Norkring takes a leap forward with DataMiner

Norkring, part of the Telenor Broadcast holding and a leading provider of broadcasting services in Norway, operates one of the largest networks in Europe. They offer a wide range of services, including DTT and DAB, along with tailored video contribution services and IP connectivity solutions. DataMiner spans across all Norkring’s operational platforms, providing a single pane of glass to manage and control every single active component and each of the many thousands of services.

The solution comprises 24 DataMiner virtual compute nodes, forming a single consolidated and highly available DataMiner System that collects data around the clock from over 16000 network and processing products and more than 1000 physical locations spread across a vast territory. This includes products and systems of more than 130 different types and brands and with a wide variety of protocol interfaces, including both industry-standard interfaces and vendor-specific interfaces. The enormous amount of continuously collected operational data is processed by DataMiner in real time for sophisticated fault and performance management. DataMiner Service Management provides on-the-fly translation into actual service impact information, by mapping the data dynamically on more than 5000 services running across all of the platforms. The solution provides the team of over 20 operators with an instant end-to-end service-oriented perspective on their entire operation, transparently across any vendor and technology boundaries.

From an OSS perspective, Norkring also settled for nothing less than the best. For example, the provisioning of the DataMiner System is entirely automated by means of a comprehensive integration with the Norkring centralized Inventory & Asset Management platform. As new assets are populated in the Inventory & Asset Management platform and evolve through different stages from a test to a live production status, they are fully automatically instantiated and enabled in the DataMiner platform. In addition, the Norkring Trouble Ticket platform and other OSS tools have been fully integrated into DataMiner, enabling a highly automated and very efficient operational workflow.

As a result, with the single pane of glass provided by DataMiner, Norkring operators are able to manage their services end to end. They can also easily create and manage trouble tickets to drive the field staff, and they can see auxiliary data related to weather conditions on remote locations, the real-time on-site presence of field staff, upcoming planned activities, and much more. Furthermore, Norkring also leverages the DataMiner Automation Engine capabilities to automate and streamline operational procedures and to further enhance the availability of its network services. This covers a wide range of applications, such as automated procedures for DAB disaster recovery, DTT time synching, automated power cycles on failed products, etc.

“At Norkring, we operate one of the largest networks in Europe. Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about: our operators have to watch over 1294 DAB stations, 2542 DTT station services, over 1000 contribution station services, more than 1000 IP communication links connecting critical services (for mobile network backbones, for example), and much more. This also includes one of the world’s largest media networks, consisting of more than 800 nodes. And this across a vast territory, where we have to consider several factors, such as the effects of some very extreme weather conditions,” commented Inge Fagerbakke, COO and Operations Director at Norkring. “While designing and operating this kind of network is already a significant challenge and undertaking by itself, you also have to consider that at Norkring, when it comes to service quality and availability, we strive for perfection. The investment in this state-of-the-art end-to-end network management platform, which literally spans across our entire operation and also tightly integrates with all the key OSS platforms, underlines our firm commitment to our customers in terms of service quality and availability. We were very ambitious right from the start of this project, and a rigorous evaluation of the network management platforms available in the market demonstrated that Skyline’s DataMiner platform was the best solution to match our ambitions.”


“The Norkring operation is truly impressive, both in scale and in terms of technology, and it is a great honor for Skyline to be selected for this prestigious and ambitious project. It was a perfect opportunity for us to leverage and showcase a wide range of the exclusive features and capabilities of our end-to-end multi-vendor DataMiner network management platform,” added Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “The result truly shines in its simplicity. Just think about it: one single screen provides operators with full real-time visibility on thousands of complex broadcast, data and IT services, running right across and through many thousands of products from so many different vendors across a vast geographical territory. With a few clicks, those operators can instantly drill down to every single reading and control on any of those services and products. And what’s more, within that same interface, they can manage trouble tickets and instantly consult contextual data, such as staff being on site, local weather conditions and much more. This implementation is a real benchmark for the industry and it demonstrates the tremendous added value of the cutting-edge multi-vendor DataMiner network management platform.”

Anevia partners with Red Bee Media

Anevia’s Genova Live software video encoder is a key part of Red Bee Media’s modular OTT platform, built on a microservices architecture that is operated in the Cloud to provide both flexibility and scalability. The solution was one of the first deployments of a Dockerized OTT video streaming services for live events and was used when Red Bee Media enabled McDonalds to show all FIFA 2018 World Cup matches in all their restaurants in Sweden.

“When we look for ecosystem partners, we consider three aspects. Of course, price is an important factor, but we are also specifically looking for partners that have a rich feature offer, and are fast – speed is vital to our operations. Anevia answers all of these criteria: Genova Live has a rich feature set that will allow our managed OTT platform to grow as market needs evolve, and Anevia’s development team has a very fast turn-around time and deployment support matching our Continuous Deployment model at Red Bee Media”, says Anders Wassén, Head of Online Video Development at Red Bee Media.

Genova Live’s containerized architecture makes it highly scalable to enable Red Bee Media to deploy new sites and new channels within minutes. The software encoders have an Ultra-Low Latency original design, that is especially adapted to live events such as the Soccer World Cup series, and feature 4K UHD encoding and transcoding with a combination of CPU and GPU acceleration.

According to Jerome Blanc, EVP Compression Products at Anevia, “We are very proud to partner with Red Bee Media on their virtualizable OTT video platform. Anevia is one of the first companies to Dockerize video compression technology and we see this as a growing trend in the video streaming market. Red Bee Media’s deployment of this solution with McDonalds restaurants in Sweden is a good example of this!”

Anevia will demonstrate their Ultra Low Latency software compression solutions at IBC, from 14 – 18 September at the Amsterdam RAI, on stand 5.B66.

Ekstraklasa Live Park uses LYNX Technik AG to support the highest level of interconnectivity in their new UHD/HDR OB Van

Live Park’s 16-camera OB Van leverages several LYNX Technik AG® products to ensure for the highest level of interconnectivity, for flawless fiber signal transport, multi-site workflows and remote productions. The OB Van will be at IBC show in Amsterdam (14 to 18 September) at the Broadcast Solutions stand O.E02.

Szymon Wramba, CTO at Ekstraklasa Live Park on the use of LYNX Technik equipment in the OB Van: “To be as flexible as possible, thinking about I/Os and to have reliable connection lines during productions, these are two key factors in our understanding of multi-site workflows and interconnectivity opportunities. With their reliability, flexibility and ease of use – already field-proven in our HD OB – LYNX Technik’ tools are perfect to achieve this goal. The modules offer all interfacing options we need and you can simply say those are „connect and forget” types of devices that you don’t need to care too much about.”

Several tools from processing and conversion specialist LYNX Technik AG play a decisive part within this concept. LYNX Technik AG®, a provider of software-defined modular interfaces for broadcast as well as professional AV and industrial signal processing applications, provided several units of its yellobrik modules to work as interfaces in the OB Van. One means to ensure signal transport and syncing the Live Park’s use of yellobrik devices in the OB Van for connection of three compact/Goal cameras.


For interconnectivity purpose and in each several yellobrik modules are used, e.g. for syncing of the video signals and for the return path of the 3G video signals (O RX 1802-2 LC). In total four yellobrik modules O TR 1410 are in place and handle up to 4x3G SDI signals via fiber lines on SFP transceiver modules. To connect to and to control the goal cameras and the Riedel Bolero system, O BD 1510 E units are in place. Working as a matched pair, they function as a 4-port Ethernet switch, providing two standard RJ45 Ethernet ports at each location bridged with fiber. The fiber link supports distances up to 10 km and provides a single, high-speed 1Gbit error-free optical connection between the two locations.

Visitors of IBC can see the Ekstraklasa Live Park OB Van live at the Broadcast Solutions stand O.E02.

If you want to know more about the LYNX Technik product portfolio, visit the LYNX Technik stand in hall 8, C70.

Germany’s PLAZAMEDIA picks Nevion for IP in Facilities

Nevion, the award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions, and its German solution partner LOGIC media solutions GmbH, announced today that PLAZAMEDIA, a Germany-based content solution provider, has picked Nevion equipment, software and services for its brand new IP-based broadcasting center located in Ismaning near Munich, Germany.

When PLAZAMEDIA decided to move to new 800m2 premises, it was clear that IP technology was the only option to deliver the scalable and future-proof media network the company needed in its facilities. PLAZAMEDIA was particularly keen to leverage the potential of IP to transform workflows though infrastructure virtualization, i.e. being able to share studios, control rooms and productions resources (e.g. equipment) more easily.

To achieve this, PLAZAMEDIA opted for a spine-leaf, fully redundant, software-defined network (SDN), with Nevion eMerge as leaf switches, Nevion Virtuoso software-defined media nodes as SDI/IP gateways for video, audio and data, and Nevion VideoIPath as the orchestration and SDN control software. The spine switches are provided by Nevion partner Mellanox.


Nevion VideoIPath is the engine of the media network, allowing connections between sources and destinations to be established both in an ad-hoc and scheduled manner, to support infrastructure virtualization in particular. For example, Nevion VideoIPath’s data routing control lets existing commentator-consoles share the back-end equipment via RS-232 over IP, in a way that was not possible until now with the point-to-point physical connectivity.

The NATing (network address translation) capability of Nevion eMerge switches allows Nevion VideoIPath to control media flows to and from any equipment, whether IP or SDI, without the need for specific drivers.

Nevion VideoIPath’s support for the Ember+ protocol also means that operators can manage connections in a production environment through existing and familiar Lawo VSM control panels, used until now for PLAZAMEDIA’s legacy SDI network.

Hans Hasselbach, Nevion’s Chief Commercial Officer, explains: “Nevion and our partner LOGIC already had an excellent relationship with PLAZAMEDIA, having previously delivered a successful IP remote production solution for the company. However, we still needed to prove ourselves for this project, against fierce and local competition, so we are very pleased to have been chosen to deliver this exciting solution.”

In addition, the Nevion Virtuosos are being used for to provide essence-based adaptation (TR-04 then SMPTE ST 2110), processing, protections (SMPTE 2022-7) and monitoring of uncompressed video, audio and data in the facilities. In particular, PLAZAMEDIA has picked Nevion Virtuoso to provide the audio embedding/de-embedding, shuffling, switching, delay and gain functionality it needed for the new facilities.

“The IP facilities solution was delivered on time by Nevion services and LOGIC – despite a very tight schedule dictated by our move to the new premises – and we are pleased with its performance”, says Jens Friedrichs, chairman at PLAZAMEDIA. “We still have many ideas of how our workflows could be improved further, but we are confident that our new IP media network will be able to evolve to support these.”

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Simplylive with European Premiere of ViBox Mini solutions at IBC2018

The Mini is the new compact and powerful member of the ViBox product family. The ViBox Mini offers all applications, such as the ViBox live production system, SloMo, Ref&Box or BMR, available with 4 or 8 channels. This portable, high-quality solution makes it even easier to dip into live productions and especially in sports review.

With its small form-factor – less than 7 kg – and innovative workflows and functions it is the only tool users need to produce cutting-edge content or review matches without thinking about the technology behind. Although defined by a small form-factor and significant cost advantages, ViBox Mini represents the high-quality and professional approach, typical of all Simplylive products. The combination makes ViBox Mini the perfect entry-level model for smaller companies, productions or clubs.

The Ref&Box Mini is the ideal tool for referee review, coaching or team analysis, medical review and concussion protocols. All Ref&Box Mini products follow IFAB requirements for the VAR implementation. With its small form factor and reduced weight (less than 7 kg) Ref&Box Mini’s portability is a great advantage for users to expand options beyond official review into coaching and video analysis applications.

See the possibilities of the ViBox Mini live at IBC Show (14 – 18 September 2018) at the Simplylive stand 3.B19.

Orange Slovensko selects EUTELSAT 16A to expand its pay-TV offer via satellite

Orange Slovensko has signed its first-ever multiyear contract with Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) expanding its pay-TV offer via satellite and enabling a nationwide reach across Slovakia.

Eutelsat’s 16° East position is already a key video neighbourhood for Slovakia thanks to its exceptional channel line-up tailored to local viewers. Orange Slovensko will broadcast from EUTELSAT 16A satellite to extend its existing offer to reach households not covered by its FTTH network.

Under this contract with Eutelsat, the platform delivers 38 channels, with more than half in HD. These channels are available in 3 main pay-TV packages, plus additional thematic and premium channel add-ons, starting at 6 euros per month. The service includes exclusive distribution of Orange Sports channels, home of Champions League matches for the Slovakian territory for the next three seasons as well as other highly valued football, ice hockey, basketball and mixed martial arts (MMA) content.

Pavol Lančarič, CEO of Orange Slovensko said: “By launching our own Orange TV satellite service, the availability of our television services to the public will grow dramatically. The premium content offered by our television will be available to almost all Slovaks.”


Michel Azibert, Chief Commercial and Development Officer of Eutelsat, added: “We are delighted to be working with Orange Slovensko as they expand their pay-TV offer to all of Slovakia. This contract reflects the efficiency of satellite to reach communities across a territory and the strength of EUTELSAT 16A’s coverage over Central Europe. We look forward to continue working with Orange Slovensko as its offer evolves to guarantee the best quality of content to audiences across the country.”

Meet Eutelsat at IBC, 14-18 September, hall 1, stand D.59