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GatesAir Channel Partner FS24 Opens Technical Support Center in Argentina

Local service initiatives will dramatically reduce costs and turnaround times for GatesAir customers in South America.

GatesAir customers in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay now have local access to repairs and technical support with the opening of a new service center in Buenos Aires. FS24, which became GatesAir’s regional partner in May, opened the center in September to reduce costs and turnaround times for customers that, until now, shipped products out-of-country for service. The initiative represents GatesAir’s commitment to strengthening customer service throughout the Caribbean and Latin America region.

GatesAir-EstebanCamihortFS24Esteban Camihort, Commercial Manager for FS24, confirms that GatesAir customers will see significant savings starting with the elimination of shipping costs, as well as same-day turnaround for many projects. Services include repairs, upgrades and general technical support for power amplifiers, power supplies and other modules and pallets built into GatesAir TV and FM radio transmitters. The center will also service Intraplex intelligent networking products, including IP Link codecs and HD Link STL systems.

“We understand the costs and time sensitivities of shipping products to another continent for service, and have expanded our technical capacity to reduce the burden for our customers,” said Camihort. “FS24 is the only company that offers this level of service in our region, with local technical support at customer sites and in our new facility. This is an enormous value for GatesAir customers that purchase or replace a transmitter, as it instills strong confidence that we can react quickly when a technical emergency or other service need arises.”

Camihort adds that GatesAir offers the broadest over-the-air product portfolio in the industry — an important differentiator for FS24 as broadcasters in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay transition to digital TV and refresh FM infrastructure.

“GatesAir’s high-efficiency transmitter designs and continued innovation in this space have strengthened their presence across Latin America in recent years,” he said. “We have many satisfied GatesAir customers to work with throughout our region, and we see many new opportunities moving forward.”

FS24’s dedication to local technical support is amplified through a skilled and well-trained staff across all customer service aspects. This includes the initial quote process, pre-sales support, installation, commissioning and post-sales technical service. FS24 staff also recently visited GatesAir’s Quincy, Illinois manufacturing center for additional training, and will represent GatesAir at the upcoming CAPER show in Buenos Aires (October 24-26, Centro de Exposiciones Costa Salguero, Booth H-18 in Hall 5).

“GatesAir is focused on increasing service for our customers and simplifying the technical support process throughout Latin America, and working with FS24 has clearly raised our visibility in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay,” said Rich Redmond, President and Managing Director, GatesAir International. “The opening of FS24’s technical support center further strengthens our long-term customer bonds through enhanced local service, and offers a highly attractive value proposition for new GatesAir customers.”

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