Digital Nirvana 2018 Year End Recap

Among Highlights: Clearcast Partnership, Automatic Metadata Creation App for AVID, Updated Media Monitoring Platform, Successful Trade Shows and Philanthropic Activities.

With the pace of change in data monitoring and management quickening this year, thanks to the developments in AI, cloud-based technology, and voice and object recognition, companies providing hardware and software for services such as online and broadcast media monitoring, metadata generation, and closed captioning, experienced the same uptick. Digital Nirvana, a global provider of media management solutions and services experienced a 2018 filled with new product introductions, participation in broadcast technology and media industry trade shows, and a significant strategic alliance with the only television and clearing house in the UK.

In April this year, Digital Nirvana joined forces with Clearcast, UK’s sole television ad clearing house and will be their partner for subtitling TV advertisements. Digital Nirvana’s cloud-based Subtitling Solutions is a featured tool within MediaCentral, Clearcast’s online portal for the video advertising industry. With this portal, advertisers can easily determine if their ads follow UK compliance regulations. Clearcast’s MediaCentral is a task-based portal through which advertisers and agencies can quickly connect with providers who offer ad-related services, such as subtitling, airtime booking, soundtrack services, etc.

April also saw a significant product introduction from Digital Nirvana during the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention in Las Vegas. Digital Nirvana introduced a software application, Metadator, that automatically exports media from AVID, sends the data over the cloud for automatic speech-to-text conversion and ingests the metadata with locators back into the AVID Interplay, creating a searchable database within the AVID MAM infrastructure. Automating the manual process of combing through footage and creating scene summaries, Metadator simplifies the editing process for broadcasters and content owners.

NAB 2018 was also the site of the introduction of Digital Nirvana’s Version 5.2 of its flagship MonitorIQ Media Management Platform. The company’s innovative broadcast monitoring and logging system enables broadcasters to effectively monitor their video and meet compliance and repurposing requirements and offers a multitude of user-friendly features. Monitor IQ comes as either a hardware, VM (virtual machine) or a Cloud-based application. Digital Nirvana also showcased its products and services at the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam in September, which were first exhibited in the U.S. at NAB, to the European and worldwide market.

Digital Nirvana sponsored the Digital Media Pipeline 2018 conference at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles in September and demonstrated its Metadator application and Closed Captioning Services.

Digital Nirvana also demonstrated its cloud-based closed caption generation and caption retrieval and synchronization service during NAB New York in mid-October. NAB New York in October continued with demonstrations of the latest version of MonitorIQ, the metadata creation app Metadator for AVID users, and Closed Captioning services.

The 50th edition of the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress 2018 in Copenhagen saw Digital Nirvana being a Congress partner for the 7th consecutive time. The company exhibited its range of service offerings to media monitoring and intelligence companies.

Digital Nirvana’s portfolio of media analysis services provide qualitative data to help analyze major trends surrounding an organization’s public perception and monitoring services that provide clipping, tagging and toning services for creating customized reports. The FIBEP conference brings leading media intelligence innovators together to discuss the most important issues facing the media monitoring industry. Digital Nirvana also demonstrated its media monitoring and measurement services portfolio at the AMEC Summit in Barcelona in June. AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) focuses on the latest innovations in the media measurement industry. Digital Nirvana was a silver sponsor of the conference.

The company was involved in a diverse range of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives throughout 2018 as a part of its commitment to driving societal change and boosting environmental sustainability. Digital Nirvana has been involved with non-profit organizations based near the company headquarters in California, including Bay Area-based SAVE (Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments), Abode Services, PBS member station KQED and Neighborhood Funders Group.

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