ATEME Enables CJ Hello to Virtualize its Traditional HW based Technology to Allow for Increased HD Channel Capacity

This deployment enables CJ Hello to virtualize its video headend and service HD channels using terrestrial modulation without STB and reach subscribers in 23 South Korean regions.

Based on the bandwidth efficiency of MPEG-2 in conjunction with ATEME’s TITAN Live, CJ Hello is able to save the bandwidth and add additional HD channels. In addition, the solution provides the company with the following benefits:

  • Simple Migration to the Virtual Video Headend: TITAN is a pure software-based encoder that can run on any COTS or virtualized server leveraging the broad support of inputs/output formats enabling customers to quickly deploy high quality live channels
  • Flexible architecture: ATEME’s TITAN can run on private/public & on-/off- premises cloud infrastructure with the same benefits and value proposition
  • Easy Operations: TITAN pure software solution simplifies integration and operations thanks to hardware abstraction and operational simplicity

“CJ Hello is committed to driving innovation, bringing the latest technology and cutting-edge services to its customers,” said CTO, Kim HongIk from CJ Hello. “We have selected ATEME’s solution for our HD project taking into consideration its expertise in virtualization as it provides simple migration from hardware to software and enables fast migration to cloud-based technology.”


“The virtual headend platform deployed by CJ Hello is redefining the future of cable operators technology: transition from legacy broadcasting appliances to software-based infrastructure. We are very proud to contribute to that first in Korea and to be part of this project”, said Eunsook Wi, Sales Director. “By virtualizing the video headend with ATEME, CJ Hello benefits from all advantages of integrated software solution such as a very flexible system architecture, operational simplicity and very high performance.”

Harmonic Leads the Charge for Virtualized Cable Access and Video Streaming at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo

Harmonic’s software-centric solutions are enabling the next generation of IP-based cable services, including scalable gigabit internet and superior-quality multiscreen video.

“Increased competition from OTT service providers and shifting consumer behaviors have created a challenge and opportunity for global cable operators,” said Nimrod Ben-Natan, senior vice president and general manager of Harmonic’s Cable Access Business. “Operators today need to be nimble, reducing costs while delivering market-leading broadband and video services. At SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, we will demonstrate how new smarter software-based cable access and video streaming solutions enable operators to meet this challenge with unprecedented scalability, simplicity and efficiency.”

Unleash Broadband Potential With Virtualized Cable Access

Harmonic will unveil next-generation capabilities for its CableOS™ virtualized cable access solution at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo. The CableOS solution is the industry’s first software-based Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) and end-to-end Remote PHY system, designed from the ground up to support both centralized and distributed architectures. Powering the world’s first virtualized cable access networks, Harmonic’s CableOS offering brings market-leading broadband access speeds to consumers and enterprises while simultaneously overcoming space, power and other legacy hardware technology constraints.


Bring Video Streaming Services to Life Faster With SaaS

At SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, Harmonic will also showcase breathtaking images featuring NASA content from the world’s first 24/7 UHD HDR video streaming service, powered by the VOS®360 Video SaaS solution for media processing and delivery. In addition, Harmonic will demonstrate how operators can improve consumer quality of experience through artificial intelligence-based technology found in the company’s award-winning EyeQ™ content-aware encoding solution.


Harmonic’s Thought Leadership Shines Bright at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo

Asaf Matatyaou, vice president, solutions and product management, Cable Access Business, at Harmonic, will present at the “Distributed Access Architecture (DAA)” pre-conference session on Monday, Oct. 22, from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in room B405/406/407. The session will cover the newest DAA technology trends and deployments.

In addition, Matatyaou will speak about “Virtualizing the CMTS: Who’s Doing What in vCMTS-ville” during a panel discussion on Monday, Oct. 22, from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. in room B406.

Harmonic will showcase its latest innovations at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2018, Oct. 22-25, in Atlanta at booth 2145.

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GatesAir Channel Partner FS24 Opens Technical Support Center in Argentina

GatesAir customers in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay now have local access to repairs and technical support with the opening of a new service center in Buenos Aires. FS24, which became GatesAir’s regional partner in May, opened the center in September to reduce costs and turnaround times for customers that, until now, shipped products out-of-country for service. The initiative represents GatesAir’s commitment to strengthening customer service throughout the Caribbean and Latin America region.

GatesAir-EstebanCamihortFS24Esteban Camihort, Commercial Manager for FS24, confirms that GatesAir customers will see significant savings starting with the elimination of shipping costs, as well as same-day turnaround for many projects. Services include repairs, upgrades and general technical support for power amplifiers, power supplies and other modules and pallets built into GatesAir TV and FM radio transmitters. The center will also service Intraplex intelligent networking products, including IP Link codecs and HD Link STL systems.

“We understand the costs and time sensitivities of shipping products to another continent for service, and have expanded our technical capacity to reduce the burden for our customers,” said Camihort. “FS24 is the only company that offers this level of service in our region, with local technical support at customer sites and in our new facility. This is an enormous value for GatesAir customers that purchase or replace a transmitter, as it instills strong confidence that we can react quickly when a technical emergency or other service need arises.”

Camihort adds that GatesAir offers the broadest over-the-air product portfolio in the industry — an important differentiator for FS24 as broadcasters in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay transition to digital TV and refresh FM infrastructure.

“GatesAir’s high-efficiency transmitter designs and continued innovation in this space have strengthened their presence across Latin America in recent years,” he said. “We have many satisfied GatesAir customers to work with throughout our region, and we see many new opportunities moving forward.”

FS24’s dedication to local technical support is amplified through a skilled and well-trained staff across all customer service aspects. This includes the initial quote process, pre-sales support, installation, commissioning and post-sales technical service. FS24 staff also recently visited GatesAir’s Quincy, Illinois manufacturing center for additional training, and will represent GatesAir at the upcoming CAPER show in Buenos Aires (October 24-26, Centro de Exposiciones Costa Salguero, Booth H-18 in Hall 5).

“GatesAir is focused on increasing service for our customers and simplifying the technical support process throughout Latin America, and working with FS24 has clearly raised our visibility in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay,” said Rich Redmond, President and Managing Director, GatesAir International. “The opening of FS24’s technical support center further strengthens our long-term customer bonds through enhanced local service, and offers a highly attractive value proposition for new GatesAir customers.”

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Dielectric Reaches Market-Leading 500th Spectrum Repack Antenna Milestone

Dielectric has aggressively seized the market-leading position as a TV repack supplier with the order of its 500th antenna for the multi-phase repack process. Nexstar Media Group Station KSHV-DT, serving the Shreveport, LA market, will install the antenna in the first quarter of 2019 in alignment with phase 2 of the FCC repack transition schedule.

Dielectric’s 500th repack antenna is a TUA-P4-4/10H-1 SM broadband, side-mount, auxiliary antenna that the station can use on both its current and future UHF channel assignments. Dielectric custom-designed the antenna to radiate in a unique, directional, peanut-shaped pattern to optimize coverage over the Shreveport and Texarkana regions. KSHV will seamlessly transition from UHF Channel 44 to its post-repack Channel 16 once this antenna array is installed.

“Reaching this 500th antenna milestone demonstrates the level of commitment and confidence that broadcasters have in the quality of our repack antennas, our support to the broadcast industry, and the work we are doing to deliver orders to meet the transition timeline,” said Jay Martin, VP of Sales for Dielectric. “Since reaching our 500th antenna milestone with long-time customer Nexstar, we’ve taken at least 42 more orders for spectrum repack arrays, and we’re shipping about 100 antenna systems per quarter. Business is moving at a fast and furious pace.”

Of the 987 U.S. DTV stations impacted by the spectrum repack, Dielectric has provided technical designs for 917 of them, and more than half of these proposals have resulted in antenna orders. At the present time, Dielectric is focused on building and delivering antennas that are slated for installations across phases 1 to 4.


TUA antennas are ideal for broadband applications that are horizontally polarized. In addition to antennas, Dielectric brings together all required components for a standalone broadcast antenna system, including filters, switches, combiners and transmission line. This allows broadcasters to make one call for all their broadcast needs.

“There is a serious shortage of qualified crews to work on complex installations on tall towers that will likely cause an ‘installation bottleneck’ in the field, perhaps even before the end of 2018,” said Martin. “For broadcasters in danger of missing the scheduled deadlines for their main antennas for any reason, we are ready with a ‘Plan B’ through our TFU-WB Antenna Series for medium-to-high power broadcasters, and our Powerlite Series for low-power broadcasters. Both are side-mounted designs allowing for faster, easier installation that can be handled by most rigging crews. While different products, they share many of the same bandwidth characteristics and applications.”

Dielectric opened a second, repack-focused production facility last December to accommodate the large influx of repack business. This has allowed Dielectric to get out in front on the production side, and ensure faster deliveries for customers on what has become a very aggressive installation schedule. However, Martin emphasizes that broadcasters who invest in planning well in advance for larger systems will reap dividends in the end.

“We’ve especially been working to expand our WB inventory, building 8-bay modules 40 at a time, and shipping them out within weeks of order,” Martin said. “If broadcasters need the higher gain 16-bay or 24-bay WB auxiliary arrays, these more complex antenna systems require more lead time to build and ship. Therefore, broadcasters should be thinking today about lining up broadband auxiliary antennas to ease their deadline pressures, and carry them over until their permanent main antennas can be installed.”

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