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FOR-A Introduces Several Systems to Support Overall Commitment to 12G and IP

12G Converter, Multi-Channel Video Server, and Ultra-Slow-Motion Camera Just a Few of the Highlights.

With the most extensive 12G and 4K compatible product line in Europe, FOR-A will demonstrate the benefits of a combined 12G/IP approach at the IBC convention this September.

FOR-A’s IBC show theme will be “Gateway to IP.” To that end, the company is developing IP interfaces and remote-control capability via standard protocols for all the company’s 12G products and designing IP interfaces for the existing 3G/HD product line. FOR-A will exhibit in Hall 2, Stand A51.

4K 12G Offerings New at IBC:

Making its IBC debut is the latest solution in FOR-A’s USF-Series of universal system frames, the USF-106UDC-12G 4K up/down converter. The unit offers Interlace/Progressive and up/down conversion for HD to 4K. The USF-106UDC-12G supports conversion between the following 4K signal formats: 12G-SDI/quad link 3G-SDI, 3G-SDI Level A/B, 2SI/SQD and ITU-R BT.2020/709.

The MBP-1000VS 12G-SDI/IP multi-channel video server will also be shown in Europe for the first time. The new server is ideal for 4K studio environments, offering multi-input/output 4K and HD support and ingest, playout and 4K recording functionality. 4K XAVC™ and MPEG-2 codecs are available with the MBP-1000VS, which allows for a direct interface to the NLE system via Ethernet. FOR-A is offering a range of MBP-1000VS interfaces for 12G-SDI or video over IP transmission, including 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, and SFP+, to accommodate varying user needs for inputs/outputs and size of internal storage (SSD).

Specially designed for live, instant replay in ultra-slow motion, the FT-ONE-SS4K Variable Frame Rate Camera will be an IBC booth highlight. It supports UHD shot at up to 1000 frames per second and provides continual, real-time 4K live output. A native 2/3-inch image sensor enables the use of a B4 bayonet broadcast lens directly on the camera.

The new IF4K-DNC is a 12G-SDI supporting frame synchronizer and color corrector. The cost-effective processor, equipped with a 4K (UHD) to HD down converter, enables simultaneous 12G and HD output. The IF4K-DNC supports HDMI input/output in the 4K/HD format, so it can also be used as a frame synchronizer for HDMI to SDI conversion and SDI to HDMI converter for 4K/HD monitoring. The IF4K-DNC has HLG to SDR conversion functionality and supports wide color gamut as well as 12G and HD output. Because of the functionality, simultaneous output of 12G-SDI HLG/ITU-R BT.2020 and HD-SDI SDR/ITU-R BT.709 is enabled. The IF4K-DNC also supports AES and analog audio output and is suitable for audio monitoring.

In addition to the products listed above, FOR-A will highlight in its IBC booth:

  • HVS-6000 and HVS-1200 vision mixers
  • MFR-4000 and MFR-1000 routing switcher
  • MV-4300 multi-viewer
  • DSK-4800 4K/Downstream Keyer
  • FA-9600 multi-purpose signal processor
  • EDD-5400 4K Time Lag Checker
  • SDI and IP Integrated System
  • Vision mixer and IP codec combined remote production system
  • Vision Mixer/ClassX CG/Envivo Instant Replay live production system

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