The fiction series, which in Greek has been translated for Peta fi friteza (Throw out the deep-fat fryer!), currently airs on Antenna, one of Greece’s leading free-to-air channels. The first episodes of the adaptation aired with a prime-time audience share of more than 19%.

Chiringuito de Pepe tells the story of with a multi-Michelin starred chef who suddenly finds himself having to save his father’s beach bar business from going under, without realizing that he is the son his father never knew existed. To do so, he is forced to adapt to a completely different culinary style in an entirely new surroundings that what he has been used to. The series premiered on Telecinco to excellent audience share numbers and son became the number one prime-time show for the days it aired throughout the whole first season, with an average of 4,656,000 viewers and an average share of 21.2%.


The touchdown of the series in Greece substantiates its international success, thanks to the commercialization process undertaken by distributors Imagina International Sales, with its already significant trajectory in Latin America where Imagen Televisión is also preparing an adaptation for Mexican television. The original series, starring Santi Millán and Pepe Bonilla, has already aired in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela, among others, via Direct TV, and channels Europa Europa, Claro Video, Blim and Montecarlo Tv.


Production company 100 Balas, part of the MEDIAPRO Group, is responsible for comedy hits such as Olmos y Robles (TVE) and the aforementioned Chiringuito de Pepe (Telecinco), as well as other entertainment programme formats such as Se hace saber (TVE), Sopa de Gansos (Cuatro), Feis tu feis (Cuatro), Espinete no existe (TVE), Fit Life (Fox Life) and eSports Generation (GOL). The company is currently involved in the production of political satire Vota Juan (Vote for Juan) (TNT), as well as in other non-fiction genre projects.

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