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The future of TV is with Zenterio at IBC 2018

At IBC 2018, Zenterio, a leading television, analytics, and advertising solutions provider, will address this challenge and demonstrate the company's vision for the future of TV experience with its Zenterio TV platform for 4K and legacy CPE, as well as Zenterio Cloud.

Today’s television viewers want to be engaged with the content they are viewing. They want access to live TV and VOD content, as well as apps and premium movie rentals all in one place.

To succeed, pay-TV operators must provide compelling content as part of a unified service offering in the home. The challenge is to match the content with the subscribers’ ever-evolving tastes to reduce churn and increase ARPU.

Deliver the Ultimate Television Experience With a Single Platform — Zenterio TV

At IBC 2018, Zenterio will introduce Zenterio TV, a one-stop-shop TV entertainment experience platform comprised of client software, UI, and cloud components that guarantee viewer satisfaction and vendor flexibility. Offering pre-integrated, premium OTT content and apps, including YouTube, Netflix, and others, combined with full support for DVB and IPTV, Zenterio TV keeps viewers watching longer and operators in control of the television experience.


Zenterio TV includes cloud-based tools that make the client independent from the backend, allowing quick customization and optimization of content layout, UI, and content presentation. Operators can easily create a tailor-made experience for viewers using the platform’s content layout and editorial content tools. As an HTML and native application platform, Zenterio TV ensures seamless integration on high-end 4K and legacy customer premise equipment, allowing operators to deliver a rich television experience to all subscribers.

Zenterio TV is an open alternative to Android TV but is also compatible with Android TV, as it can be delivered as an app.

Zenterio Cloud

At IBC 2018, Zenterio will demonstrate the various capabilities of its Zenterio Cloud solution, including content aggregation, business intelligence, and home automation. With Zenterio Cloud, operators can manage more content, digitize their TV business, and expand into home automation to improve ARPU.

Using Zenterio Cloud for content aggregation and presentation, operators gain the ability to provide unified search across all content, easily expand their content portfolio, gather user behavior analytics, and control content presentation across all screens. For business insights, Zenterio Cloud maximizes ARPU through benchmarking, enabling operators to compare and improve user satisfaction and engagement over time. Preintegrated with leading home automation systems, Zenterio Cloud simplifies the user experience with voice search.

Data is Business

At IBC 2018, Zenterio will showcase the powerful advanced advertising tools developed by its subsidiary company, AdScribe. AdScribe works with Zenterio customers, other pay-TV operators, and media companies to monetize their platforms through the introduction of highly targeted advertising and content promotion. AdScribe gives its partners the capability to reach specific audience segments with new advertising inventory to drive new revenue streams and deliver incremental ARPU. AdScribe’s toolsets and technologies are widely deployed and ship pre-integrated with Zenterio TV and Zenterio Cloud.

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