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Innpact selected BCE to produce its corporate video

Innpact is dedicated to and focused on impact finance. The company fosters sustainable impact finance initiatives by providing innovative advisory, consulting and management services.

Innpact mandated BCE to produce two video clips. The corporate video presents the activities of the company through interviews of its employees, showing its multicultural diversity and demystifying its business. The second video presents the different partnerships Innpact is currently involved in with its clients.

The videos will be distributed on Innpact’s website, social networks, during its clients meetings and presentations.

“We are proud to contribute to the development of the first “impact finance” company in Luxembourg. It was paramount to simplify the company activities through a crystal clear video.” Concludes Lloyd Winandy Concepts and Graphics Supervisor at BCE.

“This video is an excellent means to showcase not only our business, but also the way we do business. As a B Corp dedicated to impact finance, it is essential for us to ensure and demonstrate that our company culture is in line with our activities.” says Corinne Molitor, Director at Innpact.

More video and info

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