Viaccess-Orca and SoftAtHome Demonstrate End-to-End Addressable TV Solution

At IBC2018, Viaccess-Orca (VO), a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, and SoftAtHome, the technology company dedicated to the digital home, will jointly demonstrate an end-to-end, best-of-breed solution for addressable TV with their partner Viznet.

The preintegrated solution enables household targeting on operator-controlled devices, including frame-accurate Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) on set-top boxes (STBs) for linear multicast and on-demand TV.

“With TV advertising revenues being challenged by digital advertising, channels see addressable TV as a new growth opportunity. For this opportunity to come to fruition, operators must offer notably granular audience segmentation capabilities across their footprints. However, subscribers’ data privacy and security must be a top priority, especially in the wake of EU’s stringent General Data Privacy Regulation, or GDPR,” said Alain Nochimowski, Executive Vice President of Innovation at Viaccess-Orca. “VO is proud to contribute its proven, hands-on data science and security expertise to help operators extract cross-screen TV audience insights and pave the way to innovative data-enabled TV advertising models.”

The addressable TV solution integrates VO’s audience management capabilities, which pushes the envelope for the enrichment of TV viewership data beyond the requirements of TV business analytics (namely, content promotion, upselling, or churn detection) to fuel the programmatic advertising value chain with unique AI-extracted insights.

The SoftAtHome DAI solution for STBs provides the core technology enablers to implement simultaneous targeted ad insertion for millions of households, including frame-accurate ad insertion on live and on-demand content. With its Eyes’ON TV-ad audience measurement solution, SoftAtHome also delivers an advanced tracking solution to monitor and monetize inserted ads.

“The ability to provide a frame-accurate dynamic ad insertion technology to meet the demanding requirements of TV services providers — notably in terms of user experience and service scalability both for linear and on-demand content — will be key to the success of addressable TV,” said David Souhami, Marketing Director, Innovation and STB, at SoftAtHome. “The TV industry, including content owners, has recognized the unique benefits of our DAI and audience-metering solutions, already being tested by leading European TV operators.”

Viznet brings to the table its combined advertising and TV industry expertise, providing technology solutions to facilitate ad decisioning and bridge the programmatic ad world with the TV world, enabling players to access substantial addressable TV revenue opportunities.

“Addressable TV is an amazing opportunity for TV channels and advertisers while improving ad relevancy for users,” said Stephane Bismuth, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Viznet. “By working together with VO and SoftAtHome to create a world-class targeted advertising solution, we are helping all players to benefit from this fast-growing market.”

The addressable TV solution will be demonstrated at IBC2018, Sept. 14-18 in Amsterdam on both VO Stand 1.A51 and SoftAtHome Stand 1.C29.

GatesAir Wins in Mexico

Grupo Imagen is continuing the rollout of its FM radio and TV networks with channel partner Escape.

The project comprises 11 Flexiva FAX air-cooled FM radio transmitters ranging from 2.5kW and 40kW; and a mix of Maxiva ULXTE liquid-cooled and UAXTE air-cooled UHF TV transmitters. The specific TV transmitter breakdown includes three ULXTE models ranging from 6kW and 10kW; and four UAXTE air-cooled models ranging from 2 to 4kW.

GatesAir won the contract due to the high performance and reliability of previous-generation transmitters that have long been in operation. Two dedicated GatesAir field engineers based in Mexico will provide local service and support, which Grupo Imagen pointed to as an important deciding factor against competitive suppliers.

Grupo Imagen also identified reduced maintenance and common spare parts as significant benefits, as all 18 new transmitters will be spread across 17 cities. All Flexiva and Maxiva transmitters in the network will share the same hot-swappable power supplies and amplifier modules, minimizing time spent on labor and repairs while maximizing operational efficiency.

The Cloud Way of Signal Processing – LYNX Technik Introduces AIR Processing at IBC 2018, 8.C70

With LYNX AIR (All Independent Remote) Processing the company will premiere a cloud-based signal processing solution, that will enable its users to leverage the full potential of their production power. At the stand in hall 8,C70, the company will showcase a system for signal processing without any hardware needed.

AIR Processing separates the processing from the physical hardware, thus enabling the customers to use their full creative potential without thinking about bandwidths, processing power, FPGA/CPUs or scalability. With AIR signal processing is happening in the cloud, with no additional hardware needed.

With the introduction of the greenMachine® in 2016 and its software-based signal processing approach, AIR is the next step in treating video signals by separating the hardware from the software even further and transferring the processing into the cloud. This approach offers several benefits to the users.

Because of its overall system design users don’t have to worry about scalability. You need more processing power? No problem, just rent more. Further advantages are the remote attitude and the system’s flexibility for there is no need to ship hardware from one site to the other. AIR makes device changes easy and effortless without ever touching any piece of hardware in the CAR; it is all in the cloud. Users benefit from reduced costs during productions because no extensive hardware has to be installed and by paying only for what they really use – exact to the minute. It comes without saying that AIR can be managed from remote using a sophisticated and web-based GUI running on all end-user devices.

Visitors have the chance to see LYNX AIR Processing live at IBC at the LYNX Technik stand in hall 8, C70.

Veritone Now Features Complete AI-Driven Digital Asset Management and Monetization Solution for Live and Archived Broadcasts in the Cloud

Veritone® Inc. , a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive solutions, today announced that the company has expanded the integration of its aiWARE™ operating system for AI with asset management solutions from Wazee Digital, a leader in cloud-native video management and licensing services, and now a Veritone company.

Veritone is leveraging its recent acquisition of Wazee Digital to create an end-to-end, AI-driven digital asset management and monetization solution in a secure cloud environment for live and archived broadcasts.

aiWARE works in combination with Wazee Digital Core, an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital asset management system, and Digital Media Hub, a SaaS solution that allows video content to be captured in a central location and made immediately available for global access. aiWARE automatically generates relevant intelligent metadata within Core and Digital Media Hub that will enhance advanced searches of vast archives, improving operational efficiency and improving the discoverability and usability of valuable media content.

Core and Digital Media Hub customers have the opportunity to enrich their valuable content more intelligently — and more efficiently — than ever before by gleaning additional information from their assets through automated metadata extraction powered by AI. Integrating Core with the aiWARE operating system unlocks access to hundreds of cognitive engines across 16 classes, including facial recognition, object recognition, audio fingerprinting, OCR, translation, and more. With Veritone’s proprietary Conductor orchestration technology, aiWARE can route media to the most appropriate engines to optimize metadata extraction from the content. Now rights holders, content owners, and other users of Core and Digital Media Hub can choose from best-of-breed engines curated for their individual use cases.

“Asset management augmented by AI helps organizations analyze, share, and index their media offerings automatically, leading to streamlined workflows and enhanced discovery experiences,” said Hong Bui, senior vice president, product development, Veritone. “aiWARE gives customers access to a wide range of advanced cognitive engines and applications that seamlessly integrate with their digital media archives. As a result, they can build purpose-driven workflows that can help improve operational efficiencies, optimize ad and sponsorship verification, repurpose content, enhance competitive research, unlock hidden revenue streams, and more.”

aiWARE has processed over 5.5 million hours of video and audio content during the first six months of 2018, servicing over 625 accounts as of month ending, June 2018. Wazee Digital Core has about 25 million video assets under secure management, primarily in the media and entertainment space, for content owners and rights holders as diverse as major studios, governmental departments, broadcasters, sports federations, news archives, and many more.

Visitors can see a demo of the aiWARE-Core solution at IBC2018 Sept. 14-18 on Stand 5.A09.

More info about Veritone

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Grabyo to reveal new advanced cloud-based editing platform at IBC 2018

At IBC 2018, Grabyo will introduce its enhanced video editing platform, Grabyo Editor. A set of browser-based editing tools for creating and distributing short video clips, highlights and social video from live streams, VOD and mobile sources.

The new service combines the speed and flexibility of Grabyo’s cloud-based platform with simple, effective tools for video editors.

Accessed using a web browser, Grabyo Editor significantly reduces the time it takes to produce high-quality video content by enabling users to produce short clips and longer-form videos with multiple video inputs, graphics, imagery and audio.

Editor’s advanced editing features, combined with Grabyo’s live production platform, clipping tools and publishing capabilities, will offer digital teams a complete, cloud-based platform for fast, flexible editing with distribution to social, mobile and OTT platforms.

By removing the complexity of more traditional editing software, users will be able to take advantage of powerful video editing features without the need for extensive training or specific hardware or software. Grabyo Editor will be accessible everywhere, allowing production teams to make better use of resources and create videos that are optimized for digital and social viewing.

Gareth Capon, Grabyo CEO, said: “As the demand for OTT, mobile and social video continues to accelerate, publishers need to expand the volume of content they create and increase the speed at which they produce it. Our customers have told us they want to accelerate production workflows to meet the demands of mobile and digital audiences. Grabyo Editor provides a full set of tools for real-time content creation and publishing and we are excited about the opportunities this creates. We can’t wait to get this into the hands of our partners and use their feedback to build out this service.”

Grabyo Editor will support picture-in-picture frames, graphics overlays, audio controls, and time-based asset-splitting. The tools are designed to create enriching experiences for digital and mobile audiences in real time. Editor will allow publishers to activate and engage digital fan and win screen time for content by delivering memorable moments as they happen.

Grabyo is situated in Hall 14, Stand D22 at IBC 2018.

Anevia Enhances Genova Live Encoder, with 4K ABR transcoding ahead of IBC2018

This fifth generation of Genova Live, a software-based encoder for live OTT and IPTV video streaming, has undergone extensive developments to bring users new features, which include an Ultra-Low Latency original design, and major improvements in 4K encoding and transcoding.

The encoder now boasts a combination of CPU and GPU acceleration which ensures 4K and high-quality streams at affordable hardware prices. That new GPU-accelerated Genova Live software achieves unrivalled density with up to 5 UHD multi-profile transcodings at 60 fps with HDR (10 bits), in a single server – which is unmatched in the industry. It can run on any COTS hardware.

In addition, Genova Live encoder can be integrated with the Genova industry-leading OTT packager, in the same box. Thanks to its specific Ultra-Low Latency features, users will benefit from streaming at as close to real-time as possible, with proven interoperability with several CDNs and decoder vendors.

Genova can also be virtualized and run in Docker on a public or private cloud.

Jerome Blanc, EVP Compression Products Anevia, said: “We are looking forward to taking our enhanced Genova Live solution to IBC2018 and showcasing the software’s latest features, which include being fully 4K, with Ultra Low Latency streaming. Genova Live has long been a pioneer in software live video transcoding and we are excited for our customers to enjoy these latest developments.

“The Genova portfolio includes Live and File encoding and is now an integral part of the full OTT delivery chain that Anevia has to offer.” adds Blanc.

You can experience Genova Live 5 for yourself at IBC2018 on stand 5.B66.

Andorra Telecom to Expand IPTV Offering With Viaccess-Orca

Viaccess-Orca (VO), a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, announced today that Andorra Telecom, the leading telecom operator in the Principality of Andorra, will expand the footprint of its IPTV service and launch a renewed, state-of-the-art next-gen TV offering using VO’s TV Platform and DRM solutions.

VO’s solutions will enable Andorra Telecom to securely deliver live and VOD content including advanced services such as live VOD, catch-up TV, start-over TV, and NPVR to subscribers in multiple places.

“Video consumption is changing, and our goal is to keep our consumers engaged with best-of-breed services. At the same time, we will also expand our IPTV capabilities outside of the Andorran territory and reach potential customers connected to FTTH networks belonging to our partners,” said Alberto Sáenz de Ugarte, CTIO at Andorra Telecom. “We have used Viaccess-Orca’s TV Platform for several years to manage our IPTV services and were impressed by the way it simplifies orchestration and monetization. Upgrading the TV Platform and adding VO DRM to the mix will streamline the launch of our new services and extension to foreign territories.”

VO’s next-generation TV platform will boost content personalization and engagement for Andorra Telecom’s IPTV service. In addition, it will enable Andorra Telecom to efficiently manage subscribers and content delivery to all countries from a single platform, thus reducing costs. Using the VO’s DRM solutions, Andorra Telecom can securely distribute premium content on any device and in any delivery format. VO DRM solutions are flexible and scalable, speeding up new service launches.

VO will also provide Andorra Telecom with system integration and professional services, to ensure smooth deployment for the next phases of its IPTV offerings.

“After supporting Andorra Telecom’s IPTV service for several years, we are excited to take part in this service expansion project,” said Paul Molinier, CEO, Viaccess-Orca. “Our TV Platform and DRM solutions provide a strong foundation for Andorra Telecom’s future offerings, enabling the operator to manage the whole spectrum of TV services in a unified and streamlined way. Used by millions of consumers around the world, Connected Sentinel will provide high availability and performance while helping Andorra Telecom to meet the growing demand for multi-screen services.”

Meet VO at IBC2018 and discover the latest solutions at stand 1.A51.

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