DMC Improves Content Quality and Operational Efficiency With Interra Systems’ QC Solution

Interra Systems, a leading global provider of software products and solutions to the digital media industry, today announced that DMC, an Egyptian media company with entertainment and sports television channels, is using Interra Systems’ BATON® file-based QC solution to bring increased scalability, flexibility, and consistency to its QC operations.

BATON provides ultra-precise, automated video, audio, and closed caption checks to improve DMC’s content quality.

“When content quality problems exist, viewers are left dissatisfied, which in turn can hurt our revenue opportunities,” said Ahmed Mostafa, channel technical director at DMC. “We like how flexible the BATON platform is, in terms of communicating seamlessly with our media asset management system and allowing us to switch between automated and manual QC modes. Ultimately, BATON streamlines the delivery of superior quality content, keeping viewers watching longer.”

With manual QC, television channels can perform only a limited number of checks. BATON allows DMC to conduct detailed checks, including standards compliance, regulatory, MXF level, SDI playout, and baseband. DMC is using the BATON Media Player, an optional media player with SDI playout capability, for fast, frame-accurate manual review of content.

BATON’s scalable architecture will enable DMC to expand QC operations as its needs grow and provide high availability at all times, even if a hardware component breaks down. The BATON platform has been seamlessly integrated with DMC’s media asset management (MAM) system for increased operational efficiency.

“Over the years, DMC has been focused on creating a world-class infrastructure in order to maintain its position as a regional leader in media and television,” said Kanishka Tongya, sales director for APAC and MEA at Interra Systems. “All of DMC’s file-based assets pass through the BATON system before being delivered to viewers. By installing BATON, the industry’s most reliable and flexible file-based QC solution, DMC dramatically improves quality of experience for viewers.”

Interra Systems will demonstrate its industry-leading solutions for comprehensive video insights at the 2018 ABE SHOW, Aug. 7-9, Stand 1, with partner Digistor.

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Artel Video Systems Announces IP and Video Technology Training Program

Artel Video Systems, a world-class provider of innovative real-time multimedia delivery solutions, is pleased to announce a new series of technology and solutions training programs aimed at helping broadcast video professionals prepare for the industry’s transition to IP and at providing IT networking professionals an understanding of video technology.

The new courses are designed to accelerate understanding of the underlying technologies needed in the broadcast industry’s migration to IP and to facilitate productivity as IT and video workflows converge.

Networking Technology Courses for Video Professionals

The ability to understand and work effectively with IP networking technology is becoming a required skill at every technical level within a modern broadcast facility. Artel’s Networking Technology for Video Professionals courses are designed for engineers, technicians, and operators who must familiarize themselves with the functions and terminologies that will be used to create the next generation of video production systems. The Level 1 course will address IP layers, technology fundamentals, and networking technologies. The Level 2 course will build on the foundation of basic IP networking addressed in Level 1, focusing on the more advanced IP technologies needed for IP video production, multicasting, and elements of video encapsulation.

Video Technology Courses for Networking Professionals

Video and audio streams differ significantly from the data flows found on most IP networks. Video Technology for Networking Professionals courses are designed for practicing IT professionals who have a strong background in IP networking and need to understand audio and video signal formats and terminology. IT professionals completing the Level 1 course will gain an understanding of a wide range of video signal types and the systems that are used to distribute them to viewers. The Level 2 course will discuss video compression methods and the various elements of video streams and containers, enabling professionals to understand and become acquainted with the key technologies in use throughout today’s media industries.

Modern IP Video Technologies and Systems

With the tremendous onslaught of new standards that have recently been released for media production and transport, a huge amount of new technology will be revolutionizing media production systems. The Modern IP Video Technologies and Systems course is designed for technicians and engineers with backgrounds in both video and networking technologies who need to learn about these cutting-edge developments.

“The migration toward IP and the convergence of video and IT ecosystems require broadcast video and audio professionals to understand networking and vice versa,” said Rafael Fonseca, Vice President of Product Management at Artel. “Like all Artel Training Programs, the new video and IP-related courses were developed by experts in the field and offer top-notch instruction to help broadcast and networking professionals optimize their investments while navigating their way through IP.”

Artel technical training courses are product-neutral and open to any organization preparing its teams for IP migration. In addition to these courses, Artel offers solutions training in media-over-IP/fiber delivery applications, PTP switching applications for audio and video, and remote monitoring of Artel products. Customized training is also available to meet specific needs. Instruction is available at the customer site and can accommodate up to 20 people.

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