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MEDIAPRO Group produce Africa’s most significant sporting events

The company provides coverage to any point on the continent from its operations centres in Morocco, Tunisia, Gabon, Angola and Kenya.

MEDIAPRO is currently producing the most significant sporting events in Africa. In the past six months alone, the group has provided coverage for a variety of different competitions and operates five bases located strategically throughout the African continent.

One of the most recent productions was headed up by Medialuso on the occasion of the CAF competition “AFCON 2019 Qualifiers”, a major challenge in terms of the volume of matches and coordinating logistics with the teams. More than 150 MEDIAPRO Group professionals (Medialuso, Eumovil, Mediamovil and Overon) were deployed to the different countries to work in conjunction with African counterparts and the regular network of collaborators. As such, the company produced 11 qualifying football matches as host broadcaster in 11 different African nations between October 11-16 using HD control rooms, 10 fully-equipped cameras associated with 11 SNG vehicles belonging to the MEDIAPRO Group.


In 2018, the volume of sporting productions in Africa the MEDIAPRO Group has participated in increased considerably. Medialuso was appointed host broadcaster for the “African Men’s Handball Championship (CAN Handball Gabon 2018)” which took place in Libreville last January.

Subsequently, in May the Group provided global coverage for the multi-sporting event “ISF Gymnasiade 2018”, held in Morocco (Marrakesh being the main headquarters with Casablanca as the headquarters for swimming and surfing events). Organized by the International School Sport Federation (ISF), the event brought together students from all over the world under the motto of “Education through sport”. For this production, Quatari company Pro TV and MEDIAPRO, through its Medialuso division, provided services at the 6 host centres where the Youth Olympic competitions were held and in which over 4,000 athletes took part in 18 different sporting disciplines, including taekwondo, karate and swimming. A team of over 100 professionals from Portugal, Spain and Morocco delivered a total of 6 week-long operations for uplink and downlink signal transmission as well as ENG production of surfing and chess competitions. ISF Gymnasiade 2018 was broadcast via Facebook and YouTube to all rights holding countries.

The MEDIAPRO Group also collaborated with FIBA Africa, in the coverage of the China 2019 World Cup Qualifiers corresponding to the “Window 4” African round in 4 countries simultaneously. In total, 24 games were produced, distributed into 2 qualifying matches each day over three match days in Dakar (Senegal), Tunisia (Republic of Tunisia), Lagos (Nigeria) and Cairo (Egypt).

In addition, MEDIAPRO also produce part of the Rugby Africa competition for KWESE Sports, “Rugby Africa Gold Cup”, which is held in several countries with MEDIAPRO producing the events in Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya and Uganda and in October, the Group worked on the production of the Rugby 7×7 competition held in Tunisia.

Since last January, the MEDIAPRO Group has been working on the “Kenyan Premier League (KPL)”. To do so, the company deployed significant technical resources to Nairobi implementing a turn-key project including setting up a workflow system and training of local on-site teams by 14 Group professionals from Spain and Portugal.

In order to handle the production needs, MEDIAPRO deployed an OB unit equipped with 10 cameras to the African country, including a support Unit equipped with a C-Band Satellite Transmission System, which enables transmission of 2 or 3 matches weekly. In total, over 100 matches are produced throughout the operation.

For MEDIAPRO, this latest commission in Kenya represents a new production centre of operations in East Africa, in addition to those already in operation in Morocco, Tunisia, Gabon and Angola. By the end of the 2018 KPL season, the company will have produced over 120 games.


Currently, and as has been the case in recent years, MEDIAPRO is preparing for the upcoming edition of the “2019 Africa Cup of Nations” (CAN)”, to be held in Cameroon in 2019.

MEDIAPRO can provide coverage for any event taking place on the African continent, deploying production resources when and where required. MEDIAPRO Group company Medialuso, responsible for developing these events in Africa, is a prominent player in the audiovisual and broadcast production sector in Africa.

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