Deutsche Telekom Launches Feature-Rich 4K IPTV, OTT, and Satellite STB Powered by Zenterio OS

Zenterio, a leading television solutions provider, announced today that Deutsche Telekom (DT), one of Germany’s largest telecommunications operators, has launched EntertainTV Sat, a new high-end 4K IPTV, OTT, and satellite set-top box (STB) powered by Zenterio OS. Relying on the future-proof, content-centric architecture of Zenterio OS, DT has enabled new client- and cloud-based features and services, including OTT video-on-demand (YouTube, Netflix, and more), hybrid local/network PVR, HTML5 apps, and other broadcast and streaming innovations, with fast time-to-market.

Zenterio OS is an independent operating system for interactive TV that unifies STB deployments in different countries, from multiple vendors and within various ecosystems, via software. It features proven technology that separates hardware from software, making the TV client independent from the backend and the service delivery platform. This reduces integration time and cost for the delivery of advanced video services. Keeping with DT’s strategy to embrace client software harmonization in Germany and across its European TV footprint, Zenterio OS provides the operator with a solid platform for future enhancements and full control of its managed client devices.

EntertainTV Sat comprises more than 300 channels; interactive functions like time-shift, restart, and seven-day replay; on-demand offers; sports content; streaming services such as Netflix; and broadcasters’ catch-up services. With the STB, TV channels are broadcast via satellite and are also available over the IPTV network. The STB decides which reception method is best for the desired channel based on reception conditions and customer preference.

“Innovation is ongoing at Deutsche Telekom, and we are proud to be a part of this ambitious project to harmonize client software across all countries where DT has television services,” said Jörgen Nilsson, CEO of Zenterio. “4K service launches are just starting to penetrate the German market, and with the introduction of this new 4K hybrid IP-satellite STB powered by Zenterio OS, DT can meet the growing consumer demand for higher quality, richer featured television services, and drive new revenue streams.”

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InfiNet Wireless makes outdoor broadcast breakthrough in Estonia with “pay as you grow” offering for live events

The screening of live and non-interrupted high-profile events on communal screens in Estonia has been made possible thanks to InfiNet Wireless’ brand new and cost-effective wireless infrastructure for STV.

STV is a telecommunication company based in Tallinn and operates in large Estonian cities, delivering advanced broadband services to hotel chains, shipping companies and other enterprises of all sizes.

To help with demands for faster connectivity at live events, InfiNet Wireless has deployed a major broadcasting platform, designed mostly on its InfiLINK 2×2 Point-to-Point solutions, to transmit live data streams between Rakvere, in Northern Estonia, and two other nearby towns. The solution deployed was designed in such a way as to mitigate known high levels of interference and deliver high-quality video feeds to a number of remote and strategic locations.

STV’s customers are now able to upgrade their viewing packages and pay only for their selected services, thanks to the company’s ‘pay as you grow’ approach which is designed to cater for ever-changing consumer demands, ultimately avoiding locking them for services they do not necessarily need nor require. Today, STV is able to offer a number of additional revenue-generating services, such as customised video streaming for all types of events as well as video-on-demand.

The success of this new wireless platform was once again demonstrated during the FIFA World Cup 2018 Final when STV organized a special broadcast of the match between Croatia and France in the Pae park, Lasnamäe, using the latest InfiNet Wireless technology to deliver live and high definition video streams. This event was broadcast live, with zero downtime, ensuring an enjoyable sporting experience for the hundreds of football fans who gathered to watch the final game of the tournament.

“Sports events are essential communal viewing and activity for families and friends, and this project has delivered invaluable outdoor entertainment to Estonia. The new delivery platform we have selected and deployed will provide us with the means to strengthen our presence as a solid and reliable service provider with a clear focus on broadcasting future outdoor events,” said Alexey Belkin, Chief Network Administrator at STV. “Thanks to the reliability and high performance of InfiNet’s solutions, we can now avoid interruptions and disruptions that cause headaches to viewers and operators and focus our efforts on meeting and exceeding the demands of our growing customer base.”

Along with its well-proven scalability benefits, the InfiLINK 2×2 Point-to-Point (PTP) family of solutions guarantees a throughput of up to 300 Mbps, features the very latest in MIMO technologies (Multiple Input – Multiple Output) and boasts advanced dynamic frequency selection algorithms (known as Instant-DFS) to mitigate radio interference and ensure zero downtime in the delivery of any data or video services. In addition to the PTP units deployed, a number of Qmxb base stations have also been used in the new network, offering STV the latest in beam-steering technology to ensure an error-free solution when operating in unlicensed frequency bands and reaching a capacity of up to 240 Mpbs per sector.

The relationship between InfiNet Wireless and STV only started earlier this year when STV faced a number of unforeseen challenges in delivering full customer satisfaction due to increasing demands for its premium services in densely populated areas. The overlay infrastructure deployed by InfiNet Wireless has ensured that STV can indeed continue to deliver all its current as well as new services via its new broadband wireless platform, reliably and without any delay.

“The deployment of this new broadcast platform based on our InfiLINK 2×2 family of wireless solutions means that STV is now able to deliver highly reliable broadband connectivity to viewing customers, no matter where they are located in the country,” said Kamal Mokrani, Global VP at InfiNet Wireless. “The overall experience has proved so successful to all parties involved that a number of our latest Qmxb base stations have been subsequently deployed across many hotels in Estonia to keep travelling fans up to date on the progress of sporting events of all types.”