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SuiteLife Systems Announces Partnership With DAC System

Broadcast's advanced monitoring and control solutions provider, SuiteLife Systems of California, has announced a partnership with DAC System SA, the Switzerland-based manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high-quality RF signal monitoring sensors and related technologies.

DAC System builds an end-to-end monitoring system with which television and radio broadcasters measure RF power and signal quality in the channel combiners in transmitter rooms and in the antenna systems installed at the towers.

“At SuiteLife Systems we continually seek to seamlessly expand the features and functionality of our ‘Manage, Monitor, and Control’ automation solutions, so we are pleased to combine efforts with DAC System, the broadcast industry leader in RF signal monitoring with outdoor sensors and related technologies. Our broadcast partners and clients always respond enthusiastically when we further expand our end-to-end capabilities with new monitoring technologies that dramatically work,” said Nigel Brownett, president of SuiteLife Systems. “DAC System has already clearly established a stellar reputation with leading international broadcast and network operators since the company’s launch in 2013, indicating that DAC System products are engineered at the highest levels in the industry.”


“We are excited about the opportunity to expand into the U.S. market, especially given SuiteLife Systems’ considerable installation base with major U.S. broadcasters,” said Pietro Casati, CEO of DAC System. “This partnership represents yet another step in seamlessly integrating outdoor and indoor RF-system monitoring into the operation chain of broadcasters, which increases safety, allows early detection of system degradation, and dramatically lowers maintenance costs.”

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