and consumed.

The core of the MediaMind Platform is TVU’s unique metadata-driven workflow engine. Combining real-time speech, object and face recognition with TVU’s real-time search engine, users are able to find the video assets most relevant to the story which they are covering. With its open API, TVU MediaMind Platform is able to integrate with many solutions from its partners, including Panasonic and Associated Press ENPS. As part of the newly formed Enabled Media Symposium, TVU has collaborated with a group of major industry vendors and broadcasters to further the AI application in video production process.

TVU Producer interface

“At IBC we will be demonstrating solutions that deliver real ROI benefits today, as well as pointing towards an AI-led future for broadcast acquisition, production and distribution,” said Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks. “We look forward to demonstrating at IBC how our customers can embrace the exciting AI-driven changes that are about to revolutionize the media industry.”

The TVU IBC 2018 booth is designed to showcase TVU’s industry leading capabilities in the following areas:

  • Get: Demonstrating intelligent media acquisition. Products on show include: the industry leading field transmitter TVU One, which supports HEVC and utilizes TVU’s patented Inverse IS+ (StatMux Plus) transmission algorithm to transmit HD quality video with half-second latency; the TVU MLink cellular 3G/4G LTE, satellite and microwave live video uplink transmitter; the TVU Router, a portable broadband Internet access point that can provide over 200Mbps of secure, reliable, high-speed wireless Internet connectivity anywhere and the TVU Anywhere mobile app, to contribute content using a smartphone with turbo-boosted connectivity through bonding Wifi and cellular, enabling broadcasters to work anywhere without sacrificing the benefits of the studio.These solutions were deployed by hundreds of broadcasters at this summers’ major football tournament, as well as enabling VR 360 video coverage of the Congressional Cup yacht race and footage from a motorbike and a taxi for France Televisions’ coverage of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding. TVU CAS, as part of the TVU MediaMind platform, automates the entire acquisition process. It integrates with all the discrete workflow and functional modules, to create a seamless and automated acquisition process. This ensures all the video assets are produced in a timely manner and made available to rest of the production process automatically.
  • Make: Solutions include cloud-based and remote production demonstrations featuring TVU Producer, a cloud-based live event production system that minimizes the complexity and cost of covering live video events from any location and the TVU Remote Production System, a cost-efficient solution capable of synchronizing up to 6 HD SDI signals over the standard internet without any OB vans, ideal for second and third football league tournaments.
  • Share: This section of the TVU IBC stand shows how to stream, distribute and monetize video through its innovative video marketplace, TVU Grid. TVU Grid enables broadcasters to acquire live video from different sources and seamlessly distribute to thousands of Grid-enabled locations, as exemplified by major US broadcast networks such as CNN, which uses TVU Grid to make live video accessible to select TV station partners.
TVU One mobile IP transmitter in action

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Anevia announces launch of Flamingo 4.0 – first ever tv head-end also available as a software

The improved Flamingo offering benefits from a new video on demand (VoD) service which can offer 100s of hours’ worth of film viewing with up to 4K/UHD quality.

Flamingo can build extensive VoD libraries, recorded directly on the Flamingo box, by utilizing IP connections and capitalizing on enhanced storage capacities, with the ability to still carry out Flamingo’s existing features such as time-shift and pause live TV. This makes Flamingo the only multi-screen TV head-end to include VoD and time shift TV directly in the product itself.

Flamingo 4.0 is now able to create virtual channels to enable enterprises to run their own content, from streaming advertisements in hotels to educational videos within a hospital. For the customers themselves, pause live TV will continue to create a delayed channel to view programmes when it suits them.

This wider market offering is demonstrated further in Anevia’s adoption of more formats including an updated version of HLS for receiving TV channels from the web – another industry first. By staying up-to-date with latest formats, Anevia is able to offer enhanced support for web TV services with content than cannot be pulled down via satellite, to stream niche channels in any market.

Flamingo now also has the ability to receive DTT sources broadcasted in ISDB-T, a standard used in Japan and many countries in South America. This feature is a strong requirement to expand Anevia’s presence in APAC and South American markets and builds on Anevia’s recent success with other deployments for APAC operators including VTC and Chunghwa Telecom.

Flamingo 4.0 is available on D4 and D11 servers and in a world-first software format as the company takes the first steps to virtualize the marketplace.

Following on Anevia’s 15 years of developing TV head-ends, the Flamingo 4.0 software will now be able to run directly on either a COTS server or virtual machine. End customers such as hoteliers will save rack space by running Flamingo software alongside other IT services on a mutualized infrastructure – opening up new opportunities to reduce costs.

Sylvain Eloy, Product Manager, Anevia commented: “With a team of inhouse software experts, we’re extremely proud to be the first to launch a software-only version of a multiscreen TV head-end. Through extensive research and development, we’re able to stay ahead of the technical curve and we know the market is moving towards visualization – something our customers are increasingly looking to adopt to save on operational costs, so we had to create a solution to address these demands.”

Delivered with Anevia Cloud Services, system integrators will continue to be able to monitor and configure Flamingo deployments remotely, with the ability to make informed decisions on actions through customized real-time alerts and notifications before problems occur. Cloud Services will also generate updates on the status of broadcast TV sources to offer a reliable TV channel database that can be used to create channel lineups while automatically backing up and recording Flamingo configuration changes to store historical data.

Anevia’s latest version of Flamingo is already available for download.

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