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ATEME Solutions Enable Sky Racing HD Refresh and DTH Expansion

ATEME has announced that Australia’s Sky Racing, has successfully deployed video compression solutions facilitating a complete HD refresh and expansion of DTH services.

ATEME worked with their Australia and New Zealand distributor Amber Technology to design and deploy the Sky Racing system utilising the industry-leading Kyrion encoders. This enabled Sky Racing to take advantage of the superior video quality contribution of video content to and from horse racing venues to their production facilities at ultra-low latency. In addition, Sky Racing has also opted for a MPEG-2, H.264 headend for their DTH distribution services. Utilising ATEME’s software-based TITAN Live solution, Sky Racing now distribute SD and HD video statistically multiplexed, and generate all profiles and protocols required for delivery in primary and redundant services.

In addition to superior video quality allowing Sky Racing to realise satellite bandwidth savings, ATEME’s solutions offer Sky Racing the following benefits:

  • Flexible and complete offer for seamless, cost-effective redundancy models
  • Delivery of the best possible video quality at low latency, enabling a premium viewing experience on any screen
  • Cost reduction through simplified integration in customer ecosystem and applications
  • Direct access to a dedicated and growing local engineering team

“Racing and sports content are of the most difficult to compress, especially when you need to preserve the picture quality while minimising latency. ATEME provided us with an ideal solution for distribution of live racing, sports content including EPL & European league football and low bitrate wagering data distribution with superior video quality, with shared bandwidth to deliver highest quality at lowest cost of delivery” said Dennis Dovale, Technology Manager (Media) at Sky Racing. “We are now equipped with best-in-class video technology, lowest latency in market and unparalleled on-the-ground support,” he added.


“We’re really super excited to work with the team at Sky Racing on the HD refresh and expansion of its DTH headend. There is no better facility to push our equipment to its limits due to its diverse workflows and focus on latency reduction. The successful deployment of the TITAN and Kyrion solutions at Sky Racing are testament to the quality our solutions and the dedication of our Australian engineering team,” said Will Munkara-Kerr, Australian Country Manager for ATEME.


Commenting on the project, Amber Technology Managing Director Peter Amos said “ATEME represents a significant advancement in the way broadcast media is delivered to a rapidly changing market. The Sky Racing solution is an exciting example of what is possible with ATEME.”


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