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Just Add Power 3G Ultra HD Over IP Series Daisy Chain Receiver Win Streak Continues

Sound & Video Contractor and Systems Contractor News Recognize 4K Over IP Receiver That Features Power-Over-Ethernet Output, Increases Installation Customization and Efficiency.

Just Add Power (J+P) announced that its VBS-HDIP-3G 509POE Daisy Chain Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Receiver has been given a Product of the Year Award from Systems Contractor News (SCN) and an Innovative Product Award from Sound & Video Contractor (SVC) magazine. The 509POE receiver allows installers to add multiple network devices at the endpoint or more receivers for highly customized installations.

Selected by the magazine’s editorial staff, the SCN Product of the Year Awards celebrate exciting new solutions from manufacturers that make integrators’ lives easier. The SVC Innovative Product Award honors both electronic and mechanical innovations and the engineers responsible for creating them. The SVC award winners were selected and voted on from among submitted products by its readers.

“We’re beyond pleased that the Daisy Chain Receiver continues to be recognized in our industry. The solution is a direct result of listening to customer feedback and creating a solution that solves an unmet need,” said Taft Stricklin, Sales Team Manager at Just Add Power. “The Daisy Chain Receiver’s onboard PoE network port allows integrators to add to legacy systems, bringing them into an Ultra HD over IP network without the need for a Wi-Fi signal or another wire pull — and all without any loss of function.”

JaddP_509POEThe new J+P VBS-HDIP-3G 509POE Daisy Chain Receiver distributes Ultra HD and 4K video over a single Cat-5e cable without the need for fiber. With the onboard pass-through network port, any PoE device can be connected; a network soundbar, IP TV control, or a single display location can be expanded into a video wall. The receiver also easily expands the number of PoE devices that can be added to the system by connecting a PoE switch to the port. As result, installers have greater network flexibility that is no longer restricted by the number of cable runs permitted — any system can be expanded quickly and easily when end-users want to add onto their AV experience.

With the receiver’s integrated scaler, video sources can be watched at any resolution, including 4K and Full HD (FHD). It also boasts control end points with RS-232 and IR together with enhanced video wall capabilities with rotation. As with all models in the J+P lineup, the receiver integrates seamlessly with FHD infrastructure, allowing integrators to mix and match J+P devices to build a future-proof 4K system that suits any application requirement.

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