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Anevia Strengthens Its Commitment To Latin America with New TVC/WESCO Agreement

Anevia has signed a reseller agreement with TVC Communications, LLC (TVC), a wholly owned subsidiary of WESCO Distribution, Inc., to sell products in the high-growth Latin American market. This new relationship is expected to further build Anevia’s local presence in the region.

Under the agreement, TVC will sell all Anevia technologies, including its flagship NEA-LIVE, NEA-DVR, NEA-CDN, Genova-Live and Flamingo products, in Latin America. TVC also will help to reinforce the company’s presence with local pre-sales, sales and technical support primarily in Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

“Anevia already has a strong presence in Latin America, an exciting market with a lot of activity and strong revenue growth over the past two years,” commented Gregory Samson, EVP Global Telco and Media Sales, Anevia. “TVC has a powerful grasp of the market at a local level and, with their help, we will be in a position to take advantage of even more opportunities. In fact, we are already jointly working on a pipeline of potential projects.”


“TVC recently expanded our IPTV initiative after focusing mainly on the hardware side,” said Ken Olsen, senior vice president for TVC in the Caribbean and Latin American markets. “The demand for IPTV is accelerating across Latin America, and TVC is ideally positioned to help improve the accessibility of streaming live video and to maximize the opportunities this dynamic and growing area presents. Our engineering team in Latin America is prepared to work with Anevia to help deliver a superior next-generation experience in the most affordable way possible.”

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