The Switch and Eutelsat Partner to Deliver Global Satellite and Fibre Occasional Use Network

The Switch® and Eutelsat are joining forces to provide a new, independent offer delivering an unparalleled satellite and fibre video contribution network. The partnership will provide The Switch’s user community of over 800 of the world’s leading content producers and distributors with the ability to transmit feeds on a minute-by-minute basis to and from large parts of the globe. Simultaneously, broadcasters and content producers within Eutelsat’s satellite footprint will gain access to The Switch’s extensive global fibre network, including 53 physical points-of-presence, as well as connections to U.S. tech leaders, major global broadcasters and more than 180 sports organizations, venues and rights holders.

The_SwitchThis partnership leverages the resources of three Eutelsat satellites (EUTELSAT 7B, EUTELSAT 10A and EUTELSAT 65 West A) covering Europe, Africa and the Americas, (further satellites may be added in the future to extend the reach of the solution) with The Switch’s global video transport network. Customers will be able to schedule transport to and from each region via SwitchIT™, The Switch’s patented award-winning customer-control software platform. The integrating of The Switch and Eutelsat systems will enable customers to deliver their content faster, more smoothly and to more regions around the globe.

“We have seen a huge increase in the demand for worldwide uplinking from our connected customers and venues,” said Keith Buckley, President and CEO at The Switch. “Partnering with Eutelsat allows us to combine our shared resources to bring a seamless, flexible offering to market.”


“We are delighted to partner with The Switch to offer customers seeking connectivity a more efficient and cost-effective way to move content,” said Michael Antonovich, CEO of Eutelsat Americas. “Having greater first-mile access to literally hundreds of additional broadcasters, venues and content producers in the U.S. and beyond greatly strengthens our position in the media landscape.”

Over the past year, The Switch has invested heavily in expanding its network, products, and services internationally. This includes the launch of The Switch Access™, a broadband IP connection enabling low-cost connectivity from anywhere in the world, the addition of strategic partnerships on several continents, and increasing its team to include dedicated personnel in key international locations.

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Ting chooses Anevia’s Genova Live encoder for new IPTV service

Ting TV will offer live TV packages with local and premium specialty channels that can be viewed on a TV or on connected consumer devices. Television services will be available to high speed internet clients via a new fiber network that is being rapidly deployed in towns and cities in the USA.

The service will allow consumers to watch HD content on Ting set-top boxes and on any connected device through the Ting TV app including most tablets, smartphones and set-top boxes such as Amazon Fire TV.

Anevia’s Genova Live, a software-based transcoder that can take advantage of hardware acceleration to provide high density, cost-effective and low power solutions for OTT and IPTV streaming, is at the heart of the new Ting TV service. Genova Live’s lower cooling and maintenance costs keep the total cost of ownership at its lowest.

In addition to Genova Live, Ting will deploy Anevia’s Genova Manager to further streamline system operations and greatly facilitate the rollout of new services across multiple locations, while maintaining homogenous system configurations. Genova Manager simplifies maintenance operations and redundancy by providing a central user interface to the compression and OTT packaging system.

Anevia’s Genova Mosaic monitoring software will also be used to concentrate the entire channel line-up on a few monitors and bring it back in IP to Ting’s headquarters. This gives TV operators a comprehensive view of the services being generated at all times. Genova Mosaic also keeps an unrelenting watching eye in the background and reports anomalies automatically.

“The personalized service offered by Anevia’s team throughout this project was instrumental in giving us the technology and solutions we needed to bring high quality TV to our clients, on time and within budget” said Michael Goldstein, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Ting Internet.


According to Pierre Lauzon, Vice President of Sales, North America at Anevia: “Anevia was a natural fit for Ting Internet’s innovative IPTV platform. By providing most of the essential building blocks, Anevia is able to make a positive contribution to Ting’s modern TV head-end.”

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Riedel Communications 2019 NAMM Show Product Preview

Riedel solutions — including the Artist digital matrix intercom and Bolero wireless intercom system in both integrated and standalone deployments — will be in real-world use supporting the Grand Plaza Stage, Taylor Booth stage, and the Arena Stage during NAMM.

NEW: Bolero Standalone Wireless Intercom System

Riedel will feature its all-new Bolero Standalone Application, a license-enabled upgrade for the company’s category-defining Bolero wireless intercom system that delivers several performance enhancements along with standalone capabilities. With the Bolero Standalone Application, antennas are daisy-chained to each other in a line or a redundant ring via a low-latency, synchronized TDM network.


Bolero is truly plug-and-play, with no IP configuration needed. A new external power supply can power up to five antennas, so power and data redundancies are easily achieved. A new single-RU, half-width external interface box, with six analog 4-wires and three GPIOs, can be directly connected to any antenna and then patched into an existing intercom system. The system is easily configured via a web GUI internal to the antennas. Other new capabilities provided by the Bolero update include individual rotary programming, Bluetooth headset support, and a new beltpack QuickMute feature that makes it easy for users to set the volume of all channels to zero.

NEW: SmartPanel 1200 Series

Also at the 2019 NAMM Show, Riedel will display its new 1200 series SmartPanel (RSP-1232HL). The RSP-1232HL panel features multiple full-color multitouch displays, 32 innovative hybrid-lever keys, the ability to leverage apps for multifunctionality, and the ability to adapt easily to the various workflows in use today. As the latest of the company’s highly popular SmartPanel App-driven user interfaces, the RSP-1232HL is poised to allow users to work the way they always have while opening up entirely new possibilities.


Each of the RSP-1232HL’s 32 lever keys features an integrated rotary encoder that provides control over parameters in the same location as the key. Users are able to choose custom colors for either the key labels or the LED rings that are positioned around each key. In addition, the RSP-1232HL supports AES67 audio through two fiber SFPs and two RJ45 connections that offer a variety of daisy-chaining and redundancy options and deliver extraordinary cabling flexibility.

MediorNet MicroN Software-Defined Hardware

Riedel-MicroNcloseRiedel’s MediorNet MicroN is an 80G media distribution network device for the MediorNet line of media transport and management solutions. As a software-enabled, app-based hardware device, MicroN can be many different things: It can be a throw-down signal processor, a simple point-to-point link for up to 12 bidirectional HD signals, or part of a large decentralized router. A MicroN device can even serve as a multiviewer or a bridge between MediorNet networks and IP networks.

Working seamlessly with the MediorNet MetroN core fiber router, MicroN provides a high-density signal interface with a complete array of audio, video, and data inputs and outputs, including 24 SD/HD/3G-SDI I/Os, two MADI optical digital audio ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, two sync reference I/Os, and eight 10G SFP+ high- speed ports. MicroN is available as a fully networked MediorNet device, as well as a point-to-point edition at a very competitive price point.

“NAMM provides us an outstanding opportunity to connect with our live sound and event technology clients and partners. The sheer size of the show is testament to how healthy and vibrant this market segment is, and we look forward to exhibiting there every year. Riedel solutions will be showcased on the various NAMM stages and in stand 17531. We look forward to meeting you there.” Concludes Patti Gunnell, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Western Region, Riedel Communications

Regional PEG Station Improves Picture Quality, Boosts Graphics Design and Look with FOR-A and ClassX

From school sporting events to local political debates, anything of interest to residents is covered on one of WCA-TV’s PEG (public, education, and government) channels. Even though WCA-TV is a local PEG station, viewers still expect broadcast-quality visuals.

Operator at work with ClassX system at WCA-TV 

Finding the right combination of user-friendly and state-of-the-art equipment has been an ongoing process over the past few years for WCA-TV. Previous switcher/graphics setups were all-in-one computer-based systems that accepted every input but were difficult for one person to manage. After visiting several expos and trade shows, WCA-TV decided to change from an all-in-one switcher/graphics and playback solution to FOR-A®’s HVS-110 HANABI video switcher to receive all camera inputs and the ClassX content creation and graphics playout solution for all graphics and video playout. (ClassX graphics systems can be integrated with all FOR-A HANABI production video switchers.)

Both systems are used on all WCA-TV programming, but see particularly heavy rotation on the station’s multi-camera weekly news show that features motion graphics and video roll-ins.

“The HVS-110 is much more user friendly because it is a dedicated switcher, and with the ClassX CG, we have our graphics and video playback fed through an external source,” says Andrea Santopietro, Assistant Director, WCA-TV.  “Getting graphics and video to the program output is as simple as clicking an overlay. Designating one person to control graphics and video has made our workflow much easier. Our technical director doesn’t need to deal with every input.”

WCA-TV operator working with FOR-A HVS-110 switcher

The easier set up and learning curve on the switcher and smoother transitions using the ClassX software have resulted in an overall cleaner and more professional look for the station, Santopietro reports: “The picture quality has improved dramatically. And transitions to and from graphic and video are so much smoother now than before. With ClassX, we can create our own graphics and feed graphics and video playback through an external source.”

A common usage of the ClassX software has been to build lower thirds and other graphics for high school sports shows, and Santopietro says that station personnel are constantly exploring new ways to use the software. The HVS-110 has also taken the look of WCA-TV shows to a new level. The switcher’s picture-in-picture function is cited as one feature that increases potential interview set ups and will be used for several shows.

WCA-TV holds ongoing training seminars on the switcher and CG for anyone in the local area who’d like to volunteer or produce their own shows at WCA-TV.

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Leading Japanese video transmission company picks Nevion Virtuoso for 4K/UHD broadcast contribution

Initially, Virtuoso is used by the company to transport signals over legacy dark fiber, with a migration to IP expected in the future.

Japan introduced new 4K satellite services on December 1st, 2018. As a result, this video transmission company needed a solution to transmit 4K/UHD signals from sports and entertainment venues across the country to broadcasters’ central facilities.


The company started investigating possible media nodes at IBC 2017. The objective was to find a cost-effective, flexible and high-performance solution that offered pristine video quality, low latency and standards-based interoperability.

After a thorough evaluation, the video transmission company picked Nevion’s Virtuoso with TICO encoding. TICO is a visually lossless, line-based and ultra-low latency compression, specifically designed to be used instead of uncompressed video in many applications. With a compression ratio of approximately 4:1, TICO is eminently suited for 4K transport, as it allows signals to be transported on the same infrastructure as HD signals.


The company is also using Virtuoso’s SMPTE ST 2022-7 based protection, Seamless IP Protection Switching (SIPS), which allows signals to be transported across two separate paths simultaneously to ensure signals are not disrupted if problems occur along one of the paths.

The video transmission company chose Virtuoso not only because of its performance and cost-effectiveness, but also because will allow it to migrate smoothly from its current SDI over fiber set-up to a more cutting-edge IP transport when it is ready. It was also attracted by Virtuoso’s road-map: as Virtuoso is software-defined, future functionality is a key part of the product’s value to customers.

Patrick Ang, VP Sales for APAC at Nevion concludes: “It’s no secret that Japan is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of pushing the boundaries of ultra-high definition broadcast. We are therefore delighted that our software-defined media node Virtuoso has been selected to play a part in the delivery of the 4K/UHD experience to Japanese audiences.”

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Global News Agency Ruptly Relies on Riedel’s MediorNet and Artist on Board New OB and DSNG Vehicles

Qvest Media designed and built the new broadcast van and DSNG vehicle.


Ruptly’s new production vehicles feature an innovative and lightweight body design, developed by Qvest in close cooperation with partner Carrosserie Akkermans. Despite their compact dimensions, the two vans offer state-of-the-art equipment optimized for high-quality 4K and UHD productions — including live coverage of news, events, and sports, as well as cinematic-style documentaries.

Riedel-Ruptly-Board-1“The decentralized routing approach of Riedel’s MediorNet makes it ideal for the rigors of live broadcasting, and it delivers great cost savings for 4K and UHD productions. MediorNet not only reduces single points of failure, but also creates powerful operational efficiencies by allowing us to place physical I/Os closer to where they’re needed. Then, integrated processing capabilities including embedding/de-embedding and up/down conversion reduce the need for single-purpose peripheral devices. These features result in significant weight savings that enable Qvest Media to exceed our expectations without exceeding the weight limit of 3.5 tons,” said Ahmet Cakan, Chief Technology Officer, Ruptly. “Our two new vans had their baptism by fire during a high-profile international football tournament in Russia, and the performance of MediorNet was more than satisfactory. We know we can count on MediorNet to deliver the perfect blend of high-quality output and reliability for even our most demanding live productions.”

Ruptly’s MediorNet network consists of five interconnected MicroN media distribution devices with four of them handling signal distribution and processing and one providing virtual multiviewer capabilities. With decentralized routing provided by MediorNet, all audio and video signals are distributed in real time between connected nodes in the OB truck, the DSNG van, and MediorNet Compact Pro stageboxes that can be placed wherever they are needed.


An Artist 32 digital matrix intercom mainframe enables robust and reliable crew communications for each vehicle. The Artist intercom supports four RSP-2318 SmartPanels and three Bolero wireless beltpacks, with intercom signals distributed by MediorNet. Operators, administrators, and crew now profit from enhanced workflows due to the seamless integration and perfect interplay of all panels and beltpacks.

“Versatility is a critical factor in the design of OB and DSNG vehicles. With Riedel’s MediorNet installation, we have once again shown how to achieve a high level of technical quality and versatility, with minimal space and with a competitive budget,” said Norman Tettenborn, Principal at Qvest Media. “This system required a particularly compact and efficient media and communications backbone. We knew these requirements could be met with Riedel Communications as their MediorNet offers redundancy, scalability, and a decentralized topography, making it the ideal solution for modular system design for live broadcasting.”


Digital Domain picks Nevion Virtuoso for Hollywood movie production

Nevion, the award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions, announced today that Digital Domain has selected its Virtuoso software-defined media node platform. The Oscar-winning post-production and visual effects house is using Virtuoso to support distributed special effects and color-correction work for major Hollywood studios.

Digital Domain’s fame goes back more than 25 years to its collaboration with James Cameron for the visual effects on Titanic. Since then it has been responsible for the effects on many feature films including Spider Man: Homecoming, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Avengers: Infinity War.

For the past eight years, Nevion technology has been a key part of Digital Domain’s workflow. Now, the company has chosen Nevion’s latest generation technology, Virtuoso, a comprehensive, flexible and scalable software-defined platform designed to meet the challenges of an IP-based live production environment.

Nevion’s Virtuoso enables Digital Domain’s artists to share content in real-time between locations in HD quality ― single and stereoscopic ― as well as 4K/UHD formats. Providing either 2K or 4K screening with minimal latency between locations, the Virtuoso offers producers a combination of great video quality and intuitive workflow.

“The Virtuoso media node appeals to us in that it can easily be programmed during a session for our 2K, 4K/UHD and stereoscopic needs with just a few clicks of the mouse,” says Matt Sealock, Media Systems Engineer, Digital Domain. “The adjustable bit rates for each individual channel allow us to transmit multiple streams with visual lossless picture in our screening rooms and Virtuoso is cost effective in that it can be scaled up for future needs while having a minimal entry cost for our needs today. Nevion sales, vendor and technical support have all been unparalleled.”


Hans Hasselbach, Chief Commercial Officer, Nevion, says: “We’re really pleased that the Virtuoso has become a permanent fixture within the workflow of Digital Domain, a company with such a longstanding reputation in the industry for its impressive visual effects. The Virtuoso is the perfect solution to help Digital Domain’s producers beam content from A to B in the highest possible quality, as well as in the fastest possible time, and we’re confident they will instantly notice the benefits that it can deliver.”

This latest Nevion-Digital Domain project was arranged through Mercator Digital, Nevion’s representative in Hollywood.


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