Yamaha UC Creates Natural, Clear Interactions for Remote Learning Environments at LTSMG Conference

Enabling superior audio and video conversations to support remote learning environments in higher education, Yamaha Unified Communications has announced it will demonstrate the YVC-200 Portable USB + Bluetooth Speakerphone and CS-700 Video Sound Bar at Learning and Teaching Spaces Managers Group (LTSMG) Conference 2018 at the Loughborough University London, Nov. 14-16.

“Audio and video are vital parts of remote learning classrooms. Users — educators and students alike — must have a clear, natural, and reliable experience no matter where they’re located,” said Phil Stanley, sales director EMEA at Yamaha Unified Communications. “At LTSMG, attendees will see how our YVC-200 and CS-700 solutions support a new generation of students and educators who need tools that are as accessible and easy to use as their laptop and mobile devices, enabling them to learn and teach on the go or in remote learning environments with the best audio and video.”

On display during the conference, the portable YVC-200 provides ample, clear audio for students’ and educators’ remote learning needs. Integrated with Yamaha’s leading sound processing technologies, including adaptive echo cancellation and Human Voice Activity Detection, the unit zeroes in on speech rather than background noise, making it the perfect audio sharing device for educators to record audio for webcast and online presentations.


The unit’s intelligent microphone delivers full-duplex conversation without sound dropouts, even when multiple people are speaking at once in online discussion sessions. Its powerful speaker presents audio that sounds as clean and crisp as in-person, so students never miss critical information. Equipped with USB, Bluetooth, and fast pairing to NFC-enabled devices, the YVC-200 can connect to a PC or smart device so users can start or join a remote class offered over any audio, video, or web conferencing application. The lightweight device is available in white or black and fits in the palm of the user’s hand for convenient portability.

The CS-700 Video Sound Bar is the perfect system to support administration and departmental meetings or for small tech rooms and labs for learning teams on remote campuses. The solution optimizes audio, video, and presentation capabilities to ensure the highest quality collaboration experience in a wall-mounted unit. The all-in-one, space-saving system is easy to install and deploy.

It features an adaptive beamforming microphone array for perfectly captured conversation; four Yamaha speaker elements to provide the highest degree of audio intelligibility; and a wide-angle HD camera for far-end participants to see everyone in clear detail. Users can quickly connect to an organization’s chosen UC platform, eliminating the frustrations and inefficiencies of operating disparate video, audio, and collaboration components. In addition, the CS-700’s integrated network management system allows IT staff to deploy and remotely manage each unit from one location, increasing service response and efficiency.

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New JVC ProHD zRAMP Delivers Broadcast Quality Error Correction for Live Webcasts

Designed for live sports, events, houses of worship, schools, and local governments, the ProHD zRAMP delivers reliable QoS video streaming from Zixi-enabled JVC streaming camcorders.

“Now, the ProHD zRAMP allows all JVC camera users to take advantage of Zixi protocol, the most resilient video-over-IP transport utilized by many of the world’s biggest broadcasters,” explained Edgar Shane, general manager of engineering, JVC Professional Video. “It’s an affordable solution that helps sports teams, schools, churches, and government agencies deliver their streaming content to multiple platforms simultaneously. Zixi’s advanced QoS compensates for occasional data loss when streaming over LTE and Wi-Fi networks, delivering a broadcast quality stream in any conditions.”

Available in two models, the ProHD zRAMP supports two and four inputs/outputs. Its matrix routing allows one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many distribution options, with support for multiple stream outputs from the single source. With a small footprint and low power requirements, the industrial grade ProHD zRAMP is designed for 24/7 operation and offers unlimited streaming with no subscription fees.

The ProHD zRAMP is compatible with JVC’s Zixi-enabled streaming cameras, including the CONNECTED CAM GY-HC900 and GY-HC550, as well as the GY-HM250 and GY‑HM250SP, select 600 and 800 Series models, and the KY-PZ100 PTZ production camera. The system also accepts streaming video from iOS and Android smart devices.

The ProHD zRAMP-2 with two I/O has a list price of $3,500, while the ProHD zRAMP-4 with four I/O has a list price of $4,500.

MultiDyne Fires its Latest SilverBULLET for Fiber-Optic Links

MultiDyne_SilverBulletMultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions announces its next-generation SilverBULLET series. The newest version of the patented, miniature fiber-optic link and signal conversion solution is a dramatic evolution from previous generations, with interlocked mounting, centralized power and built-in OLED monitoring that improves ease of use and systems management.

MultiDyne’s SilverBULLET transmitters and receivers are highly portable and economical, making them equally useful for fixed links or last-minute SDI feeds. The latest SilverBULLET generation is now 12G-capable for high-bandwidth, single-link transport to and from any video source. Built-in cable equalization and re-clocking optimizes signal integrity across all short- and long-distance transport, removing the presence of jitter from existing signals. The product’s integrated OLED monitoring provides consistent readings on jitter rates, signal type, optimal power and more.

The daisy-chained mounting options and centralized power are key differentiators from previous SilverBULLET generations and competitive products, according to MultiDyne President Frank Jachetta. At only three inches in length, the SilverBULLET connects to the back of any camera, monitor or other video source, with the ability to add more units without additional cabling.

“Mounting and power has always been a challenge with this style of product, and the SilverBULLET makes it simple for users to attach and detach multiple units to meet the needs of any production,” said Jachetta. “A camera operator with four stereo outputs can daisy-chain four units together, and support a multichannel production off a single, self-contained power supply. It can scale much larger from there, without requiring multiple wall warts to power the devices. It’s as simple as clicking the separate units together, which eliminates the many separate power supplies that were previously required to support similar signal densities.”

The SilverBULLET is also available with a special 1RU tray capable of housing up to 24 devices. This makes SilverBULLET an ideal solution for fixed broadcast and production studio requirements, along with its portable applications in sports production, remote camera links, pre-fibered venues and interconnects for mobile production trucks. Its support for all SDI rates down to 5Mbps also makes the SilverBULLET valuable for courtesy feeds, confidence monitoring, distance learning, and other broadcast and commercial AV applications.

Jachetta adds that its portability, flexibility and ruggedness – the SilverBULLET is encased in machined aluminum for optimal durability – also makes the product ideal for emergency situations.

“Our customers report that the SilverBULLET has brought exceptional value for temporary signal extension in truck compounds and mobile production applications, whether to repair a connection or address an unexpected transport requirement,” he said. “This product shines as a problem-solver.”